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2013-2014 Past Catalog
2021-2022 Catalog
Nursing: Nursing-RN (BS in Nursing)

Program Description for Nursing

Major: Nursing Concentration: Nursing-RN Degree: BS in Nursing

Prerequisites (27 credits)

Attention Regular & Accelerated Prelicensure BSN applicants ONLY: In progress enrollment does not constitute completion/meeting your prerequisite requirements. You must successfully complete all required coursework to remain a viable School of Nursing applicant. You must maintain 2.90 or higher cumulative and prerequisite GPAs for consideration at the time of the application deadline. At least 5 of the 8 nursing-specific prerequisite courses, including no less than 3 of the 4 required science courses (MCB, A&P I w/lab, A&P II w/lab, & Additional Science), must be completed by the application deadline. Proof of enrollment in all remaining courses must be supplied to the School of Nursing Admissions Office by the deadline.

SELECT One social science course

Any PSYXXXX, SOPXXXX, or SYGXXXX is acceptable.
**PSY2012 is a required prerequisite to DEP3054 at UNF.

DEP3054 Lifespan Developmental Psych (3 Credits)

DEPX004, DEPX054, DEPX000, DEPX414, or any Human Growth and Development across the Life Span may be substituted for DEP3054.

STA2014 (GM)Elem Statistics-Health/SS (3 Credits)

STAX014, STAX023, STAX122, STAX022, or any Statistic course maybe be substituted for STA 2014.

HUN2201 Basic Prin Human Nutrition (3 Credits)

HUNX201, NURX192 or any Human Nutrition course may be substituted for HUN 2201.

MCB2010C Microbiology (4 Credits)

MCBX010C, MCBX010/X010L, MCBX013c, MCBX013/X013L, MCBX000/X000L, MCBX004/X004L, or any Microbiology with lab may be substituted for MCB 2010C.
**If taking MCB course at UNF, BSC1010c and CHM2045/2045L are required prerequisites.

BSC2085C Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 Credits)

BSCX085c, BSCX085/X085L, BSCX093c, BSCX093/X093L, or any Human Anatomy and Physiology I or Human Anatomy.

BSC2086C Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4 Credits)

BSCX086c, BSCX086/X086L, BSCX094c, BSCX094/X094L, or any Human Anatomy and Physiology II or Human Physiology.

SELECT Additional science course

Any CHMXXXX, BCHXXXX, BSCXXXX, PCBXXXX, or PHYXXXX with a minimum of 3 credit hours is acceptable.

Major Requirements (30 credits)

Must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher

  • An academic advisor will review contents of the Curriculum Transition Packet (CTP) with student at the initial advising appointment. Course sequencing and scheduling information will also be discussed by the RN-BSN program director at the advising session. CTP should be completed by the identified due date in the CTP. A minimum 2.9 cumulative GPA is required for admission and enrollment in the RN-BSN track.

NUR3065L Health Assessment (3 Credits)

NUR3166 Nursing Science I (1 Credit)

NUR3619 Family/Community Assessment (3-4 Credits)

NUR3825 Socialization Prof Nursing (2 Credits)

NUR3082 Transition Concepts (3 Credits)

NUR3082L Transition Practice (1 Credit)

NUR3167 Nursing Science II (2 Credits)

NUR4826 Applied Nursing Ethics (2 Credits)

NUR4827 Leadership/Mgmt in Nursing (3 Credits)

NUR4168 Nursing Science III (1 Credit)

NUR4636 Community Partnerships (3 Credits)

NUR4636L Community Nursing Practice (2 Credits)

NUR4945 Professional Integration (2 Credits)

NUR4945L Directed Clinical Study (1-3 Credits)

NCLEX Validation Credit (30 credits)

Thirty hours of Nursing Validation Credits are awarded in the student's last semester of enrollment in the BSN. These 30 hours are awarded based upon validation of previous nursing knowledge through satisfactory completion of NCLEX examination.