Major: Special Education
Concentration: Applied Behavior Analysis
Degree: Master of Education
Core Requirements (6 credits)
EDF6480 Foundations of Ed Research (3 Credits)
EDF6607 Education in America (3 Credits)
Major Requirements (24 credits)
EEX5053 Foundations of Special Ed (3 Credits)
EEX5612 Prin of Applied Beh Analy I (3 Credits)
EEX5617 Prin of Applied Beh Analy II (3 Credits)
EEX5619 ABA in Dev Disab and Autism (3 Credits)
EEX6025 Issues/Trends Special Ed (3 Credits)
EEX6301 Research in Special Education (1-3 Credits)
EEX6402 Comm, Coll, Consult Spec Ed (3 Credits)
EEX6625 App Beh Anal Ed and Perf Mgmt (3 Credits)
Major Electives (6 credits)
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