Major: Computing & Info Sciences

Concentration: Information Systems (Thesis)
Degree: Master of Science
Core Requirements (24 credits)
Inludes 15 credit hours of Information Systems courses and 9 credit hours of Business courses.
CEN6016 Engineering of Software I (3 Credits)
CEN6017 Engineering of Software II (3 Credits)
CIS6XXX Research Methods in Computing
COP6711 Database Engineering/Administr (3 Credits)
ISM6021 Mgmt Information Technology (3 Credits)
MAN6785 E-Business Strategy (3 Credits)
MAR6726 Marketing on the Internet
MAN6875 Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital
CIS6516 Managing Software Projects & Personnel
MAN6026 Project Management
Thesis (6 credits)
Enroll in the Thesis course CIS 6970 for at least two successive terms. In order to enroll in the Thesis course, the student must obtain the approval of the Graduate Director and a Thesis Advisor. Upon satisfactory completion of the Thesis, the student defends the Thesis in an open presentation to the satisfaction of the student's Thesis Committee.
CIS6970 Thesis: Computer Science (3 Credits)