Major: Health Science
Concentration: Aging Services Management
Degree: Master of Science in Health
Students entering this program without an undergraduate degree in health administration or business administration must complete prerequisite course work in Financial Accounting (ACG2021).
Core Requirements (12 credits)
HSA6225 Long-Term Care Administration (3 Credits)
GEY6103 Aging Health Multicultural Soc (3 Credits)
GEY6623 Aging and Health Policy (3 Credits)
GEY6409 Applied Research in Aging (3 Credits)
Major Requirements (18 credits)
HSA5177 Health Care Finance (3 Credits)
HSA6114 Health Organization/Delivery (3 Credits)
HSA6186 Healthcare Leadership (3 Credits)
HSA6342 Healthcare Human Resources (3 Credits)
HSA6425 Health Law (3 Credits)
HSA6385 Quality Management Health Care (3 Credits)
Capstone Experience (6 credits)
  • HSA 6945 Long Term Care Internship (includes pre-internship module)
  • HSA 6813 Aging Capstone (may be completed for 3 semester hours over two terms, or for 6 semester hours over one term)
Major Electives (3 credits)
Elective course may be selected from GEY, HSA, HSC, PHC, MAN and PAD courses. Course from other areas may be taken with Program Director approval.