Major: General Business
Concentration: Accounting
Degree: Master of Business Admin.
Prerequisites (12 credits)
Students must complete program prerequisites before enrolling in 6000-level coursework.
BUL3130 Legal Environment of Business (3 Credits)
ECO5115 Introduction Economic Analysis (3 Credits)
FIN5405 Essentials of Managerial Finan (3 Credits)
MAN5036 Fundamental Mgmt/Marketing (3 Credits)
Group 1 (12 credits)
All four courses in Group 1 are required. **Accounting majors MUST substitute ACG6309 for ACG6305**
ACG6305 Management Accounting (3 Credits)
ECO6415 Making Decisions with Data (3 Credits)
ECP6705 Economics of Business Decision (3 Credits)
MAN6204 Organizational Theory (3 Credits)
Group 2 (9 credits)
All three courses in group 2 are required. **Accounting Majors should substitute ACG6405 for ISM6021 (if CPA credit is desired).
FIN6406 Advanced Financial Management (3 Credits)
ISM6021 Mgmt Information Technology (3 Credits)
MAR6805 Marketing Strategy (3 Credits)
Group 3 (6 credits)
Both Courses in group 3 are required. MAN6726 is a permission only course and must be taken in your final semester. Students must have a 3.0 graduate level GPA before enrolling MAN6726. Student must apply a minimum of one month before registering for MAN6726 for the final semester. Apply at
MAN6501 Modeling/Management Operations (3 Credits)
MAN6726 Advanced Strategic Management (3 Credits)
Concentration Requirements (9 credits)
Student must make a "B" or better in all concentration classes. All students that concentrate in accounting must substitute ACG6309 for ACG6305 and should substitute ACG6405 for ISM6021 ***Pre-requisites are strictly enforced***
SELECT Option 1
**(for student with an undergrad degree in accounting)** ACG6805 - Advance Acctg Theory, ACG6645 - Auditing Theory and one 6000 level - ACG or TAX course. EXCLUDING TAX6726 and ACG6305.
SELECT option 2
**(if student has an undergraduate degree OTHER THAN accounting)**ACG6805 - Advance Acctg Theory, TAX6105 - Taxation of Business Corps and ACG6645 - Auditing Theory.