Major: Fine Arts
Concentration: Photography
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Prerequisites (24 credits)
Requires grades of C or above.
Note: Students should continually take art history courses with other art courses to properly prepare for the major.
ARH2050 Art History Survey I (3 Credits)
ARH2051 Art History Survey II (3 Credits)
ART1201C Two-Dimensional Design (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: ART XXXX 2D
ART2203C Three-Dimensional Design (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitute: ART X202, ART XXXX Design II, 3D
ART1300C Drawing I (3 Credits)
ART2301C Drawing II (3 Credits)
Acceptable substitutes: ARTX330, X205, X310, X305
  • ART (1000/2000)
Major Requirements (42 credits)
Prerequisites policy: Courses must be taken in prerequisite order. Please check the catalog course descriptions for prerequisites required for each course prior to registering. Prerequisites are enforced by the faculty and registrar.
First day attendance rule: Any student who misses the first day without advanced notice to the department chairperson will be administratively withdrawn from that course.
All major requirements and major electives must be completed with grades of C or above.
PGY2401C Black and White Photography (3 Credits)
ARH4710 History of Photography (3 Credits)
PGY3276C Professional Practices (3 Credits)
PGY3410C Intermediate Photography (3 Credits)
Prereq: PGY 2401C
PGY3820C Digital Imaging Photo Majors (3 Credits)
Prereq: PGY 2401C
PGY3153C Color Photography (3 Credits)
Prereq: PGY 2401C, PGY 3410C and PGY 3820C
PGY4944C Photo Practicum (3 Credits)
(repeated four times under revolving content for 12 total credits)
PGY4205C Advanced Lighting Principles (3 Credits)
Prereq: PGY 2401C, PGY3513C and PGY 3410C
PGY4443C Alternative Photo Processes (3 Credits)
Prereqs: PGY 3410C & PGY 3820C
PGY4218C Advanced Studio Practice (3 Credits)
PGY4476C Photography Portfolio (3 Credits)
Major Electives (12 credits)
SELECT 2 (3000/4000 level)ARH COURSES
  • ART 3707C Sculpture Process
  • ART 3786C Ceramics
  • ART 2400C Introduction to Printmaking I
  • ART 3443C Screen Print I
  • ART 2605C Basic Computer Images