Major: Athletic Training

Degree: Master of Science
Informational Text

  • Satisfactorily complete all courses required by the program and approved by the university.
  • Satisfactorily complete all clinical requirements.
  • Earn no more than 2 grades of less than B throughout the program.
  • Attain a 3.0 GPA average in all work counting toward the graduate degree.
  • Be in good standing; not subject to any sanction by the University community or the Brooks College of Health.
  • All students in the Brooks College of Health programs will be held accountable to the most recent Code of Ethics, Guides for Professional Conduct and/or Position Statements as developed by their respective disciplines. Refer to your program handbook and Brooks College of Health policy - Student Breach of Professional Behaviors (Click here)
Applicants must demonstrate completion with a minimum grade of "C" at the undergraduate or graduate levels in each of the following subject areas:
  • Anatomy and Physiology (2 semesters with labs)
    BSC2085c Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
    BSC2086c Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab

  • Physics with lab
    PHY2053/2053L Algebra-based Physics I with lab

  • Chemistry with lab
    CHM2045/2045L General Chemistry I with lab

  • Biology with lab
    BSC1010c General Biology I with lab

  • Statistics
    STA2014 or 2023 Elementary Statistics

  • Nutrition
    HUN2201 Basic Principles of Human Nutrition

  • Psychology
    PSY2012 Intro to Psychology

  • Biomechanics or Kinesiology
    PET3312c Biomechanics or PET3310 Kinesiology

  • Exercise Physiology
    HSC4612 Exercise Physiology for Health Science
Major Requirements (54 credits)
Must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher
ATR5126C Gross Anatomy AT (4 Credits)
ATR5105C Foundations Athletic Training (3 Credits)
ATR5217C Orthopedic Assessment/Diagnosi
ATR5306C Therapeutic Interventions I
ATR5119C Emergency Management of Athlet
ATR5815C Clinical Integration I
ATR5218C Orthopedic Assessment/Diagnosi
ATR5307C Therapeutic Interventions II
ATR5406C Clinical Medicine
ATR5825C Clinical Integration II
ATR6308C Therapeutic Interventions III
ATR6516 Athletic Training Admin (3 Credits)
ATR6617 Research Methods
ATR6945L Clinical-Decision Making I (1 Credit)
ATR6835C Clinical Integration III
ATR6505C Seminar in Athletic Training
ATR6618 Applied Research (3 Credits)
ATR6946L Clinical-Decision Making II (1 Credit)
ATR6845C Clinical Integration IV
Not required for graduation
ATR6907 Independent Study in AT
ATR6949C Clinical Integration Experienc