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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Undergraduate Courses

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AML2010: American Literature I 3 AML2020: American Literature II 3 AML3041: Periods of Later American Literature 3 AML3102: American Fiction 3 AML3154: American Poetry 3 AML3621: (GW) Black American Literature 3 AML4242: Studies in 20th Century American Literature 3 CLT4110: Classical Background of Western Literature 3 CRW2000: (GW) Introduction to Creative Writing 3 CRW2100: (GW) Introduction to Fiction Writing 3 CRW2201: (GW) Introduction to Creative Nonfiction 3 CRW2300: (GW) Introduction to Poetry Writing 3 CRW2400: (GW) Introduction to Playwriting 3 CRW2600: (GW) Introduction to Screenwriting 3 CRW2930: (GW) Special Topics in Creative Writing 3 CRW3015: Reading Like A Writer 3 CRW3110: (GW) Fiction Workshop 3 CRW3113: Writing Genre Fiction 3 CRW3211: (GW) Creative Nonfiction Workshop 3 CRW3310: (GW) Poetry Workshop 3 CRW3610: (GW) Screenwriting Workshop 3 CRW3741: Image/Text Workshop 3 CRW3742: Integrative Arts Workshop 3 CRW3743: Contexts and Constraints: A Workshop in Interdisciplinary and Innovative Writing 3 CRW3930: Special Topics in Creative Writing 3 CRW4122: Advanced Fiction Workshop 3 CRW4224: Adv. Creative Nonfic Wkshp 3 CRW4320: Advanced Poetry Workshop 3 CRW4425: Community-Based Documentary Playwriting 3 CRW4616: Advanced Screenwriting Workshop 3 CRW4901: Creative Writing Independent Study 3 CRW4924: Advanced Creative Writing Workshop 3 CRW4940: Creative Writing Practicum 3 DIG3176: Introduction to the Digital Humanities 3 DIG3930: Special Topics in Digital Humanities 3 DIG4152: Digital Editing and Digital Archives 3 DIG4588: Digital Humanities Studio 3 DIG4931: Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities 3 DIG4944: Digital Humanities Internship 3 ENC1101: (GW) Writing for Audience and Purpose 3 ENC1130: Special Topics in Writing v. 1-4 ENC1143: (GW) Writing with Evidence and Style 3 ENC2210: (GW) Technical Writing 3 ENC2443: (GW) Writing Topics:Literature 3 ENC2450: (GW) Writing Topics: Natural Sciences 3 ENC2451: (GW) Writing Topics: Health 3 ENC2461: (GW) Writing Topics: Social Sciences 3 ENC2463: (GW) Writing Topics: Engineering 3 ENC2930: (GW) Special Topics in Composition 3 ENC3202: Professional Communication for Business 3 ENC3212: Copyediting 3 ENC3246: Professional Communication for Engineering 3 ENC3250: (GW) Professional Communications 3 ENC3310: (GW) Writing Prose 3 ENC3375: Introduction to Fandom Studies 3 ENC3930: Special Topics in Composition 3 ENC3991: Exp: Business Communication 3 ENC4260: Applied Technical Writing 3 ENC4331: Writing, Rhetoric, and Community 3 ENC4403: Grant Writing 3 ENC4415: Rhetoric in the Digital Humanities 3 ENC4436: Writing as Social Action 3 ENC4930: Advanced Topics in Composition 3 ENC4940: Writing Internship v. 1-6 ENG3613: (CD) Topics in Disability Studies 3 ENG3816: Digital Methods in Literary Studies 3 ENG4004: Research Methods in English 3 ENG4013: Approaches to Literary Interpretation 3 ENG4905: Tutorial in Criticism and Interpretation of Literature 3 ENG4930: Independent Study in Literary and Cultural Theory 3 ENL2012: British Literature I 3 ENL2022: British Literature II 3 ENL3112: Early British Novel 3 ENL3132: History of the Later British Novel 3 ENL3333: Shakespeare 3 ENL4210: Studies in Medieval Literature 3 ENL4220: Studies in Renaissance Literature 3 ENL4230: Topics in Restoration and 18th Century British Literature 3 ENL4240: Studies in British Romantic Literature 3 ENL4251: Studies in Victorian Literature 3 FIL2000: Film Appreciation 3 FIL3006: Analyzing Films 3 FIL3363: Documentary Production 3 FIL3801: Film Terms 3 FIL3826: Movements in American Film 3 FIL3831: Black Cinema v. 3-6 FIL3832: Horror Films v. 3-6 FIL3833: Film Genre 3 FIL3930: Topics in Film 3 FIL4073: American Film in Context: 1970s 3 FIL4075: American Film in Context: 1950s--1960s 3 FIL4078: American Film in Context: 1980s 3 FIL4300: Documentary Studies 3 FIL4361: Audio Documentary and Podcasting v. 3-6 FIL4379: Advanced Documentary Production 3 FIL4828: Movements in International Film 3 FIL4839: Film Noir 3 FIL4843: Asian Cinema 3 FIL4848: (CD) World Cinema and the Cross-Cultural Encounter 3 FIL4882: Cinema and Culture 3 FIL4900: Directed Independent Study in Film v. 1-4 FIL4931: Advanced Topics in Film 3 FIL4935: Advanced Topics in Film 3 FIL4940: Internship in Film Administration 3 FIL4945: Internship in Film Production 3 IDS1932: First Year Interdisciplinary Writing Seminar 3 LIS1001: Beginning Library and Information Systems Strategies 1 LIT2000: Introduction to Literature 3 LIT2110: World Literature I 3 LIT2120: World Literature II 3 LIT3213: The Art of Critical Reading and Writing I 3 LIT3214: The Art of Critical Reading and Writing II 3 LIT3304: Literature of Popular American Culture 3 LIT3331: Children's Literature 3 LIT3333: Young Adult Literature 3 LIT3930: Special Topics: Literature 3 LIT4042: Dramatic Literature 3 LIT4083: Studies in Modern Literature 3 LIT4093: Contemporary Literature 3 LIT4243: Major Authors 3 LIT4650: Comparative Literature 3 LIT4905: Independent Study v. 1-3 LIT4930: Special Topics in Literature v. 1-3 LIT4934: Seminar in Literature v. 3-9 LIT4940: Practicum: English v. 1-6 THE2000: Theater Appreciation 3 THE4904: Independent Study in Drama and Theater v. 1-6 THE4935: Special Topics in Drama and Theater 3 TPP2100: Acting I 3 TPP3103: Acting II 3 TPP4241: Theater for Social Change 3