Major: Science Education

Concentration: Biology (6-12)
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Education
Prerequisites (23 credits)
Minimum "C" grade required. NOTE: UNF prefers that students take one Chemistry and one Physics course instead of two Physics courses in addition to the Biology.
EDF1005 Intro to Teaching Profession (3 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitute: EDFX005
MAC2311 (GM) Calculus I (4 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitute: MACX311, MACX241
BSC1010C General Biology I (4 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitute: BSC X010/X010L
BSC1011C General Biology II (4 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitute: BSC X011/X011L
CHM2045C General Chemistry I (4 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitutes: CHMX045/X045L, PHYX048/X048L, PHYX048C, PHYX053/X053L, PHYX053C
CHM2046C General Chemistry II (4 Credits)
  • Acceptable substitutes: PHYX048/X048L, PHYX048C, PHYX053/X053L, PHYX053C
Foundation (8 credits)
BSC2012C General Biology III (4 Credits)
CHM2210 Organic Chemistry I (3 Credits)
CHM2210L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1 Credit)
Core Requirements (16 credits)
EDF3151 Educational Psychology (3 Credits)
EDF3945 Field Laboratory I (2-4 Credits)
EDF3946 Field Laboratory II (2-4 Credits)
EDF4444 Assessment of Learn/Behavior (3 Credits)
EDG3323 The Learning Process (3 Credits)
EDG4410 Classroom Managment Commun (3 Credits)
Major Requirements (27 credits)
Minimum grade of "C" or higher is required.
MCB3020C Microbial Biology (4 Credits)
PCB3023C Molecular and Cell Biology (4 Credits)
PCB3043C Principles of Ecology (4 Credits)
PCB3063C Genetics (4 Credits)
RED3333 Content Area Reading (3 Credits)
SCE4330 Special Meth:Secondary Science (3 Credits)
SELECT 2 courses @ 3000-4000 level
from the following prefixes:
TSL4324 TESOL for Content Area Teacher (3 Credits)
Internships (12 credits)
All degree course work must be completed satisfactorily before enrolling into Internship. Fall internship applications are due the 4th Friday of the previous spring term. Spring internship applications are due the 4th Friday of the previous fall term.
ESE4943 Student Internship (1-12 Credits)
48 Upper Level Hours (48 credits)
To graduate with a Bachelor's degree from the College of Education and Human Services, you must earn a minimum of 48 upper level credits out of a minimum 120 degree applicable required credit hours.
48HOURS 48 upper level hours