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2018-2019 Catalog

2018-2019 Undergraduate Courses

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Languages, Lits., and Cultures

CHI1120: Beginning Chinese I 4 CHI1121: Beginning Chinese II 4 CHI2200: Intermediate Chinese I 3 CHI2201: Intermediate Chinese II 3 CHI3301: Composition in Chinese 3 CHI3400: Conversation in Chinese 3 CHI3930: Special Topics in Chinese 3 CHT3500: Chinese Culture 3 DIG3152: Introduction to Electronic Textual Editing 3 DIG4588: Digital Humanities Studio 3 DIG4944: Digital Humanities Internship 3 FIL4822: French Cinema 3 FOL1100: Beginning Foreign Language I 4 FOL1101: Beginning Foreign Language II 4 FOL1950: Beginning Foreign Language Study Abroad v. 3-6 FOL2952: Intermediate Foreign Language Study Abroad v. 3-12 FOL3930: Special Topics in Foreign Languages v. 2-4 FOL3953: Advanced Foreign Language Study Abroad v. 3-12 FOT3500: (FC) Peoples and Cultures of Spain 3 FOT3510: (FC) Love in the Middle Ages 3 FOT3931: (FC) Studies in Foreign Culture 3 FRE1120: Beginning French I 4 FRE1121: Beginning French II 4 FRE2240: Intermediate French I 3 FRE2241: Intermediate French II 3 FRE3283: French Listening and Speaking Skills 3 FRE3300: French Grammar and Composition 3 FRE3350: Readings in French Literature and Culture 3 FRE3430: French for the Professions 3 FRE3502: French and Francophone Cultures 3 FRE4402: Advanced French Conversation 3 FRE4501: France Today 3 FRE4905: Directed Independent Study in French 3 FRE4930: Special Topics in French Culture v. 3-6 FRT3550: (FC) Faces of France 3 FRT3800: French Translation Techniques 3 FRW3100: Survey of French Literature: Pre-19th Century 3 FRW4930: Special Topics in French Literature 3 GER1120: Beginning German I 4 GER1121: Beginning German II 4 GER2200: Intermediate German I 3 GER2201: Intermediate German II 3 INS3003: Introduction to International Studies 3 INS3950: International Educational Experience 0 INS4905: Directed Independent Study v. 1-4 INS4930: International Studies Senior Research Seminar 3 INS4941: International Studies Internship 3 LAS3020: (FC) Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean 3 LAS3031: (FC) Peoples and Cultures of the Southern Cone 3 LAS3280: Issues in Modern Brazilian Culture 3 LAS3310: Peoples and Cultures of Mexico 3 LAS3930: (FC) Cultures of Latin America 3 LAT1120: Beginning Latin I 4 LAT1121: Beginning Latin II 4 SPN1120: Beginning Spanish I 4 SPN1121: Beginning Spanish II 4 SPN1134: Accelerated Beginning Spanish 6 SPN2200: Intermediate Spanish I 3 SPN2201: Intermediate Spanish II 3 SPN3013: Spanish For Business 3 SPN3036: Spanish for Health Professions 3 SPN3242: Spanish Conversation 3 SPN3300: Spanish Composition 3 SPN3350: Spanish for Heritage Speakers 3 SPN3351: Communication and Communities for Heritage Speakers 3 SPN3501: Hispanic Cultures 3 SPN3860: Digital Textual Editing in Spanish 3 SPN4400: Advanced Spanish Composition 3 SPN4410: Advanced Spanish Conversation 3 SPN4541: Advanced Studies in Hispanic Cultures 3 SPN4905: Directed Independent Study in Spanish v. 1-3 SPN4940: Internship for Service/Employment in Spanish 3 SPW3030: Introduction to Literature in Spanish 3 SPW3100: Spanish Literature from the Middle Ages to the 18th Century 3 SPW3101: Spanish Literature from the 19th to the 21st Century 3 SPW3130: Spanish American Literature to Modernismo 3 SPW3131: Spanish American Literature from Modernismo to the Present 3 SPW4394: Ibero-American Film 3 SPW4930: Advanced Studies in Hispanic Literatures 3