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2020-2021 Catalog
Sorority students

Articulation Agreements and Institutional Agreements

The University of North Florida acknowledges formalized articulation agreements in an effort to support the transfer of students from partnership institutions into four-year programs. This section outlines the types of articulation agreements that are accepted at UNF. For more information about articulated programs, please contact the Office of Records and Registration.

Statewide 2+2 Articulation Agreement

Established in 1971, Florida's Statewide Articulation Agreement (codified in Section 1007.23, Florida Statutes and Chapter 6A-10.024, Florida Administrative Code) provides the foundation for the Associate of Arts Degree as the most direct means of transferring from a Florida public college to one of the 12 state universities. Under this agreement, students who graduate from one of the state colleges with an Associate of Arts degree are guaranteed the following:

  • Admission to one of the 12 state universities, except to limited access programs (Admission to the student's preferred public postsecondary institution or program is not guaranteed.)
  • Acceptance of at least 60 semester hours by the state university
  • Adherence to the university requirements and policies, based on the catalog in effect at the time the student first enters the state college, provided the student maintains continuous enrollment
  • Transfer of equivalent courses under the Statewide Course Numbering System

UNF adheres to the policies laid out under the Statewide Articulation Agreement. Students wishing to apply to UNF under this agreement are subject to all admissions policies and procedures. Applicants must meet admission requirements and all posted deadlines to be eligible for consideration.

Career Ladder Degree Articulation Agreement

The Career Ladder agreement integrates specific associate in science degree programs with identified baccalaureate degree programs statewide. Each associate in science degree program must meet specific requirements as prescribed in the agreement and public postsecondary institutions are required to honor the transfer of credit toward the specified baccalaureate degree. 
Graduates of a Florida community college associate in science degree program with an agreement that is documented and maintained by the Articulation Coordinating Committee shall be granted admission to a public postsecondary institution in the program designated to articulate with their degree, except for limited access programs and those requiring specific grades on particular courses for admission. Admission to the student’s preferred public postsecondary institution is not guaranteed. 
UNF accepts the following Career Ladder programs:  
  • AS in Nursing to BSN in Nursing
  • AS in Business Administration to BBA in Business Management
  • AS in Criminal Justice Technology to BA in Criminal Justice

Read this FLDOE document for specifics regarding transferability of credits and additional state requirements.

Students wishing to apply to UNF under this agreement are subject to all admissions policies and procedures. Applicants must meet admission requirements and all posted deadlines to be eligible for consideration. It is recommended that students contact UNF before applying through this agreement.

Interinstitutional Articulation Agreements


Partnership Agreements  

UNF has entered into collaborative blanket academic agreements with the following state colleges in the Northeast Florida catchment basin to broaden and detail AA partnerships beneath the jurisdiction of the Statewide 2+2 Agreement. Furthermore, UNF encourages and welcomes such agreements with all interested state colleges as an ongoing commitment to facilitating proactive and positive persistence for our shared students.

Florida State College at Jacksonville

St Johns River State College

Florida Gateway College

Santa Fe State College 

Program Specific Agreements 

UNF welcomes and encourages program-specific AS and Limited Access AA academic agreements with other institutions when there is interest from both parties. 

Dual Enrollment Agreements 

UNF encourages and welcomes academic cooperation with school districts, private high schools, and home educated students in the North Florida catchment basin. These partnerships allow high school students the opportunity to take credit-bearing college level coursework prior to high school graduation as codified in Section 1007.271, Florida Statutes and Chapter 6A-14.064, Florida Administrative Code. Before a public or private high school student can apply to take Dual Enrollment coursework, a district-level or private school-level a blanket articulation agreement must be in place. Students wishing to apply  must work with their school counselor for advising and approval. Home school students are eligible to approach UNF directly in order to apply for dual enrollment.


Academic agreements are kept on file in the Office of the Registrar.