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2013-2014 Past Catalog
2022-2023 Catalog
Civil Engineering (Bachelor of Science)

Program Description for Civil Engineering

Major: Civil Engineering Degree: Bachelor of Science


All Engineering Prerequisites must be completed with a "C" or higher. (29.00 credit hours)

MATH Math requirement:

  • MAC2311 Calculus I
  • MAC2312 Calculus II
  • MAC2313 Calculus III
  • MAP2302 Ordinary Diff. Equations
    *Students must complete Pre-Calculus at the college level with a "C" or higher to take Calculus I.
    *MAC2281, 2282, and 2283 may be substituted for MAC2311, 2312, and 2213.
    *MAP2305 may be substituted for MAP2302.

CHEMISTRY Chemistry requirement:

  • CHM2045+L General Chemistry
    *CHS1440 may be substituted for CHM2045. If CHS1440 is 4.0 cr hrs and includes lab, it may be used for CHM2045C.
    *CHM2045C may be substituted for CHM2045&L.

PHYSICS I Physics I requirement:

  • PHY2048+L Calculus Based Physics I *
    *Students who did not successfully complete high school physics must complete PHY1020C Intro to Physics with a "C" or higher before completing Calculus Physics I.
    *Calculus Based Physics has an additional prerequisite of Calculus I and a Co-requisite of Calculus II.
    *PHY2048C may be substituted for lecture and lab.
    *PHY2043 may be substituted for the lecture.

PHYSICS II Physics II requirement:

  • PHY2049+L Calculus Based Physics II *
    *PHY2049C may be substituted for lecture and lab.
    *PHY2044 may be substituted for the lecture.


Civil Engineering Foundation: (8 courses - 21.0 semester hours)

SELECT 1 of the following:

Additional natural sciences:

  • BSC1010C General Biology
  • BSC3057 Introduction to Environmental Science
  • ESC2000/2000L Earth Science & Lab

EEL3111 Circuit Analysis I (3 Credits)

EGN1001 Introduction to Engineering I (2 Credits)

EGN2009 Introduction to Engineering II (2 Credits)

EGN3311 Statics (3 Credits)

EGN3613 Economics for Engineers (2 Credits)

EML3100 Thermodynamics I (3 Credits)

STA3032 (GM) Prob/Statistics for Engrs (3 Credits)

Core Requirements

Civil Engineering Core: (5 courses - 15.0 semester hours)

CES3100 Analysis of Structures (3 Credits)

CES3104C Mechanics of Materials (3 Credits)

(or EGN3331 Strength of Materials)

CGN3322C Civil Engineering Geomatics (3 Credits)

CWR3201 Fluid Mechanics (3 Credits)

EGN3321 Dynamics (3 Credits)

Major Requirements

Civil Engineering Major Requirements: (10 courses - 30.0 semester hours)

CEG3011C Geotechnical Engineering (4 Credits)

CEG3111 Foundation Engineering (3 Credits)

CES3605C Design of Steel Structures (3 Credits)

CES4702C Design of Reinforced Concrete (3 Credits)

CGN3501C Civil Engineering Materials (3 Credits)

(or EML3520C Material Science I)

CGN4803 Senior Capstone Design I (1 Credit)

CGN4804 Senior Capstone Design II (3 Credits)

CWR4202C Hydraulic Engineering (4 Credits)

ENV3001C Environmental Engineering (3 Credits)

TTE4004 Transportation Engineering (3 Credits)

Technical Electives

Civil Engineering Technical Electives: (3 courses - 9.0 semester hours)
Select Nine hours from the Courses listed below.

SELECT 9 Hrs. from the following:

  • CES 4101 Adv Structure Systems
  • CES 4102 Matrix Structural Analysis
  • CES 4321 Intro to Bridge Engineering
  • CES 4711 Prestressed Concrete
  • CEG 4302 Applied Engineering Geology
  • ENV 4012 Adv Environ Engineering
  • TTE 4201 Adv Transport Engineering
  • CGN 4905 Directed Independent Study (1-3 hrs)
  • CGN 3930 Special Topics: Civil Engineering (1-3 hrs)
  • CGN 4931 Special Topics: Civil Engineering (1-3 hrs)
  • CGN 4949 Co-op Work Experience (0-1 hr.)


No additional hours should be necessary to reach 128 hrs. If necessary, select additional courses to attain a total of 128 hours. This area may include hours at any level (1000-4000).