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2013-2014 Past Catalog
2021-2022 Catalog
Health Science: Exercise Science (Bachelor of Science in Health)

Program Description for Health Science

Major: Health Science Concentration: Exercise Science Degree: Bachelor of Science in Health

Prerequisites (27 credits)

Minimum grades of B in MAC1105, CHM2045c, BSC2085c and BSC2086c are required for admission. Remaining prerequisites must be completed with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. For additional admission requirements, visit

BSC2085C Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 Credits)

BSCX085/X085L, PETX322/X322L, and APKX100C are acceptable substitutes for BSC2085c.

BSC2086C Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4 Credits)

BSCX086/X086L, PETX323/X323L, and APKX105/X105L are acceptable substitutes for BSC2086c.

MAC1105 (GM) College Algebra (3 Credits)

MACX105, MACX140, MACX147 and MACX311 are acceptable substitutes for MAC1105. P (passing) grade from Credit by exam (AP, CLEP) is acceptable for the minimum B grade requirement. Please see your advisor to reflect the approval on degree evaluation.

CHEMISTRY General Chemistry I with Lab

CHMX045/X045L and CHMX030 are acceptable substitutes for General Chemistry I with lab requirement.

STA2023 (GM) Elem Statistics-Business (3 Credits)

STAX023, STAX030 and MACX147 are acceptable substitutes for STA2023.

PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits)

HUN2201 Basic Prin Human Nutrition (3 Credits)

HUNX201, HUNX577 and HSCX100 are acceptable substitutes for HUN2201.

SPC2608 Fundamentals of Speech (3 Credits)

SPCX600 and AEEX030c are acceptable substitutes for SPC2608.

Major Requirements (51 credits)

All Major, Elective, and Foreign Language requirements must be completed prior to internship. Any exceptions must have Program Director's approval. A minimum 2.0 UNF GPA is required prior to internship. Refer to course descriptions for prerequisite requirements.

  • The Exercise Science program sequecing schedule is available online at movement_science/exercise_science.aspx

HSC4612 Exercise Physio For Health Sci (3 Credits)

Recommended prerequisites: BSC2085c & BSC2086c

HSC4615L Lab Meth Ex Phys Hlth Sci (3 Credits)

Co-requisite: HSC4612

PET3768C Exercise Instruction (3 Credits)

PET4625 Research Sports Med (3 Credits)

PET4627 Human Injury Prevention (3 Credits)

PET4550 Physical Fitness Assessment (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: HSC4612

PET3325 Functional Anatomy/Kinesiology (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: BSC2085c & BSC2086c

HSC3553 Pathophysiology (3 Credits)

PET3771C Business/Pract in Ex Phys (3 Credits)

PET3080 Physical Activity Epidemiology (3 Credits)

HUN4414 Nutrition Phys Act and Health (3 Credits)

APK4120C Clinical Exercise Physiology (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: HSC4612, HSC4615L, & PET3080

PEP4135 Princ Strength/Conditioning (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: HSC4612 & PET3312c

APK3115C Practical Skills in S and C (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: HSC4612, PET3312c, PET3325, PET3768c
Co-requisite: PEP4135

PET4943 Pre Internship Ex Sci (3 Credits)

  • Must be completed in the semester immediately preceeding PET4942 - Internship.

PET4942 Internship in Exercise Science (6 Credits)

  • Must be completed in the last academic semester of enrollment.

Free Electives (9 credits)

Major Electives must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.

  • If you are considering a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), consider taking prerequisites required for the DPT program (
  • Hours previously used to meet any program requirements can not be applied to this Elective area. Students must have a minimum of 120 total hours to graduate.

ELECTIVES Select 9 hrs (1000-4000) Level