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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Undergraduate Courses

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AST2002: Discovering Astronomy 3 AST2002L: Discovering Astronomy Lab 1 AST3217: Astrophysics I 4 AST3402: Astrophysics II 4 ESC2000: Discovering Earth Science 3 ESC2000L: Discovering Earth Science Lab 1 GLY2010: Physical Geology 3 PHY1020: Discovering Physics: How things work 3 PHY1020L: Discovering Physics Laboratory: How things work 1 PHY1024: Exploring Majoring in Physics 1 PHY1028: Introduction to Physics 2 PHY1028L: Introduction to Physics Laboratory 1 PHY1041: Physics for Engineers I 3 PHY2042: Physics for Engineers II 3 PHY2048C: Calculus-based Physics I 4 PHY2049: Calculus-based Physics II 3 PHY2049L: Calculus-based Physics II Lab 1 PHY2053: Algebra-based Physics I 3 PHY2053L: Algebra-based Physics I Lab 1 PHY2054: Algebra-based Physics II 3 PHY2054L: Algebra-based Physics II Lab 1 PHY2930: Selected Topics in Physics v. 1-4 PHY3101: Modern Physics 3 PHY3101L: Modern Physics Laboratory 1 PHY3220: Classical Mechanics 4 PHY3424C: Optics with Laboratory 4 PHY3604: Quantum Mechanics 4 PHY3722C: Electronics for Scientists 4 PHY4320: Electricity and Magnetism 4 PHY4523: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 4 PHY4610: Applications of Quantum Mechanics 3 PHY4660: Introduction to Quantum Field Theory 3 PHY4802L: Advanced Physics Laboratory 1 PHY4900: Directed Independent Study-Honors in Physics Research v. 3-6 PHY4905: Directed Independent Study in Physics v. 0-4 PHY4910: Physics Research and Seminar 1 1 PHY4911: Physics Research and Seminar 2 1 PHY4930: Selected Topics in Physics v. 1-4 PHY4940: Physics Internship v. 2-12 PHY4970: Directed Independent Study- Honors in Physics Thesis v. 3-12 PHZ3113C: Mathematical Physics 4 PHZ4160: Advanced Topics in Physics 4 PHZ4303: Nuclear Physics 3 PHZ4404: Solid State Physics 3 PSC4905: Directed Independent Study v. 2-4