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2013-2014 Past Catalog
2022-2023 Catalog
Fine Arts: Graphic Design & Digital Media (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Program Description for Fine Arts

Major: Fine Arts Concentration: Graphic Design & Digital Media Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts

Prerequisites (24 credits)

Grades of C or above required in all prerequisites.

ART1300C Drawing I (3 Credits)

ART2301C Drawing II (3 Credits)

ART1201C Two-Dimensional Design (3 Credits)

ART2203C Three-Dimensional Design (3 Credits)

ARH2050 Art History Survey I (3 Credits)

ARH2051 Art History Survey II (3 Credits)

ART2605C Basic Computer Images (3 Credits)

GRA2190C Introduction to Graphic Design (3 Credits)

Prereqs: ART 2605C, ART 1300C, ART 2301C, ART 1201C & ART 2203C
(Apply to Limited Access Program)

Major Requirements (42 credits)

Grades of C or above required in all major requirements and major electives.
Students may not enroll in 3000/4000 level major requirements or major electives until after they have successfully completed the portfolio review and been selected for the major.
Prerequisite policy: Courses must be taken in prerequisite order. Please check the catalog course description section for prerequisites required for major courses prior to registering. If a course is a prerequisite for another, the courses may not be taken at the same time. Prerequisites are strictly enforced by the faculty and registrar.
First day attendance rule: Any student who misses the first day without advance notice to the department chairperson will be administratively withdrawn from that course.

PGY1800C Digital Photography for Design (3 Credits)

Prereq: ART 2605C

GRA2203C Prepress Production (3 Credits)

Prereq: GRA 2190C

GRA3880C Illustration (3 Credits)

Prereq: GRA 2190C

ARH4724 Graphic Design History (3 Credits)

GRA3183C Typography Studio (3 Credits)

Prereqs: GRA 2190C

GRA3833C Motion Graphics (3 Credits)

Prereqs: PGY 1800C & GRA 3880C

GRA3523C Introduction to Web Design (3 Credits)

Prereqs: PGY 1800C & GRA 3880C

GRA3118C Publication Design (3 Credits)

Prereqs: GRA 3183C & GRA 2203C

GRA3512C Corporate Identity (3 Credits)

Prereqs: GRA 3183C & GRA 2203C

GRA4137C Advanced Web Design (3 Credits)

Prereq: GRA 3523C

GRA4186C Senior Design Studio (3 Credits)

Prereqs: GRA 3183C & GRA 3512C

GRA4423 Business of Graphic Design (3 Credits)

Prereqs: Senior Status & GRA 3512C

GRA4189C Graphic Design Portfolio (3 Credits)

Prereqs: Senior Status & GRA 4186C


  • ARH

Major Electives (12 credits)

Note: Students may not take any independent study courses in any Fine Arts area without prior, written approval of the department chairperson.

SELECT 4 COURSES (3000/4000) FROM:


Free Electives (6 credits)


This degree requires a minimum of 120 total hours with 48 upper (3000/4000) level hours. Free electives may be courses in any discipline (provided the required prerequisites are met) and they are the hours needed to satisfy the total hour requirement. These hours may vary (consult your advisor about free elective hours needed to graduate).