UNF Campus Chaplain Program

 Shared Commitments:

We, Campus Chaplains (defined below), are voluntary workers from religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions who are committed to the central role that religion, spirituality, and philosophy play in the development of whole human beings and healthy communities.


We are guided by understanding and respect for the societal, cultural, religious, and philosophical diversity of the University of North Florida (University).


We recognized the differences that exist among religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions and we understand the desire to promote one's message or perspective. We encourage honest dialogue, open discussion, and vigorous debate of our various convictions and points of view. However, we recognize that dishonest, manipulative, coercive, or disrespectful methods of presenting one's message or perspective can have a detrimental effect on our relationships and on our ability to collaborate. Where tensions or perceived offenses arise, we will aim to speak to one another directly.


We Pledge:

  1. To uphold these University's values:

The pursuit of truth and knowledge carried out in the spirit of intellectual and artistic freedom;

  1. Ethical conduct;
  2. Community engagement;
  3. Diversity;
  4. Responsibility to the natural environment; and
  5. Mutual respect and civility.
  1. To support the religious, spiritual, and philosophical needs of the campus community in time of need;
  2. To advocate for the religious, spiritual, philosophical, and ethical dimensions of university life;
  3. To represent one's own community and its purposes with honesty and integrity while treating other theological, spiritual, and philosophical traditions and perspectives with respect;
  4. To safeguard the religious/spiritual/philosophical freedom, human dignity, and personal conscience of all individuals in the course of their campus activities; and
  5. Not to engage in dishonest, manipulative, coercive, or disrespectful methods of presenting our message or perspective.

For more information:

Interested in becoming a UNF Campus Chaplain? For more information about the Campus Chaplain Program contact Interfaith Center Director Tarah Trueblood at T.trueblood@Unf.edu.