ANT3320: Native Peoples and Cultures of the Southwest 3
This course provides an overview of the pre-Columbian indigenous cultures of the North American desert west. It begins with an examination of the pre-Hispanic societies of the region. Lectures and readings will focus upon the appearance, evolution, and history of these traditions up through contact with Europeans. Students will then be exposed to the cultures currently existing within northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S. including; the Apache, Opata, Raramuri, Dine, Paiute and Ute, Yaqui, Huichol, Tohono O'odham, Hopi, Zuni, and eastern Puebloans. The course will also explore how contact with Europeans led to changes in these societies and how current political boundaries falsely divide the cultures of the region. Specific attention throughout the course will be placed upon a nuanced understanding of these unique cultures that is non-essentializing and non-imperialist and which does not mythologize the pre-Columbian "other".