MMC4975: Internship Senior Project 3
Prerequisite:  MMC 1004, MMC 3105, MMC 3200, MMC 3614, MMC 3942, and MMC 4420; For PR students, PUR 3000, PUR 3100, and PUR 4801
Description: This course is the capstone for the Communication Major. An internship (or senior project) enhances knowledge and skills acquired from coursework through a semester-long period of supervised field experience, extensive research, or both. A minimum of 210 hours of work at the internship site are required in addition to weekly progress reports, midterm and final evaluations from the professional supervising the intern, and a portfolio in which students detail and provide self-assessment of their experiences and relate the internship experience to knowledge of theory and its application gained from the major curriculum. In rare and unique cases, a faculty-supervised research paper will be approved in lieu of internship.