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APK5332: Pharmacology for Chronic Diseases 3 APK6056: Special Topics in Physical Activity Epidemiology 3 APK6057: Research Methods in Physical Activity 3 APK6107C: Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology and ECG 4 APK6111C: Medical Exercise Physiology 4 APK6116C: Exercise Physiology and Laboratory Techniques 4 APK6127C: Human Physiological Assessment 3 APK6135: Periodization 3 APK6176: Advanced Concepts in Strength Training 3 APK6327: Seminar in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease v. 1-3 APK6336: Physical Activity Epidemiology and Evidence Review 3 APK6900: Independent Study in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease 3 APK6942: Internship or Project in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease v. 3-6 APK6972: Thesis in Exercise Science and Chronic Disease v. 3-6 ATR5105C: Foundations in Athletic Training 3 ATR5126C: Gross Anatomy for Athletic Trainers 4 ATR6515: Athletic Training Administration 3 ATR6618: Applied Research 3 ATR6945L: Clinical-Decision Making I 1 ATR6946L: Clinical-Decision Making II 1 HLP5001: Health Fitness Management 3 PHT5005: Professional Practice Issues 2 PHT5257C: Clinical Skills 3 PHT5806: Clinical Practicum 1 PHT6070: Imaging in Rehabilitation 1 PHT6110C: Gross Anatomy for Physical Therapists 6 PHT6126C: Kinesiology 3 PHT6153C: Human Physiology 3 PHT6161C: Neuroscience I: Clinical Neuroanatomy/Physiology 4 PHT6191C: Neuroscience II: Motor Control and Learning 3 PHT6218C: Therapeutic Modalities 3 PHT6267C: Examination and Intervention 5 PHT6306: Pathology-Pharmacology 5 PHT6314C: Neurology I: Pathology, Examination and Intervention 4 PHT6318C: Orthopedic Physical Therapy I: Extremities 4 PHT6553C: Physical Therapy Resid: Applied Principles Clini Practice I 3 PHT6554C: Physical Therapy Resid: Applied Principles Clinical Pract II 3 PHT6606C: Clinical Inquiry I 3 PHT6607C: Clinical Inquiry II 2 PHT6734: Physical Therapy Management of the Integument 1 PHT6809: Clinical Education Prep I 1 PHT6940C: Advanced Clinical Residency 3 PHT6941C: DPT 2A Clinical 5 PHT6942C: DPT 2B Clinical 5 PHT7009C: Differential Diagnosis 4 PHT7183C: Orthopedic Physical Therapy II: Spine and Occupational Health 4 PHT7315C: Neurology II: Advanced Examination and Intervention 4 PHT7328C: Lifespan: Pediatrics 3 PHT7374C: Lifespan Geriatrics 3 PHT7385C: Exercise Physiology/Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy 4 PHT7551: Leadership in Physical Therapy 3 PHT7741C: Spinal Cord Injuries and Prosthetics 3 PHT7773C: Ortho PT Residency: Advanced Management-Spine 3 PHT7774C: Ortho PT Residency: Advanced Management-Lower Extremity 3 PHT7775C: Ortho PT Residency: Advanced Management-Upper Extremity 3 PHT7777:  Constructivism in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy 1 PHT7845: Assistive Technology for Accessibility 1 PHT7880C: Advanced Clinical Integration 3 PHT7930: Special Topics in Physical Therapy v. 1-5 PHT7936: Advanced Seminar 2 PHT7943C: DPT 3A Clinical 5 PHT7944C: DPT 3B Clinical 5