Minor: Writing Studies

Minor: Writing Studies (15 credits)
The Department of English offers a Writing Studies minor that is a useful complement to any major. This minor will provide students with the opportunity to develop and practice advanced writing skills in a variety of contexts, over several semesters; the competecies needed to be effective, confident, and versatile when facing writing challenges in the workplace; an understanding of the theoretical and historical foundation of written and digital communication. The Writing Studies minor is designed to accommodate students with a wide variety of writing interests, disciplinary major, and professional goals.
  • Prerequisites: Three general education writing courses, or equivalents.
  • Requirements: Students taking a minor in Writing Studies will complete five upper-level courses for a total of fifteen credit hours. With prior approval from the English department students may elect one writing course from another department All courses must be passed with a grade of C or higher.
CHOOSE minor courses from below:
ENC3310 G(W) Writing Prose (3 Credits)
SELECT A: Writing in the Professions
  • ENC 3250 Professional Communication
  • CRW 3310 Poetry Workshop
  • CRW3110 Fiction Workshop
  • CRW3610 Screenwriting Workshop
  • CRW 4924 Advanced Creative Writing Workshop
  • HIS 3051 Craft of the Historian
SELECT_ B: Theory,History,and Design
  • ENC3930 Special Topics in Theory and Practice
  • ENC4930 Special Topics in Theory and Practice
  • LIN3010 Principles of Linguistics
  • LIN3930 Special Topics in Linguistics
  • LIN4930 Special Topics in Linguistics

    Two additional courses from Group A and/or Group B are required. Students must take 5 different courses; i.e., courses may not count as a single course taken as both a required course and an elective.