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2013-2014 Past Catalog
2021-2022 Catalog
Computing & Info Sciences: Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)

Program Description for Computing & Info Sciences

Major: Computing & Info Sciences Concentration: Computer Science Degree: Bachelor of Science

Informational Text

Bachelor of Science in Computing & Information Sciences: (120 credit hours, including a min 54 upper level hrs)

  • All course work must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better, unless otherwise noted.
  • Once enrolled at UNF, any remaining prerequisites for the major / minor must be completed at UNF.
  • *** CIS Satisfactory Progress Policy ***
    Students who do not successfully complete a CIS prerequisite or core requirement on the first attempt, including W, WP, or WF, will have one chance to repeat the course. Unsuccessful completion after two attempts will block registration for future computing courses.
  • Exit Requirements:
    1. Proficiency in a high-level programming language.
    2. Spoken Presentation: To apply oral communications skills in the program, you will deliver up to two presentations in computing courses. If the first presentation is satisfactory, a second presentation will be waived.


Computer Science Prerequisites: (9 courses - 27.0 semester hours)

CALCULUS 8.0 hours

MAC 2311 Calculus I
MAC 2312 Calculus II

COP 2220 Computer Science I

'C' is preferred and will be used in subsequent courses.

PHYSICS Calc-based Physics I & Lab

PHY 2048 University Physics I
PHY 2048L University Physics I Lab
(PHY2048C is an acceptable substitute.)

PHYSICS II Calc-based Physics II & Lab

PHY 2049 University Physics II
PHY 2049L University Physics II Lab
(PHY2049C is an acceptable substitute.)

SCIENCE 6.0 hrs of additional science

Select 2 science courses for science majors.***
Appropriate prefixes include:
--The following UNF courses, and courses with equivalent content, are acceptable for fulfilling the "science for science majors" requirement:
AST2002 Astronomy, BSC1010C General Biology I, BSC1011C General Biology II, CHM2045C General Chem I, CHM2046C General Chem II, and ESC2000 (GLY2001C) Earth Science.
--The following UNF courses *cannot* be used:
BSC1005, BSC1930, PCB2050, BCH3023C, CHM1025C, PHY1020C, PHY2053/54, PSC3730.
-Consult with a CIS advisor before taking any other science. ***

Core Requirements (27 credits)

Computer Science Foundation and Core: (8 courses - 27.0 semester hours)
[CIS4253 Ethics required beginning Fall2006]

SPEECH Select any public speaking*SPC

COT3100 Computational Structures (3 Credits)

COP3503 Computer Science II (3 Credits)

COP3530 Data Structures (4 Credits)

COP3404 Intro to Systems Software (4 Credits)

(renumbered from COP3601 in Fall 2011)

CDA3101 Introduction Computer Hardware (4 Credits)

COT3210 Computability And Automata (3 Credits)

CIS4253 Legal & Ethical Iss in Comput (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (16 credits)

Computer Science Major Requirements: (5 courses - 16 semester hours)

SELECT ONE of the following courses:

  • CDA 4503 (CNT4504) Networks/Distributed Processing
  • COP 4813 Internet Programming

COP4710 Data Modeling (3 Credits)

COP4610 Operating Systems (3 Credits)

COP4620 Constr of Language Translators (4 Credits)

CEN4010 Software Engineering (3 Credits)

(renumbered from CIS4251 in Fall 2011)

Major Electives (9 credits)

Computer Science Major Electives: (3 courses - 9.0 semester hours)

SELECT Three Courses - min 9.0 hours

Select 3 Courses for a minimum of 9.0 hours: ***

  • CAP 4630 Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • CAP 4660C AI Robotics
  • CAP 4710 Computer Graphics
  • CAP 4770 Data Mining
  • CEN 4510 Computer Communications
  • CEN 4516 Networks/Distributed Processing
  • CDA 4503 (CNT4504) Computer Networks/Distrib Process
  • CEN 4610 Knowledge Engineering
  • CEN 4943 Software Development Practicum
  • CEN 4801 Systems Integration
  • CIS 4362 Computer Cryptography
  • COP 4300 (CAP 4831) Discrete Systems Modeling/Simulation
  • COP 4813 Internet Programming
  • COT 4400 Analysis of Algorithms
  • COT 4560 Applied Graph Theory
  • CDA 4102 Intro to Computer Architecture
  • and CDA 4102L Intro to Computer Architecture Lab
-- (Note CDA4102 must be taken with lab.)
-- Other qualifying elective courses may be offered as Special Topics. See School of Computing for list of approved courses.
-- Directed Independent Study courses may not be used to satisfy major or minor electives without prior permission from SoC Director.

Contextual Courses

Computer Science Contextual Courses: (2 courses - 8.0 semester hours)
An overall average of C or better is required in the contextual coursework.

MAS3105 (GM) Linear Algebra (4 Credits)

STA4321 (GM)Probability and Statistics (4 Credits)

Exit Requirement

Exit Requirement: Computer & Information Sciences Oral Communication (Spoken Presentation)
To apply oral communications skills in the program, all CIS majors will deliver up to two presentations in computing courses for evaluation of presentation skills. If the first presentation is satisfactory, a second evaluated presentation will be waived.


Select additional courses as necessary to attain 54 upper level (3000-4000) hours.
The Computer Science major requirements provide 57 upper hours.



Select additional courses as necessary to attain a total of 120 hours. This area may include hours at any level (1000-4000).
[Advisor will adjust this area based on individual needs.]