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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Undergraduate Courses

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AFH3100: Ancient Africa to 1850 3 AFH3200: History of Modern Africa: From 1807-Present 3 AFH3252: War, Genocide, and HIV in Mod. Africa 3 AFH3301: Ancient Egypt 3 AFH3450: (CD)(FC) South Africa 3 AMH2000: United States History Survey 3 AMH2010: United States History to 1877 3 AMH2020: United States History since 1877 3 AMH3111: Early America 3 AMH3130: American Revolution/Constitution 3 AMH3150: Age of Jefferson and Jackson 3 AMH3170: Civil War/Reconstruction 3 AMH3202: The United States Since World War I 3 AMH3220: The Making of Modern America 1877-1920 3 AMH3233: U.S. in the 1920's 3 AMH3312: CD-Gender in the United States 3 AMH3402: History of the Old South 3 AMH3403: History of the New South 3 AMH3420: Florida History 3 AMH3440: The Frontier in American History 3 AMH3444: CD - Peoples of the American West 3 AMH3460: American Cities and Suburbs 3 AMH3511: The United States in World Affairs 3 AMH3544: The 1960s and Vietnam 3 AMH3571: (CD) Introduction to African-American History 3 AMH3580: (CD) American Indian History 3 AMH3630: Environmental History of the United States 3 AMH3672: Atlantic Slave Trade 3 AMH3673: The Civil Rights Movement 3 AMH3932: Selected Topics: US History 3 AMH4291: Seminar: 20th Century America 3 AMH4390: Seminar: 19th Century U.S. 3 AMH4491: Seminar: Local History 3 AMH4497: Seminar: History of the American City 3 AMH4584: Native Southerners 3 AMH4906: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 ASH3200: (FC) - Ancient Near East 3 ASH3201: (FC) Ancient Israel 3 ASH3223: (CD)(FC)Middle East 3 ASH3337: (FC) Gandhi and Modern India 3 ASH3401: Contemporary China 3 ASH3402: Traditional China 3 ASH3404: Modern China 3 ASH3440: (CD)(FC) Japanese Civilization 3 ASH3441: Japan Before 1868 3 ASH3448: (CD)(FC) Hiroshima 3 ASH3620: (FC) Asian Art and Culture 3 ASH3932: Selected Topics: Asian History 3 ASH4934: Seminar: Asian History 3 ASN2003: (CD) Introduction to Asia 3 ASN3106: (FC) Women and Gender in East Asia 3 EUH2957: Core Abroad: Landmarks of Western Civilization 6 EUH3013: Greek and Roman Myth 3 EUH3120: Medieval Europe 3 EUH3124: The Crusades 3 EUH3142: Renaissance-Reformation 3 EUH3205: 19th Century Europe 3 EUH3206: 20th Century Europe 3 EUH3241: The Holocaust 3 EUH3312: History of Spain 3 EUH3320: Eastern Europe 3 EUH3403: (FC) Ancient Greece 3 EUH3411: (FC) Ancient Rome 3 EUH3451: France Since 1789 3 EUH3453: The French Revolution and Napoleon 3 EUH3462: Modern Germany 3 EUH3465: Nazi Germany: Power, Society, and War in Hitler's Reich 3 EUH3466: (FC) Germany Today 3 EUH3511: Tudor-Stuart England, 1485-1714 3 EUH3575: Imperial Russia 3 EUH3576: Russia Since 1905 3 EUH3580: (CD)(FC) Russian Thought and Culture 3 EUH3581: Russia in Asia 3 EUH3932: Selected Topics: European History 3 EUH4103: From Homer to Herodotus: Greece in the Archaic Age 3 EUH4294: Seminar: Modern Europe 3 EUH4404: The Peloponnesian War 3 EUH4408: Alexander the Great 3 EUH4932: Seminar: Ancient/Medieval History 3 HIS3051: (GW) The Craft of the Historian 3 HIS3307: Modern War 3 HIS3402: Urban Environmental History and Sustainability 3 HIS3490: History of Medicine and Disease 3 HIS3932: Selected Topics:History 3 HIS4266: Comparative Empires 3 HIS4906: Directed Individual Study v. 1-4 HIS4936: Seminars 3 HIS4940: Internship in History 3 HIS4970: (GW) Senior Honors Thesis v. 3-6 IDS4910: Liberal Studies Exposition v. 3-9 LAH3300: (CD)(FC) Latin America 3 LAH3424: (FC) Aztecs/Incas/Mayas 3 LAH3736: (FC) Modern Latin American History Through Film 3 LAH3932: Selected Topics: Latin American History 3 LAH4932: Seminar: Latin American History 3 LIS3340: Digital Archiving and Information Management 3 WOH1012: (GW) World History I 3 WOH1022: (GW) World History II 3