University Support Personnel Association Officers






 Sunshine Isbell

Sunshine B. Isbell


Phone: (904) 620-1830

Department: Physical Facilities

I have worked in Physical Facilities for 7 years, helping process work orders for the whole campus, maintaining the FAMIS mobile app, managing campus utilities and also serving as a trainer for FAMIS, Self-Service & FAMIS Mobile,  I am also considered the person to see for advise on Microsoft Office applications and am considered a problem-solver.  Most of all, I am proud to be the mother of two beautiful girls.  

My community involvement includes serving as President of the Master Board Association from 2010-2017 and Vice President to the H3 Sub-Board Home Association from 2010-current, in the Stonebridge Village Community. I have served as USPA Vice President from 2014-2017 and as USPA President from 2017-2018.

While serving as an Officer of USPA, I would like to provide a voice for the USPA members and to see more opportunities for them to network and connect with each other.  I would also like to to see how we can better tailor the USPA to the USPS employees in order to create open communication across the UNF campus, as well as booster the sense of community within USPA 



Vice President

 Kayleigh Harrison

Kayleigh Harrison


Phone: (904) 620-2295

Department: Student Government





   Casey Knowles

Casey Knowles


Phone: (904) 620-1178

Physical Facilities

Some of you may have seen me around campus.  I’ve made my way around in the last five years working in the Physical Facilities, Accounts Payable, and Continuing Education departments.  I’ve also been one of your advocates on the University Support Personnel Association, Gabor Award, and the Parking Advisory Committees.  I’ve really enjoyed every position I’ve held at UNF.  Realizing that change doesn’t happen while standing still, I’ve partnered with the Environmental Department for “Garbage on the Green” for several years and have volunteered to help the athletics department with some of their events.   

I accepted the nomination for Secretary Treasurer because I want to be a part of the group that makes things happen for the UNF Support Personnel.  I believe that the right team can make a difference for the staff here.  For me, it’s not just about a free lunch and an assembly.  It’s about hearing the voices of our community and helping them be heard.  One thing that I’m passionate about is continuing education.  Whether it’s going back for your degree or simply wanting to learn a new hobby, UNF has the opportunities available if you take the time to tap into them.