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2018-2019 Catalog

2018-2019 Graduate Courses

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Criminology & Criminal Justice

CCJ5050: Pro-Seminar in Deviance, Criminology, and Criminal Justice 3 CCJ5066: Poverty and Crime 3 CCJ5079: Crime Mapping 3 CCJ5346: Crisis Intervention and Collective Behavior 3 CCJ5456: Criminal Justice Administration Theory and Practice 3 CCJ5475: Criminal Justice Planning and Evaluation 3 CCJ5646: Organized Crime 3 CCJ5652: Drugs, Crime and Society 3 CCJ5665: Victimology 3 CCJ5668: Elite Crime 3 CCJ5692: Women and Crime 3 CCJ5743: Graduate Supervised Research Experience in Criminal Justice 3 CCJ5930: Issues in Modern Criminal Justice 3 CCJ5934: Special Topics in Criminal Justice 3 CCJ6050: Criminal Justice Systems 3 CCJ6059: Advanced Criminological Theory 3 CCJ6309: History and Philosophy of Corrections 3 CCJ6457: Administration of Justice 3 CCJ6639: Issues in Social and Criminal Justice 3 CCJ6705: Advanced Methods of Criminological Research 3 CCJ6706: Quantitative Research Methods 3 CCJ6709: Qualitative Research Methods 3 CCJ6906: Directed Independent Study v. 1-4 CCJ6944: Graduate Supervised Teaching Experience in Criminal Justice v. 3-6 CCJ6946: Graduate Practicum in Criminal Justice v. 3-6 CCJ6974: Thesis/Demonstration Project v. 3-6 CJC5135: Prisons and Jails 3 CJC5165: Community Corrections and Offender Reentry 3 CJC5420: Counseling Applications in Criminal Justice 3 CJC5425: Methods of Offender Treatment 3 CJC5520: Punishment and Society 3 CJE5121: Homeland Security and Criminal Justice 3 CJE5320: Police Administration 3 CJE5428: Critical Issues in Community Policing 3 CJE6209: Law, Deviance, and Social Control 3 CJE6268: Minorities and Crime 3 CJE6329: Police Effectiveness 3 CJJ5586: Working with Juveniles and Youthful Offenders 3 CJL5025: Women, Justice and the Law 3 CJL5120: Criminal Law and Procedure in the Criminal Justice System 3 CJL6020: Prosecution and Defense Procedure 3 CJL6026: Issues in Law and Justice Process 3