Minor: Electrical Engineering

Minor: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Electrical Engineering (49.0 hours)
All coursework in the minor must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better.
Students are responsible for any prerequisites for listed courses.
A minimum of 17.0 hours of upper level coursework must be taken at UNF.
Electrical Engineering Prereqs
Electrical Engineering Prerequisites: (10 courses - 32.0 hrs)
MAC2311 (GM) Calculus I (4 Credits)
MAC2312 (GM) Calculus II (4 Credits)
MAC2313 (GM) Calculus III (4 Credits)
MAP2302 (GM) Ordinary Differ Equations (3 Credits)
SELECT 1 of the following:
  • COP2220 Computer Science I
  • COP2200 Intro to FORTRAN Programming
SELECT 1 of the following:
  • CDA3101 Intro to Computer Hardware
  • EEL3701C Intro to Digital Systems
EE Minor Requirements
Electrical Engineering Minor Requirements: (6 courses - 17.0 hours)
EEL3111 Circuit Analysis I (3 Credits)
EEL3112 Circuit Analysis II (3 Credits)
EEL3303L Electrical Circuits Laboratory (1 Credit)
EEL3304 Electronic Circuits I (3 Credits)
EEL4744C Microcontroller Applications (4 Credits)
SELECT 1 of the following:
  • EEL3135 Signals and Systems
  • EEE4309C Electronic Circuits II