NUR3219C: Adult Health I Rehabilitation and Chronic Care Nursing Concepts and Practice 4
Prerequisite:  NUR 3028L AND NUR 3065L AND NUR 3118L AND NUR 3619 AND NUR 3825
Co-requisite: NUR 3531C and NUR 3166 and NUR 3128
Description: The course centers on rehabilitation and the nursing care of persons with chronic conditions or disabilities. The focus is on the use of the nursing process in collaborative partnership with adults who are experiencing physical illness or disease, in the inpatient and outpatient setting. Emphasis is on professional nursing roles and responsibilities in designing, managing, and evaluating care for adults in order to maintain, restore, and optimize their level of functioning. The learner will participate in clinical activities as a provider of culturally sensitive, evidence-based nursing care. This course, along with NUR 3531C Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Concepts and Practice, replaces NUR 3535C Psychiatric and Rehabilitative Nursing Concepts and Practice.