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2013-2014 Past Catalog
2022-2023 Catalog
Interdisciplinary Studies Minor

Program Description for Interdisciplinary Studies

Minor: Interdisciplinary Studies

Minor: Interdisciplinary Studies (15 credits)

This program would enable a student, under the direction of a faculty mentor, to construct a set of courses that focus on a particular educational goal, that complement either a traditional major or an interndisciplinary major, and that prepare the student for career opportunities "outside the boxes" of traditional academic disciplines. All 15 credits must be taken at the upper level. Students cannot transfer more than 6 credits into this minor.

THEME COURSES (6-12 credits)

  • Select 2 to 4 THEME COURSES 3000/4000 level for a total of 6-12 credits. (must be directly related to exposition topic)

CAPSTONE COURSE (3-9 credits)

  • IDS 4910 Liberal Studies Exposition