Major: Special Education
Concentration: Exceptional Student Education
Degree: Master of Education
Prerequisites (17 credits)
EDF6211 Advanced Ed'L Psychology (3 Credits)
EEX3250 Read Mthds:Learners Exception (3 Credits)
EEX4101 Language Development/Disorders (2-3 Credits)
RED3310 Teaching Reading as a Process (3 Credits)
TSL3080 Principles and Issues in TESOL (3 Credits)
TSL4340 TESOL Methods and Curriculum (3 Credits)
Core Requirements (22 credits)
CLINICAL Field I & II and Internship
Two years teaching experience is required or students MUST complete clinical requirements, which include the following:
EDF 3945 Field Lab I, EDF 3946 Field Lab II, and EEX 6841 Practicum: Special Education.
  • Field Lab I and II and Internship, by state law, require all students be cleared for fingerprinting and background checks prior to placement.
  • Field Lab I and II require 5 hours/week for 10 weeks in school system.
  • Internship is the very last semester. ALL coursework must be completed before internship.
  • ALL parts of the Florida Teaching Certificate Exam (FTCE) are required for graduation. This includes all parts of the General Knowledge (GK), the Professional Education (PED), and the Subject Area Exam (SAE) for Exceptional Student Education K-12.
EDF6480 Foundations of Ed Research (3 Credits)
EDF6607 Education in America (3 Credits)
EEX5053 Foundations of Special Ed (3 Credits)
Major Requirements (24 credits)
EEX5485 Math Sci Except Lrnrs (3 Credits)
EEX5665 Classroom Management (3 Credits)
EEX6052 Curri and Instruction (3 Credits)
EEX6225 Competencies:Lab in Evaluation (3 Credits)
EEX6234 Teaching Mod/Severe Disability (3 Credits)
EEX6256 Language for Learning Impaired (3 Credits)
EEX6283 Soc,Pers,Car: Except Student (3 Credits)
EEX6402 Comm, Coll, Consult Spec Ed (3 Credits)