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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Graduate Courses

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Polit Science & Public Admin

CPO5535: Politics of South Asia 3 CPO6206: Politics of Africa 3 INR5352: International Environmental Policy 3 INR5449: International Law and Organization 3 INR6330: Contemporary American Foreign and Security Policy 3 INR6607: International Relations Theory 3 INR6705: International Political Economy 3 INR6908: Directed Independent Study v. 1-3 INR6938: Special Topics in International Affairs 3 INR6946: Field Experience in International Affairs v. 0-3 INR6971: Thesis v. 1-3 PAD5700: Public Administration Research Methods 3 PAD6060: Public Administration in Modern Society 3 PAD6066: Capstone Seminar 3 PAD6106: Administrative Behavior in Public Organizations 3 PAD6142: Management of Nonprofit Organizations 3 PAD6164: Nonprofit Stakeholder Relations 3 PAD6173: Global Civil Society 3 PAD6207: Economics and Municipal Finance 3 PAD6208: Nonprofit Financial Management 3 PAD6227: Government Budgeting and Finance 3 PAD6239: e-Governance 3 PAD6335: Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations 3 PAD6417: Human Resources for Public and Nonprofit Management 3 PAD6436: Ethics, Leadership and Accountability in Public Service 3 PAD6706: Research Design for Public Administrators 3 PAD6807: Urban Administration 3 PAD6836: Comparative Public Administration 3 PAD6900: Directed Independent Study v. 1-4 PAD6934: Special Topics in Public Administration v. 2-6 PAD6946: Internship in Public Administration 3 POS6158: Politics and Policy in Local Government 3 PUP6006: Program Evaluation for Public and Nonprofit Management 3 PUP6007: Policy Analysis 3