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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Undergraduate Courses

All Departments

ACG2021: Principles of Financial Accounting 3 ACG2071: Principles of Managerial Accounting 3 ACG3103: Intermediate Accounting Problems and Concepts I 3 ACG3113: Intermediate Accounting Problems and Concepts II 3 ACG3123: Intermediate Accounting Problems and Concepts III 3 ACG3501: Fund Accounting 3 ACG4201: Advanced Accounting 3 ACG4251: International Accounting 3 ACG4361: Cost Accounting 3 ACG4381: Controllership 3 ACG4401: Accounting Information Systems 3 ACG4651: Auditing 3 ACG4671: Internal Auditing 3 ACG4682: Forensic Accounting 3 ACG4863: Accounting and Management Control in the Film Industry 3 ACG4901: Directed Independent Study in Accounting v. 1-3 ACG4931: Special Topics in Accounting v. 1-3 ACG4941: Accounting Internship v. 1-3 ACG4956: Study Abroad in Accounting v. 1-9 ADV3008: Principles of Advertising 3 ADV3101: Advertising Creative Strategy 3 ADV3200C: Advertising Design 3 ADV3203: Advertising Media Graphics 3 ADV3300: Media Planning 3 ADV3500: Advertising Research Methods 3 ADV3812: Integrated Marketing Communication 3 ADV4404: Strategic Branding 3 ADV4800: Advertising Campaigns 3 ADV4930: Special Topics in Advertising 3 AFH3100: Ancient Africa to 1850 3 AFH3200: History of Modern Africa: From 1807-Present 3 AFH3252: War, Genocide, and HIV in Mod. Africa 3 AFH3301: Ancient Egypt 3 AFH3450: (CD)(FC) South Africa 3 AFS3262: African Diaspora Studies 3 AMH2000: United States History Survey 3 AMH2010: United States History to 1877 3 AMH2020: United States History since 1877 3 AMH3111: Early America 3 AMH3130: American Revolution/Constitution 3 AMH3150: Age of Jefferson and Jackson 3 AMH3170: Civil War/Reconstruction 3 AMH3202: The United States Since World War I 3 AMH3220: The Making of Modern America 1877-1920 3 AMH3233: U.S. in the 1920's 3 AMH3312: CD-Gender in the United States 3 AMH3402: History of the Old South 3 AMH3403: History of the New South 3 AMH3420: Florida History 3 AMH3440: The Frontier in American History 3 AMH3444: CD - Peoples of the American West 3 AMH3460: American Cities and Suburbs 3 AMH3511: The United States in World Affairs 3 AMH3544: The 1960s and Vietnam 3 AMH3571: (CD) Introduction to African-American History 3 AMH3580: (CD) American Indian History 3 AMH3630: Environmental History of the United States 3 AMH3672: Atlantic Slave Trade 3 AMH3673: The Civil Rights Movement 3 AMH3932: Selected Topics: US History 3 AMH4291: Seminar: 20th Century America 3 AMH4390: Seminar: 19th Century U.S. 3 AMH4491: Seminar: Local History 3 AMH4497: Seminar: History of the American City 3 AMH4584: Native Southerners 3 AMH4906: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 AML2010: American Literature I 3 AML2020: American Literature II 3 AML3041: Periods of Later American Literature 3 AML3102: American Fiction 3 AML3154: American Poetry 3 AML3621: (GW) Black American Literature 3 AML4242: Studies in 20th Century American Literature 3 ANT2000: (CD) Introduction to Anthropology 3 ANT2423: (CD) Kinship and the Family 3 ANT2930: Special Topics in Anthropology 3 ANT3101: Fundamentals of Archaeology 3 ANT3212: (CD)(FC) Peoples and Cultures of the World 3 ANT3243: (FC) Comparative Muslim Cultures 3 ANT3311: FC - Indians of the Southeastern U. S. 3 ANT3312: (CD)(FC) North American Indians 3 ANT3355: The African Diaspora 3 ANT3414: Principles of Socio Cultural Anthropology 3 ANT3462: Health, Illness and Culture 3 ANT3514: Principles of Physical Anthropology 3 ANT3610: Linguistic Anthropology 3 ANT3933: Seminar in Anthropology 3 ANT4025: The Anthropology of Death 3 ANT4034: Survey of Anthropological Theories 3 ANT4083: Quantitative Methods in Anthropology 3 ANT4115: Archaeological Research Strategies 3 ANT4158: Florida Archaeology 3 ANT4180: Archaeological Lab Methods 3 ANT4241: Anthropology of Religion 3 ANT4352: (FC) Peoples and Cultures of Africa 3 ANT4444: Cities and Globalization 3 ANT4497: Ethnographic Methods 3 ANT4620: Language, Culture, and Society 3 ANT4821: Archaeological Field Methods v. 3-6 ANT4905: Directed Independent Study in Anthropology v. 0-3 ANT4931: Selected Topics in Cultural Anthropology v. 3-6 ANT4970: Honors Thesis in Anthropology v. 3-6 APK3091: Leadership and Professionalism in Kinesiology 3 APK3115C: Practical Skills in Strength and Conditioning 3 APK4101: Skeletal Muscle Structure and Function 3 APK4120C: Clinical Exercise Physiology 3 APK4125: Exercise Prescription 3 APK4165: Bioenergetics 3 APK4405: Exercise Psychology 3 APK4912: Directed Independent Study - Honors in Kinesiology Research v. 3-6 APK4941: Exercise Physiology Practice 3 APK4971: Directed Independent Study - Honors in Kinesiology Thesis v. 3-12 ARE4353: Teaching Art with a Discipline-Based Focus in Grades K-12 4 ARH2000: Art Appreciation 3 ARH2050: Art History Survey I 3 ARH2051: Art History Survey II 3 ARH3130: Ancient Greek Art and Architecture 3 ARH3150: The Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome 3 ARH3202: Medieval Art and Architecture 3 ARH3250: Romanesque Art and Architecture 3 ARH3302: Italian Renaissance Art 3 ARH3319: The Art and Architecture of Michelangelo 3 ARH3331: Northern Renaissance Art 3 ARH3350: Baroque Art 3 ARH3354: Rubens to Rembrandt: Netherlandish Baroque Art 3 ARH3404: British Art: Hogarth to Hirst 3 ARH3410: Modern European Art I 3 ARH3434: Modern European Art II 3 ARH3453: Post War Art: 1940-1980 3 ARH3475: Contemporary Art: 1980 to Present 3 ARH3571: Islamic Architecture 3 ARH3574: Early Islamic Art 3 ARH3583: Tribal Arts 3 ARH3621: American Art I: 1492 to 1876 3 ARH3623: American Art II: 1876 to 1940 3 ARH3631: African American Art History 3 ARH3811: Junior Methods Seminar 3 ARH3843: Studies in Irish Art and Architecture 3 ARH3883: The Apocalypse in Medieval and Early Modern Art 3 ARH3930: Special Topics in Art History v. 1-3 ARH3940: Art History Practicum 1 ARH3955: Art History on Site v. 1-3 ARH4710: History of Photography 3 ARH4800: Aesthetics of Art 3 ARH4905: Directed Individual Study v. 1-6 ARH4910: Senior Research Seminar 3 ARH4941: Internship in Art History v. 1-6 ART1201C: Two-Dimensional Design 3 ART1205C: Color Theory 3 ART1300C: Drawing I 3 ART1600C: Digital Imaging Methods 3 ART2203C: Three-Dimensional Design 3 ART2301C: Drawing II 3 ART2330C: Figure Drawing I 3 ART2400C: Introduction to Printmaking 3 ART2500C: Painting I 3 ART2605C: Basic Computer Images 3 ART3317C: Drawing Studio 3 ART3332C: Figure Drawing II 3 ART3354C: Digital Sketchbook 3 ART3420C: Lithography Printmaking I 3 ART3433C: Screenprint I 3 ART3442C: Intaglio Printmaking I 3 ART3443C: Relief Printmaking I 3 ART3504C: Painting III 3 ART3505C: Alternative Processes in Painting 3 ART3530C: Painting II 3 ART3560C: Figurative Painting 3 ART3569C: Portrait Painting 3 ART3707C: Sculpture I 3 ART3709C: Sculpture II 3 ART3714C: Sculpture: Casting 3 ART3765C: Intermediate Ceramics 3 ART3786C: Ceramics 3 ART3830: Curatorial Practices 3 ART3930: Special Topics in Art v. 1-3 ART4421C: Lithography Printmaking II 3 ART4434C: Screenprint II 3 ART4444C: Intaglio Printmaking II 3 ART4445C: Relief Printmaking II 3 ART4710C: Sculpture III 3 ART4736C: Sculpture: Enlivened Spaces 3 ART4768C: Advanced Ceramics 3 ART4788C: Ceramic Aesthetic 3 ART4805: Painting and Drawing Research 3 ART4905: Directed Individual Studies v. 1-3 ART4929C: Senior Project 3 ART4935: Seminar v. 1-3 ART4940: Internship In Fine Arts 3 ART4965C: Professional Practices 3 ASH3200: (FC) - Ancient Near East 3 ASH3201: (FC) Ancient Israel 3 ASH3223: (CD)(FC)Middle East 3 ASH3337: (FC) Gandhi and Modern India 3 ASH3401: Contemporary China 3 ASH3402: Traditional China 3 ASH3404: Modern China 3 ASH3440: (CD)(FC) Japanese Civilization 3 ASH3441: Japan Before 1868 3 ASH3448: (CD)(FC) Hiroshima 3 ASH3620: (FC) Asian Art and Culture 3 ASH3932: Selected Topics: Asian History 3 ASH4934: Seminar: Asian History 3 ASL2140: American Sign Language I 4 ASL2150: American Sign Language II 4 ASL3226: Advanced ASL Proficiency 3 ASL3301: ASL Structure 3 ASL3435: Fingerspelling and Numbering Systems in ASL 3 ASL3514: Deaf Culture 3 ASL4131: American Sign Language III 3 ASL4205: Methods of Teaching ASL-English Bilingual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students 3 ASL4211: American Sign Language IV 3 ASL4324: Advanced ASL Discourse 3 ASL4602: Methods of Teaching American Sign Language 3 ASL4603: First and Second Language Acquisition 3 ASL4702: American Sign Language Literature 3 ASN2003: (CD) Introduction to Asia 3 ASN3106: (FC) Women and Gender in East Asia 3 AST2002: Discovering Astronomy 3 AST2002L: Discovering Astronomy Lab 1 AST3217: Astrophysics I 4 AST3402: Astrophysics II 4 ATR2000C: Introduction to Sports Medicine 3 ATR3102: Introduction to Athletic Injuries 3 ATR3104C: Orthopedic Taping and Bracing 3 ATR3112C: Emergency Management of Athletic Trauma 3 ATR3122: Gross Anatomy for Athletic Trainers 3 ATR3512: Athletic Training Administration 3 ATR3812: Athletic Training Clinical Instruction I 3 ATR3822: Athletic Training Clinical Instruction II 3 ATR4212C: Orthopedic and Injury Assessment I 3 ATR4213C: Orthopedic and Injury Assessment II 3 ATR4302C: Therapeutic Modalities 3 ATR4312C: Therapeutic Exercise 3 ATR4314: Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries 3 ATR4610: Research in Sports Medicine 3 ATR4832: Clinical Practice in Athletic Training III 3 ATR4842C: Clinical Practice in Athletic Training IV 3 ATR4880C: Athletic Training Clinical Experience 3 ATR4902: Independent Study in Athletic Training v. 1-3 ATR4933: Seminar in Athletic Training 3 BCH3023: Survey of Organic and Biological Chemistry 3 BCH3023L: Survey of Organic and Biological Chemistry Laboratory 1 BCH4024: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 3 BCH4024L: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Laboratory 1 BCH4033: Biochemistry I 3 BCH4033L: Biochemistry I Lab 1 BCH4034: Biochemistry II 3 BCH4034L: Biochemistry II Laboratory 1 BCN1005C: Introduction to Construction Management 1 BCN1210C: Construction Materials 3 BCN1251: Construction Drawing 3 BCN2280C: Surveying: Construction Layout 3 BCN2405: Introduction to Structures 3 BCN3012: History and Introduction to Construction 3 BCN3223C: Soils and Foundations 3 BCN3224: Construction Techniques 3 BCN3578: Maritime Construction 3 BCN3611C: Construction Cost Estimating 3 BCN3762: Building Construction Design and Codes 3 BCN3782C: Introduction to Construction Computing 3 BCN4011: History and Culture in International Architecture and Construction 3 BCN4240: Construction Equipment 3 BCN4302: Building Information Modeling 3 BCN4431: Structural Systems 3 BCN4587C: Green Construction and Sustainability 3 BCN4591C: Mechanical and Electrical Systems 3 BCN4612: Advanced Construction Estimating 3 BCN4708: Construction Documents and Contracts 3 BCN4709: Construction Project Management Capstone 3 BCN4720: Construction Project Planning and Scheduling 3 BCN4730: Construction Safety 3 BCN4751C: Housing and Land Development 3 BCN4753: Construction Finance and Cost Controls 3 BCN4758: Advanced Residential Construction 3 BCN4775: International Construction 3 BCN4870C: Heavy Civil Construction 3 BCN4871C: Commercial Construction 3 BCN4900: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 BCN4944: Construction Management Internship 2 BCN4956: Study Abroad in Construction Management 3 BOT2010C: Botany 4 BOT3151C: Local Flora 4 BOT3712C: Plant Systematics and Evolution 4 BOT4404C: Marine Botany 4 BOT4503C: Plant Anatomy and Physiology 4 BSC1005: Principles of Biology 3 BSC1005L: Principles of Biology Lab 1 BSC1010C: General Biology I 4 BSC1011C: General Biology II 4 BSC1930: Current Applications in Biology 2 BSC1934: Introduction to Majors in the Biological Sciences 1 BSC2012C: General Biology III 4 BSC2085C: Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 BSC2086C: Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 BSC2932: Pre-Medical Preparation Seminar 1 BSC3052: Conservation Biology 3 BSC3057: Introduction to Environmental Studies 3 BSC3263: Marine Biology 3 BSC3842: Writing and Analytical Skills in Biology 1 BSC3943: Internship in Applied Biology v. 0-8 BSC4022: Biology of Aging 3 BSC4054: Environmental Toxicology 3 BSC4801C: Animal Physiology 4 BSC4870: Biological Basis of Pharmacology 3 BSC4905: Directed Independent Study in Biology v. 0-3 BSC4921: Biology Lecture Series 1 BSC4930: Selected Topics in Biology v. 1-4 BSC4941: Mayo Clinic Biomedical Research Internship v. 0-8 BSC4947: Senior Seminar Practicum 1 BUL3130: The Legal Environment of Business 3 BUL4350: Business Law II 3 BUL4905: Directed Individual Studies in Business Law v. 1-3 CAP4630: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3 CAP4770: Data Mining 3 CAP4784: Introduction to Data Analytics 3 CBH3004: Comparative Psychology 3 CCJ2002: Crime in America 3 CCJ3014: Criminological Theory 3 CCJ3023: Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 CCJ3700: Research Methods in Criminology & Criminal Justice 3 CCJ3932: ST: Criminal Justice v. 1-4 CCJ4283: Philosophy of Law and Justice 3 CCJ4604: Crime and Mental Illness 3 CCJ4641: Organized Crime 3 CCJ4662: Minorities and Crime 3 CCJ4663: Women and Crime 3 CCJ4664: White Collar Crime 3 CCJ4681: Family Violence 3 CCJ4905: Directed Independent Study v. 1-4 CCJ4935: Special Topics in Criminal Justice and Administration v. 1-4 CCJ4938: Special Topics in Criminology v. 1-4 CCJ4939: Pre-Internship in Criminal Justice 3 CCJ4940: Internship in Criminal Justice 3 CDA3100: Computer Architecture and Organization 4 CDA4010: User Interface Design 3 CEG3011C: Geotechnical Engineering 4 CEG4101: Analysis and Design of Foundation Systems 3 CEG4104: Analysis and Design of Earth Retaining Systems 3 CEG4302: Applied Engineering Geology 3 CEN1361: Creating Mobile Apps 3 CEN4010: Software Engineering 3 CEN4083: Introduction to Cloud Computing 3 CEN4535C: Development of Gaming and Mobile Applications 4 CES3100: Analysis of Structures 3 CES3104: Mechanics of Materials 3 CES3605: Design Of Steel Structures 3 CES4102: Matrix Structural Analysis 3 CES4321: Introduction to Bridge Engineering 3 CES4702C: Design of Reinforced Concrete 3 CES4711: Prestressed Concrete 3 CGN3322C: Civil Engineering Geomatics 4 CGN3501C: Civil Engineering Materials 4 CGN4151: Engineering Management 3 CGN4430: Risk Assessment 3 CGN4803: Senior Capstone Design I 2 CGN4804: Senior Capstone Design II 3 CGN4824: Principles of Land Development 3 CGN4905: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 CGN4931: Special Topics in Civil Engineering v. 1-3 CGN4935: FE Exam Review Seminar 1 CGN4949: Co-op Work Experience v. 0-1 CGS1100: Computer Applications for Business 3 CGS1930: STEM LLC Seminar 0 CGS3001: Current Trends in Computing Technology 1 CHI1120: Beginning Chinese I 4 CHI1121: Beginning Chinese II 4 CHI2200: Intermediate Chinese I 3 CHI2201: Intermediate Chinese II 3 CHI3301: Composition in Chinese 3 CHI3400: Conversation in Chinese 3 CHI3930: Special Topics in Chinese 3 CHI4904: Directed Independent Study in Chinese 3 CHM1020: Discovering Chemistry 3 CHM1024: Chemistry Study Skills 1 CHM1025: Introduction to Chemistry 2 CHM1025L: Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory 1 CHM2045: General Chemistry I 3 CHM2045L: General Chemistry I Laboratory 1 CHM2046: General Chemistry II 3 CHM2046L: General Chemistry II Laboratory 1 CHM2210: Organic Chemistry I 3 CHM2210L: Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 1 CHM2211: Organic Chemistry II 3 CHM2211L: Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 1 CHM3120: Quantitative Analytical Chemistry 3 CHM3120L: Quantitative Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 1 CHM3260: Advanced Organic Chemistry 3 CHM3610: Inorganic Chemistry 3 CHM3610L: Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 1 CHM4130: Modern Analytical Chemistry 3 CHM4130L: Modern Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 1 CHM4400: Survey of Physical Chemistry 3 CHM4400L: Survey of Physical Chemistry Lab 1 CHM4410: Physical Chemistry I 3 CHM4410L: Physical Chemistry I Laboratory 1 CHM4411: Physical Chemistry II 3 CHM4411L: Physical Chemistry II Laboratory 1 CHM4612: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3 CHM4627: Solid State Chemistry 3 CHM4910: Chemical Research v. 1-4 CHM4911: Chemical Research Experience 0 CHM4930: Selected Topics in Chemistry v. 1-4 CHM4931: Senior Seminar in Chemistry 1 CHS4615: Environmental Chemistry 3 CHS4615L: Environmental Chemistry Lab 1 CHT3500: (FC) Chinese Culture 3 CIS2930: Special Topics in Computer and Information Sciences v. 1-4 CIS2935: Honors Special Topics in Computer and Information Sciences 3 CIS3253: Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing 3 CIS3526: IT Project Management 3 CIS3949: Experiential Studies in Computing v. 0-3 CIS4100: System Performance and Evaluation 3 CIS4325: Introduction to Systems Administration 3 CIS4327: Information Systems Senior Project I 3 CIS4328: Information Systems Senior Project II 3 CIS4360: Introduction to Computer Security 3 CIS4362: Computer Cryptography 3 CIS4364: Intrusion Detection 3 CIS4365: Computer Security Policies and Disaster Preparedness 3 CIS4366: Computer Forensics 3 CIS4618: Expert Systems and Decision Support 3 CIS4900: Directed Independent Study v. 1-3 CIS4910: G(W) Computing Honors Research 3 CIS4930: Special Topics in Computer and Information Sciences v. 1-4 CIS4955: Computing Honors 0 CJC3410: Methods of Offender Treatment 3 CJC4015: Correctional Systems and Processes 3 CJC4510: Punishment and Society 3 CJE3232: Drugs and Crime 3 CJE3281: Women and the Legal System 3 CJE4017: Law Enforcement Systems and Processes 3 CJE4201: Deviance and Social Control 3 CJJ3010: Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice 3 CJL4111: Criminal Law and Procedures II 3 CJL4310: Criminal Law and Procedures I 3 CJL4315: Criminal Trials Seminar 3 CJL4510: Court Systems and Processes 3 CLP2180: Stress Management 3 CLP4134: Childhood Psychopathology 3 CLP4143: Psychology of Abnormal Behavior 3 CLP4313: Health Psychology 3 CLT4110: Classical Background of Western Literature 3 CNT4406: Network Security and Management 3 CNT4504: Computer Networks 3 CNT4514C: Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing 4 CNT4704: Network Design and Planning 3 COM3003: Principles of Communication Studies 3 COM3042: Interpersonal Communication 3 COM3120: Organizational Communication 3 COM3332: Mediated Communication 3 COM3346: Interviewing: Theories and Methods 3 COM3440: Small Group Communication 3 COM3752: Listening 3 COM4022: Theory and Research Methods in Health Communication 3 COM4044: Lying and Deception 3 COM4301: Communication Theory and Research Methods 3 COM4373: Consequences of Cyberculture 3 COM4411: Communication and Popular Culture 3 COM4430: International Communication 3 COM4561: Strategic Social Media 3 COM4930: Special Topics in Communication Studies 3 COP2220: Programming I 3 COP2551: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming 3 COP2800: Java/Javascript 3 COP3331: Object-Oriented Programming in Java/JavaScript 3 COP3404: Introduction to Systems Software 3 COP3503: Programming II 3 COP3530: Data Structures 3 COP3703: Introduction to Databases 3 COP3855: Web Systems Development 4 COP4610: Operating Systems 3 COP4620: Construction of Language Translators 3 COP4640: Operating Systems Environments 3 COP4813: Internet Programming 3 COT3100: Computational Structures 3 COT3210: Theory of Computation 3 COT4111: Computational Structures II 3 COT4400: Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 COT4461: Computational Biology 3 COT4560: Applied Graph Theory 3 CPO2002: Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 CPO3123: (FC) Politics and Society in Britain and Ireland 3 CPO3151: (FC) Politics and Society in France 3 CPO3213: Politics and Society in Subsaharan Africa 3 CPO3402: Politics of Pakistan and Afghanistan 3 CPO3643: Politics and Society In Russia 3 CPO4014: Comparative Politics: Frameworks for Analysis 3 CPO4034: Politics of Developing Countries 3 CRW2000: (GW) Introduction to Creative Writing 3 CRW2100: (GW) Introduction to Fiction Writing 3 CRW2201: (GW) Introduction to Creative Nonfiction 3 CRW2300: (GW) Introduction to Poetry Writing 3 CRW2400: (GW) Introduction to Playwriting 3 CRW2600: (GW) Introduction to Screenwriting 3 CRW2930: (GW) Special Topics in Creative Writing 3 CRW3015: Reading Like A Writer 3 CRW3110: (GW) Fiction Workshop 3 CRW3113: Writing Genre Fiction 3 CRW3211: (GW) Creative Nonfiction Workshop 3 CRW3310: (GW) Poetry Workshop 3 CRW3610: (GW) Screenwriting Workshop 3 CRW3741: Image/Text Workshop 3 CRW3742: Integrative Arts Workshop 3 CRW3743: Contexts and Constraints: A Workshop in Interdisciplinary and Innovative Writing 3 CRW3930: Special Topics in Creative Writing 3 CRW4122: Advanced Fiction Workshop 3 CRW4224: Adv. Creative Nonfic Wkshp 3 CRW4320: Advanced Poetry Workshop 3 CRW4425: Community-Based Documentary Playwriting 3 CRW4616: Advanced Screenwriting Workshop 3 CRW4901: Creative Writing Independent Study 3 CRW4924: Advanced Creative Writing Workshop 3 CRW4940: Creative Writing Practicum 3 CWR3201: Fluid Mechanics 3 CWR3561: Numerical Methods and Computing in Civil and Coastal Engineering 3 CWR4001: Introduction to Coastal and Port Engineering 3 CWR4006: Coastal Processes 3 CWR4009: Oceanography/ Meteorology 3 CWR4010: Field Methods 3 CWR4024: Coastal & Estuarine Hydrodynamics 3 CWR4121: Groundwater Flow and Containment Transport 3 CWR4202C: Hydraulic Engineering 4 CWR4550: Water Wave Mechanics 3 CWR4600: Major River Systems of Florida 3 DEP2002: Foundations of Child and Adolescent Psychology 3 DEP3054: Lifespan Developmental Psychology 3 DEP4060: Applied Developmental Psychology 3 DEP4104: Advanced Child Psychology 3 DEP4304: Advanced Adolescent Psychology 3 DEP4464: Psychology of Aging 3 DEP4482: Death and Dying 3 DIE3213: Nutrition Therapy I 4 DIE3246: Nutrition Therapy II 4 DIE3310: Community Nutrition 3 DIE4122: Management of Food and Nutrition Services I 3 DIE4125: Management of Food and Nutrition Services II 3 DIE4515: Nutrition and Dietetics Professional Capstone 2 DIE4906: Dietetics Independent Study and Research v. 1-3 DIE4912: Projects in Nutrition and Dietetics v. 1-3 DIE4931: Special Topics in Nutrition and Dietetics 3 DIE4940: Nutrition and Diet Field Experience v. 3-9 DIG3176: Introduction to the Digital Humanities 3 DIG3930: Special Topics in Digital Humanities 3 DIG4152: Digital Editing and Digital Archives 3 DIG4588: Digital Humanities Studio 3 DIG4931: Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities 3 DIG4944: Digital Humanities Internship 3 EAB3013C: Foundations of Experimental Analysis of Behavior Lab 4 EAB4703: Behavior Modification 3 EBD3011: Nature and Needs of Emotionally Handicapped Learners 3 EBD4212: Behavior Management Techniques for Use with Emotionally Handicapped Learners 3 EBD4231: Specialized Curriculum for Emotionally Handicapped Learners 2 EBD4243: Instructional Strategies for Students with Emotional Handicaps 2 ECO2013: Principles of Macroeconomics 3 ECO2023: Principles of Microeconomics 3 ECO3101: Intermediate Microeconomics 3 ECO3203: Intermediate Macroeconomics 3 ECO3411: Business and Economic Statistics 3 ECO3421: Econometrics 3 ECO3422: Advanced Topics in Econometrics 3 ECO3701: CD - Contemporary International Economic Issues 3 ECO3704: International Trade 3 ECO4223: Monetary Economics 3 ECO4400: Game Theory in Economics and Business 3 ECO4504: Public Finance 3 ECO4713: The International Monetary System 3 ECO4903: Directed Independent Study Honors in Economics Research 3 ECO4905: Directed Independent Study v. 1-3 ECO4933: Special Topics in Economics v. 1-3 ECO4950: Economics Research Practicum 0 ECO4956: Study Abroad in Economics v. 1-9 ECO4970: Directed Independent Study Honors in Economics Thesis 3 ECP3203: Labor Economics 3 ECP3302: Environmental Economics 3 ECP3530: Health Economics and Policy 3 ECP3613: Urban Economics 3 ECP4413: Government and Business 3 ECS3013: Economic Development 3 EDE4936: Capstone: Classroom Inquiry for Student Teaching/Internship 3 EDE4943: Student Teaching Internship 9 EDF1005: Introduction to the Teaching Profession 3 EDF2085: Introduction to Diversity for Educators 3 EDF2260: Strategies for Student Success 3 EDF3151: Educational Psychology 3 EDF3945: Field Laboratory I v. 2-4 EDF3946: Field Laboratory II v. 2-4 EDF3947: Field Laboratory III v. 2-4 EDF4444: Assessment of Learning and Behavior 3 EDF4466: Assessment of Behavior and Learning for Fine Arts Classrooms 2 EDG2000: Career Planning and Professional Success 3 EDG2931: Special Topics v. 1-3 EDG3302: Introduction to Teaching in the Elementary Classroom 1 EDG3321: Elementary Field Experience I 3 EDG3322: Elementary Field Experience II 3 EDG3323: The Learning Process 3 EDG3324: Methods of Conceptual Teaching 3 EDG3373: Integrating the Arts in Elementary Formal and Informal Learning Environments 3 EDG4340: Teaching All Learners in a Differentiated P-6 Classroom 3 EDG4410: Classroom Management and Communication 3 EDG4442: Elementary Field Experience III 3 EDG4905: Individual Investigation and Study v. 1-3 EEC3266: Program Planning: Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children 3 EEC3408: Forming Family, School and Community Partnerships v. 2-3 EEC3731: Movement and Wellness for the Young Child 3 EEC4054: Leadership and Service in Early Childhood Settings 3 EEC4203: Primary Education II 3 EEC4207: Measurement, Evaluation, and Planning for Young Children 3 EEC4213: Teaching Literacy in Early Childhood through Grade 3 3 EEC4245: Social Studies in Early Childhood through grade 3 3 EEC4260: Teaching the Whole Child 3 EEC4321: Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood Settings through grade 3 3 EEC4323: Teaching Science in Early Childhood Settings through grade 3 3 EEC4410: Global Community Engagement 3 EEC4940: Childhood Practicum 3 EEC4942: EC Student Internship 9 EEE3308: Microelectronics I 3 EEE4309: Microelectronics II 3 EEE4309L: Electronics Lab 1 EEL3013: Modeling and Simulation in Electrical Engineering 3 EEL3111: Circuit Analysis I 3 EEL3112: Circuit Analysis II 3 EEL3117L: Electrical Circuits Laboratory 1 EEL3135: Signals and Systems 3 EEL3216: Introduction to Power Systems 3 EEL3472: Electromagnetic Fields and Applications 3 EEL3701: Introduction to Digital Systems 3 EEL3701L: Introduction to Digital Systems Lab 1 EEL4081: Topics on Rehabilitation Engineering 3 EEL4220: Electric Machines 3 EEL4241: Power Electronics 3 EEL4283: Introduction to Renewable Energy 3 EEL4440: Optical Fiber Communications 3 EEL4514: Communication Systems 3 EEL4514L: Analog and Digital Communications Laboratory 1 EEL4580: Wireless and Mobile Communications 3 EEL4610: State-Space Control Systems 3 EEL4657: Linear Control Systems 3 EEL4657L: Linear Control Systems Lab 1 EEL4712: Digital Design 3 EEL4712L: Digital Design Lab 1 EEL4713C: Introduction to Instrumentation 3 EEL4744C: Microcontroller Applications 4 EEL4750: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing 3 EEL4750L: Digital Signal Processing Laboratory 1 EEL4829: Digital Image Processing 3 EEL4905: Undergraduate Supervised Research v. 1-3 EEL4914: Senior Capstone Design I 3 EEL4915: Senior Capstone Design II 3 EEL4930: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering 3 EEL4931: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering v. 1-4 EEL4949: Co-op Work Experience v. 0-1 EEX3004: Disability and Community Support Agencies 3 EEX3005: Introduction to Disabilities 3 EEX3070: Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities 3 EEX3202: Psychology and Sociology of Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX3240: Literacy II for Students with Exceptionalities 3 EEX3250: Reading Methods for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX3252: Language Arts for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX3253: Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in Secondary Education Content Areas 3 EEX3254: Literacy I for Students with Exceptionalities 3 EEX3488: Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in Secondary Education Content Areas 3 EEX3754: Impact of Disabilities on Families, Schools, and Communities 3 EEX4024: Disability Laws and Policies 3 EEX4101: Language Development and Disorders v. 2-3 EEX4201: Pre-Kindergarten and Primary Children with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4221: Educational Assessment for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4255: Curriculum and Individualized Planning for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4257: Literacy III for Students with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4270: High-Leverage Practices for Exceptional Learners 1 3 EEX4271: High-Leverage Practices for Exceptional Learners 2 3 EEX4272: High-Leverage Practices for Exceptional Learners 3 3 EEX4281: Career Development and Transition for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4345: Introduction to Inquiry and Assessment 3 EEX4474: Teaching Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities 3 EEX4484: Math and Science for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4604: Classroom and Behavior Management 3 EEX4616: Classroom Management of Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4753: Cooperative Consultation in Exceptional Student Education 3 EEX4779: Disability, Employment, and Community Engagement 3 EEX4794: Educating Urban Students with Diverse Learning Needs 3 EEX4840: Literacy Practicum for Students with Exceptionalities 3 EEX4861: Internship v. 3-12 EEX4905: Individual Investigation and Study v. 2-3 EEX4930: Seminar in Exceptional Student Education v. 1-3 EGN1001C: Introduction to Engineering I 2 EGN3125: Surveying and Computer Aided Design 3 EGN3203: Modern Computational Methods 3 EGN3311: Statics 3 EGN3321: Dynamics 3 EGN3331: Strength of Materials 3 EGN4042: Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement Methods for Engineers 3 EGS3038: Leadership for Engineers 1 EGS3065: Professional Issues in Engineering 3 EGS4032: Engineering and Professional Issues 2 EHD3941: Deaf Education Field Practicum I 3 EHD4013: Deafness and Diversity 3 EHD4245: Language and Literacy Assessment & Instruction for DHH Students 3 EHD4248: Foundation of Literacy Development Deaf/Hard of Hearing I 3 EHD4261: Audiology and Speech Science 3 EHD4263: Methods of Teaching Listening and Spoken Language to DHH Students 3 EHD4270: Deaf Education Field Practicum III 3 EHD4290: Differentiating Literacy Instruction for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students 3 EHD4291: Content Area Curriculum & Instruction for DHH Students 3 EHD4293: Reading Instruction and Assessment for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 3 EHD4311: Psychology and Education of the Deaf 3 EHD4904: Independent Study in Deaf Education v. 1-4 EHD4940: Deaf Education Field Practicum II 3 EHD4942: Deaf Education Literacy Practicum 3 EHD4943: Deaf Education International Practicum 2 EHD4944: Deaf Education Internship 9 EIN3003: Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering 3 EIN3304: Thermofluids for Manufacturing 3 EIN3390: Materials Processing 3 EIN3621: Computer Aided Manufacturing 3 EIN3800: Subtractive Manufacturing 3 EIN3800L: Subtractive Manufacturing Laboratory 1 EIN3801: Additive and Netshape Manufacturing 3 EIN3801L: Additive and Netshape Manufacturing Laboratory 1 EIN4519: Manufacturing Systems Integration 3 EIN4602C: Control of Machinery for Manufacturing 3 ELD4144: Instructional Strategies for Individuals with Learning Disabilities 2 ELD4230: Curriculum for Students with Learning Disabilities 2 EMA3010: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering 3 EMA4502: Materials Characterization 3 EMA4704: Materials Selection 3 EME1000: Introduction to Learning Design and Technology 3 EME2040: Introduction to Educational Technology for Learning Professionals 3 EME3044: Issues and Trends in Educational Technology 3 EME3045: Technology Tools and Skills for Effective Communication 3 EME3047: Technology Tools and Skills for Effective Presentation 3 EME3048: Designing for Learning Platforms 3 EME3334: UDL: Universal Design for Learning 3 EME3342: Data Analysis and Visualization Design for Instruction 3 EME3351: Adult Learning Theory and Curriculum Development 3 EME3364: Research Methods in Learning Design and Technology 3 EME3624: Training Needs Assessment 3 EME4043: Instructional Technology Leadership 3 EME4083: Program Evaluation in Instructional Design and Technology 3 EME4673: Foundations of Instructional Design 3 EME4674: Development of Instructional Materials 3 EME4684: Learning Design and Technology Capstone 6 EML3015: Fluids 3 EML3100: Thermodynamics I 3 EML3101: Thermodynamics II 3 EML3535C: Modern Engineering CAD 2 EML4004L: Thermal Sciences Laboratory II 1 EML4126: Transport Phenomena 3 EML4140: Heat Transfer 3 EML4301C: Control of Machinery 3 EML4304L: Thermal Sciences Laboratory I 1 EML4312: Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems 3 EML4320C: Integrated Design and Manufacturing 3 EML4421: Internal Combustion Engines 3 EML4501: Machine Design 3 EML4507C: Finite Element Model/Analysis 3 EML4544: Materials and Handling I 3 EML4551: Senior Capstone Design I 3 EML4552: Senior Capstone Design II 3 EML4622: Clean and Renewable Energy Technology 3 EML4806: Robotics Engineering 3 EML4905: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 EML4911: Supervised Undergraduate Research v. 1-3 EML4930: Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering v. 1-3 EML4949: Co-op Work Experience v. 0-1 EMR4222: Specialized Curriculum for Students Who Are Mentally Handicapped 2 ENC1101: (GW) Writing for Audience and Purpose 3 ENC1130: Special Topics in Writing v. 1-4 ENC1143: (GW) Writing with Evidence and Style 3 ENC2210: (GW) Technical Writing 3 ENC2443: (GW) Writing Topics:Literature 3 ENC2450: (GW) Writing Topics: Natural Sciences 3 ENC2451: (GW) Writing Topics: Health 3 ENC2461: (GW) Writing Topics: Social Sciences 3 ENC2463: (GW) Writing Topics: Engineering 3 ENC2930: (GW) Special Topics in Composition 3 ENC3202: Professional Communication for Business 3 ENC3212: Copyediting 3 ENC3246: Professional Communication for Engineering 3 ENC3250: (GW) Professional Communications 3 ENC3310: (GW) Writing Prose 3 ENC3375: Introduction to Fandom Studies 3 ENC3930: Special Topics in Composition 3 ENC3991: Exp: Business Communication 3 ENC4260: Applied Technical Writing 3 ENC4331: Writing, Rhetoric, and Community 3 ENC4403: Grant Writing 3 ENC4415: Rhetoric in the Digital Humanities 3 ENC4436: Writing as Social Action 3 ENC4930: Advanced Topics in Composition 3 ENC4940: Writing Internship v. 1-6 ENG3613: (CD) Topics in Disability Studies 3 ENG3816: Digital Methods in Literary Studies 3 ENG4004: Research Methods in English 3 ENG4013: Approaches to Literary Interpretation 3 ENG4905: Tutorial in Criticism and Interpretation of Literature 3 ENG4930: Independent Study in Literary and Cultural Theory 3 ENL2012: British Literature I 3 ENL2022: British Literature II 3 ENL3112: Early British Novel 3 ENL3132: History of the Later British Novel 3 ENL3333: Shakespeare 3 ENL4210: Studies in Medieval Literature 3 ENL4220: Studies in Renaissance Literature 3 ENL4230: Topics in Restoration and 18th Century British Literature 3 ENL4240: Studies in British Romantic Literature 3 ENL4251: Studies in Victorian Literature 3 ENV3001C: Environmental Engineering 3 ENV4012: Advanced Environmental Engineering 3 ESC2000: Discovering Earth Science 3 ESC2000L: Discovering Earth Science Lab 1 ESE2210: Introduction to Computer Science for Teachers 3 ESE2211: Teaching Computer Science in Secondary Schools 3 ESE4905: Individual Study and Research v. 1-3 ESE4943: Student Internship v. 1-12 ESI4221C: Quality Analysis and Quality Control 3 ETE4344: Special Methods in Technology Education 3 ETG3949: Experimental Study/Technology v. 0-3 EUH2957: Core Abroad: Landmarks of Western Civilization 6 EUH3013: Greek and Roman Myth 3 EUH3120: Medieval Europe 3 EUH3124: The Crusades 3 EUH3142: Renaissance-Reformation 3 EUH3205: 19th Century Europe 3 EUH3206: 20th Century Europe 3 EUH3241: The Holocaust 3 EUH3312: History of Spain 3 EUH3320: Eastern Europe 3 EUH3403: (FC) Ancient Greece 3 EUH3411: (FC) Ancient Rome 3 EUH3451: France Since 1789 3 EUH3453: The French Revolution and Napoleon 3 EUH3462: Modern Germany 3 EUH3465: Nazi Germany: Power, Society, and War in Hitler's Reich 3 EUH3466: (FC) Germany Today 3 EUH3511: Tudor-Stuart England, 1485-1714 3 EUH3575: Imperial Russia 3 EUH3576: Russia Since 1905 3 EUH3580: (CD)(FC) Russian Thought and Culture 3 EUH3581: Russia in Asia 3 EUH3932: Selected Topics: European History 3 EUH4103: From Homer to Herodotus: Greece in the Archaic Age 3 EUH4294: Seminar: Modern Europe 3 EUH4404: The Peloponnesian War 3 EUH4408: Alexander the Great 3 EUH4932: Seminar: Ancient/Medieval History 3 EXP3104: Human Sensory Perception 3 EXP3412: Learning Theory 3 EXP3461C: Human Learning and Performance 4 EXP3604: Cognitive Psychology 3 EXP3680C: Experimental Cognitive Psychology 4 EXP3703C: Computer Applications in Psychological Research 4 EXP4252C: Human Factors and Ergonomics 4 FAS4354: Coastal Fisheries Management 3 FIL2000: Film Appreciation 3 FIL3006: Analyzing Films 3 FIL3363: Documentary Production 3 FIL3801: Film Terms 3 FIL3826: Movements in American Film 3 FIL3831: Black Cinema v. 3-6 FIL3832: Horror Films v. 3-6 FIL3833: Film Genre 3 FIL3930: Topics in Film 3 FIL4073: American Film in Context: 1970s 3 FIL4075: American Film in Context: 1950s--1960s 3 FIL4078: American Film in Context: 1980s 3 FIL4300: Documentary Studies 3 FIL4361: Audio Documentary and Podcasting v. 3-6 FIL4379: Advanced Documentary Production 3 FIL4822: French Cinema 3 FIL4828: Movements in International Film 3 FIL4839: Film Noir 3 FIL4843: Asian Cinema 3 FIL4848: (CD) World Cinema and the Cross-Cultural Encounter 3 FIL4882: Cinema and Culture 3 FIL4900: Directed Independent Study in Film v. 1-4 FIL4931: Advanced Topics in Film 3 FIL4935: Advanced Topics in Film 3 FIL4940: Internship in Film Administration 3 FIL4945: Internship in Film Production 3 FIN3124: Financial Planning 3 FIN3140: Personal Finance 3 FIN3303: Financial Markets and Institutions 3 FIN3403: Financial Management 3 FIN4126: Seminar in Financial Planning 3 FIN4128: Financial Planning Process and Development 3 FIN4132: Estate Planning 3 FIN4414: Financial Management II 3 FIN4453: Financial Modeling 3 FIN4461: Financial Statement Analysis 3 FIN4504: Investments 3 FIN4514: Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 FIN4533: Derivatives 3 FIN4540: Fixed Income Analysis 3 FIN4556: Behavioral Finance 3 FIN4560: Student Managed Investment Fund I 3 FIN4561: Student Managed Investment Fund II 3 FIN4604: International Finance 3 FIN4901: Directed Independent Study Finance 3 FIN4931: Special Topics in Finance v. 1-3 FIN4940: Financial Planning Internship 3 FIN4941: Finance Internship v. 1-3 FIN4956: Study Abroad in Finance v. 1-9 FLE4333: Special Methods: Foreign Languages 4 FOL1100: Beginning Foreign Language I 4 FOL1950: Beginning Foreign Language Study Abroad v. 3-6 FOL2952: Intermediate Foreign Language Study Abroad v. 3-12 FOL3953: Advanced Foreign Language Study Abroad v. 3-12 FOS4041: Food Science and Composition 3 FOS4041L: Food Science and Composition Laboratory 3 FOT3500: (FC) Peoples and Cultures of Spain 3 FOT3510: (FC) Love in the Middle Ages 3 FOT3931: (FC) Studies in Foreign Culture 3 FRE1120: Beginning French I 4 FRE1121: Beginning French II 4 FRE2240: Intermediate French I 3 FRE2241: Intermediate French II 3 FRE3283: French Listening and Speaking Skills 3 FRE3300: French Grammar and Composition 3 FRE3350: Readings in French Literature and Culture 3 FRE3430: French for the Professions 3 FRE3502: French and Francophone Cultures 3 FRE4402: Advanced French Conversation 3 FRE4501: France Today 3 FRE4905: Directed Independent Study in French 3 FRE4930: Special Topics in French Culture v. 3-6 FRT3550: (FC) Faces of France 3 FRT3560: Food and Culture in France 3 FRT3800: French Translation Techniques 3 FRW3100: Survey of French Literature: Pre-19th Century 3 FSS1202: Food Fundamentals 3 FSS1202L: Food Fundamentals Laboratory 3 FSS3800: Seminar in Food Systems and Sustainability 3 FSS4230: Quantity Food Preparation 3 FSS4945: Professional Capstone in Community Nutrition & Food Management 3 GEA3405: Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean 3 GEB1011: Foundations of Business 3 GEB2112: Planning a New Business 3 GEB2956: CD- Study Abroad in Business v. 1-9 GEB3105: Small Business Money Management 3 GEB3132: Family Business Management 3 GEB3154: Entrepreneurial Marketing 3 GEB3361: International Business Internship v. 1-20 GEB4104: Small Business Consulting 3 GEB4113: Entrepreneurship 3 GEB4940: Coggin Semester Exchange Program 0 GEB4941: Foundations of International Business 3 GEB4942: Entrepreneurial Internship 3 GEO2200: Physical Geography 3 GEO2420: CD - Cultural Geography 3 GEO3372: Conservation of Natural Resources 3 GEO3502: Economic Geography 3 GEO3553: Cultural Dimensions of Economic Geography 3 GEO4905: Directed Independent Study v. 1-3 GEO4930: Special Topics in Geography v. 1-3 GEO4956: Study Abroad in Geography v. 1-9 GER1120: Beginning German I 4 GER1121: Beginning German II 4 GER2200: Intermediate German I 3 GER2201: Intermediate German II 3 GEY3004: Aging in America 3 GEY3250: Aging, Health and Technology 3 GEY3503: Assisted Living Facility Administration 3 GEY3660: Aging Policy and Politics 3 GEY4612: Aging and Mental Health 3 GEY4628: Diversity in Aging 3 GEY4631: Aging, Employment, and Consumerism 3 GIS3043: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3 GIS3250: Geographic Information Systems for Biology 3 GIS4048: Intermediate Geographic Information Systems 3 GLY2010: Physical Geology 3 GRA2108: Graphic Design History 3 GRA2110C: Graphic Design: Creativity and Critique 3 GRA2160C: Graphic Design: Process and Methods 3 GRA2190C: Graphic Design: Principles 3 GRA2203C: Prepress Production 3 GRA2208C: Type Visualization 3 GRA3118C: Publication Design 3 GRA3139C: Time-Based Media 3 GRA3155C: Graphic Symbols and Semiotics 3 GRA3174C: Poster Design 3 GRA3183C: Typography Studio 3 GRA3192C: Type Communication 3 GRA3512C: Visual Identity 3 GRA3523C: User Interface and Interaction Design 3 GRA3833C: Motion Graphics 3 GRA3880C: Illustration 3 GRA4119C: Package Design 3 GRA4137C: Advanced Web Design 3 GRA4154C: Advanced Illustration 3 GRA4179C: Social Design 3 GRA4186C: Senior Design Studio 3 GRA4189C: Graphic Design Portfolio 3 GRA4423: Graphic Design Professional Practices 3 GRA4513C: Product Promotion 3 GRA4884C: Advanced Motion Graphics 3 GRA4886C: Visual Systems 3 GRA4940: Internship in Graphic Design 3 HIS3051: (GW) The Craft of the Historian 3 HIS3307: Modern War 3 HIS3402: Urban Environmental History and Sustainability 3 HIS3490: History of Medicine and Disease 3 HIS3932: Selected Topics:History 3 HIS4266: Comparative Empires 3 HIS4906: Directed Individual Study v. 1-4 HIS4936: Seminars 3 HIS4940: Internship in History 3 HIS4970: (GW) Senior Honors Thesis v. 3-6 HSA2530: The Language of Healthcare 3 HSA3101: Introduction to Health Administration 3 HSA3160: Health Care Marketing 3 HSA3191: Health Information Systems I 3 HSA3222: Long Term Care Administration 3 HSA3340: Healthcare Human Resources 3 HSA3383: Quality Management in Healthcare 3 HSA3430: Health Economics and Quantitative Analysis 3 HSA3514: Essentials of Practice Management 3 HSA3522: Managerial Epidemiology 3 HSA3750: Evaluation of Health Programs 3 HSA4004: Professional Skills Development 3 HSA4111: U.S. Health Care System 3 HSA4150: Introduction to Health Policy 3 HSA4170: Health Care Finance 3 HSA4553: Health Law and Ethics 3 HSA4850: Health Administration Internship 6 HSA4905: Independent Study 3 HSA4922: Capstone: Health Administration 3 HSA4938: Seminar on Managed Care 3 HSA4955: Study Abroad Health 3 HSC2000: Health Care Careers 3 HSC2100: Personal and Public Health 3 HSC2619: Introduction to Exercise Science 3 HSC3032: Foundations of Public Health 3 HSC3301: Health and Movement Education in the Elementary School 3 HSC3304: Public Health Strategies 3 HSC3500: Epidemiology 3 HSC3537: Medical Terminology 3 HSC3553: Pathophysiology 3 HSC3555: Human Diseases: Pathophysiology, Prevention and Treatment 3 HSC3578: Food, Health and Society 3 HSC3628: Healthcare Issues in Worldwide Communities 3 HSC3713: Planning and Evaluating Health Programs 3 HSC4102: Physical Activity and Public Health 3 HSC4133: Sexual & Reproductive Health Promotion 3 HSC4134: Mental & Emotional Health Promotion 3 HSC4150: Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention 3 HSC4181: Alternative Healing 3 HSC4210: Environmental Health 3 HSC4234: Health Education about Healthy Eating Guidelines 3 HSC4238: Promoting Physical Activity & Healthy Eating 3 HSC4549: Advanced Exercise Physiology for Health Science 3 HSC4563: Dimensions of Health for the Older Adult 3 HSC4602: Animal Assisted Interventions and Therapies in Healthcare 3 HSC4612: Exercise Physiology for Health Science 3 HSC4615L: Lab Methods in Exercise Physiology for Health Science 3 HSC4624: Global Health 3 HSC4652: Healthcare Ethics and Cultural Diversity 3 HSC4663: Communicating Prevention Concerns and Resources 3 HSC4670: Global Sexuality and Reproductive Health 3 HSC4674: Global Health: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 3 HSC4730: Public Health Research 3 HSC4736: Introduction to Clinical Trials 3 HSC4800: Professional Preparation in Public Health 3 HSC4814: Public Health Practical Experience v. 1-9 HSC4901: Skill Development in Health Administration 3 HSC4906: Independent Study and Research v. 1-3 HSC4931: Special Topics 3 HSC4934: Interdisciplinary Health Studies Capstone 3 HUM2020: Introduction to Humanities 3 HUM3524: (FC) Great Age of Vienna 3 HUN1001: Introduction to Nutrition Science 2 HUN2201: Basic Principles of Human Nutrition 3 HUN3014: Nutrition and Fitness 3 HUN3230: Advanced Nutrition Science I 3 HUN3231: Advanced Nutrition Science II 3 HUN3403: Life Span Nutrition 3 HUN3534: Food as Medicine 3 HUN3800: Nutrition Science Research and Ethics 3 HUN3900: Research Experience in Nutrition v. 0-3 HUN4016C: Nutrition Counseling and Communication 3 HUN4414: Nutrition for Physical Activity and Health 3 HUN4601C: Nutrition Education 3 HUN4614: Nutrition Communication 3 IDC2000: The Beauty and Joy of Computing 3 IDH1923: Honors First Year Colloquium 3 IDH2406: (GW)(H) Psychosocial Aspects of Violence 3 IDH2934: (H) Honors Special Topics 3 IDH2935: G(W) Honors Selected Topics 3 IDH3408: Leadership in Contemporary America 3 IDH3621: The Healing Arts 3 IDH3632: (GW)(H) Service Learning: Environmental Issues 1 IDH3924: Hicks Honors Pre-Capstone Symposium v. 0-1 IDH3932: Jr. Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar 3 IDH3936: Honors Pre-Capstone Seminar 0 IDH4912: Honors Directed Independent Study v. 1-6 IDH4937: Honors Capstone Seminar 1 IDH4946: Honors Internship v. 1-6 IDS1930: Introduction to Venture Studies: First Year Seminar 3 IDS1932: First Year Interdisciplinary Writing Seminar 3 IDS2931: Venture Studies: Community Based Special Topics v. 3-9 IDS3053: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Inquiry 3 IDS3949: Interdisciplinary Studies Internship v. 0-3 IDS3951: (GW) Venture Studies Threshold Project v. 1-3 IDS4890: Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone v. 0-1 IDS4910: Liberal Studies Exposition v. 3-9 INP4004: Industrial Organizational Psychology 3 INR2002: Introduction to International Relations 3 INR3016: Global Issues in Contemporary Politics 3 INR3084: Terrorism Today 3 INR3102: Real Policy World 3 INR3153: American Foreign Policy in the Middle East 3 INR3443: International Law and Organization 3 INR4243: International Politics of Latin America 3 INR4334: American Defense in the Age of Mass Destruction 3 INR4603: International Relations: Frameworks for Analysis 3 INR4703: International Political Economy 3 INS3003: Introduction to International Studies 3 INS3950: International Educational Experience 0 INS3951: Study Abroad Reflection and Synthesis 1 INS4905: Directed Independent Study v. 1-4 INS4930: International Studies Senior Research Seminar 3 INS4941: International Studies Internship 3 INT1000: Introduction to Interpreting 3 INT2010: Discourse Analysis 3 INT2113: English and ASL Translation 3 INT2204: Interpreting in Community Settings 3 INT2303: Interpreting Field Experience 3 INT3011: Linguistics for Interpreters 3 INT3134: Applied Ethics in Interpreting 3 INT3205: Cognitive Processing 3 INT3270: Advanced ASL Classifiers for Interpreting 3 INT3271: Interpreting Consecutive Dialogue 3 INT3275: ASL Prosody 3 INT3280: Mentorship and Certification Preparation 3 INT3290: Interpreting Skill Development I 3 INT3301: Interpreting Assessment Preparation: Knowledge 3 INT3411: Deaf Perspectives on Interpreting 3 INT3950: Introduction to Service Learning in Interpreter Education 3 INT3951: Service Learning in the Deaf Community 3 INT4272: Interpreting Simultaneous Dialogue 3 INT4273: Interpreting Simultaneous Monologue 3 INT4291: Interpreting Skill Development II  3 INT4292: Interpreting Skill Development III  3 INT4293: Interpreting Skill Development IV 3