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2013-2014 Past Catalog
2022-2023 Catalog
Communication: Public Relations (Bachelor of Science)

Program Description for Communication

Major: Communication Concentration: Public Relations Degree: Bachelor of Science

Informational Text

Grades of C or higher are required in all Foundation and Major Courses

Foundation (6 credits)

SPC2608 Fundamentals of Speech (3 Credits)

STA2014 (GM)Elem Statistics-Health/SS (3 Credits)

Prerequisites (18 credits)

Course cannot include ENC or LIT prefix courses. 18 hours of coursework outside the major and beyond the 36 hours of general education requirements.


Major Requirements (19 credits)

MMC1004 Media Literacy (3 Credits)

MMC3105 Advanced Writing For The Media (3 Credits)

  • Prereqs: MMC1004

MMC3200 Law and Ethics of Communicat (3 Credits)

  • Prereqs: MMC1004, MMC3105

MMC3614 Media Theories and Effects (3 Credits)

  • Prereqs: MMC1004, MMC3105

MMC4420 Mass Communications Research (3 Credits)

  • Prereqs: MMC1004, MMC3105 and MMC3614

MMC3942 Pre Internship (1 Credit)

Prereqs: MMC1004, MMC 3105 and one of the following - ADV3008, PUR3000, or MMC4500; Junior or Senior standing as a Communicaton major; major GPA of 2.0 or higher. Coreq: Permission of Instructor

MMC4975 Internship Senior Project (3 Credits)

Prereqs: MMC1004, MMC 3200, MMC 3614, MMC 3105, Senior standing (at least 90 credits), at least 3 courses required in the student's concentration, and both a UNF and Major GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Major Electives (21 credits)

PUR3000 Principles of Pub Relations (3 Credits)

Prereqs: MMC1004, MMC3105

PUR3100 Public Relations Writing (3 Credits)

Prereqs: PUR 3000 MMC1004, & MMC 3105

ADV3203 Advertising Media Graphics (3 Credits)

Prereqs: MMC1004 & MMC3105

PUR4800 Public Relations Campaigns (3 Credits)

Prereqs: MMC1004, MMC 3105, PUR 3000, PUR 3100, & PUR 4801

PUR4801 Public Relations Cases (3 Credits)

Prereqs: PUR 3000, MMC1004, & MMC 3105


  • PUR4400 3 Crisis Communication
    Prereqs: PUR3000, MMC3105 & MMC1004
  • ADV3008 3 Principles of Advertising
    Prereqs: PUR3000, MMC3105, & MMC1004
  • ADV3101 3 Advertising Creative Strategy (previous title Advertising Copywriting)
    Prereqs: ADV3008, ADV3203, MMC1004, & MMC3105
  • ADV 3200C Advertising Design
    Prereqs: ADV3008, ADV3101, ADV3300, ADV3203, MMC1004, & MMC3105
  • MMC3402 Political Advertising
    Prereqs: MMC1004 & MMC3105
  • MMC4251 Creating Health Messages for Mass Media
  • SPC4064 Public Speaking for Professionals
  • MMC4630 Understanding Emerging Media
    Prereqs: MMC1004, MMC3105, and one of the following: PUR3000, ADV3008 or MMC4500
  • PUR4450 3 Public Relations and Event Planning
    Prereqs: MMC1004, MMC3105, PUR3000, & PUR 3100

48 Upper Level Hours (48 credits)

In order to qualify to graduate with a Bachelor's degree from the College of Arts and Sciences you must earn a minimum of 48 upper level credits out of the total 120 degree applicable required credit hours. Upper level courses are numbered from 3000 - 4999. Dual Degree and Double Majors should consult their Advisor.

48 HOURS 48 upper level hours