Course Description for Capstone Seminar: International Studies

INS4930: Capstone Seminar: International Studies
Prerequisite:  Senior standing and satisfactory completion of INS 3003 and the program’s core courses: ANT 3212, ECO 3701, GEO 3553, CPO 4014 or INR 4603, and ANT 4083 or ANT 4497 or HIS 3051 or POS 3733 or GIS3043.
Description: As the culminating course in the International Studies major, the senior research seminar is designed to help students synthesize their experiences in the program, as well as refine the high–level critical thinking, research, and communication skills needed for success in professional fields. Students in this course will consider a semester theme from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and will conduct an in-depth research project of their own related to this theme.