2017-2018 Undergraduate Courses

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ADV3008: Principles of Advertising 3 ADV3101: Advertising Creative Strategy 3 ADV3200C: Advertising Design 3 ADV3203: Advertising Media Graphics 3 ADV3300: Media Planning 3 ADV3500: Advertising Research Methods 3 ADV3812: Integrated Marketing Communication 3 ADV4800: Advertising Campaigns 3 ADV4930: Special Topics in Advertising 3 COM3003: Principles of Communication Studies 3 COM3042: Interpersonal Communication 3 COM3120: Organizational Communication 3 COM3332: Mediated Communication 3 COM3346: Interviewing: Theories and Methods 3 COM3440: Small Group Communication 3 COM3752: Listening 3 COM4022: Theory and Research Methods in Health Communication 3 COM4044: Lying and Deception 3 COM4301: Communication Theory and Research Methods 3 COM4373: Consequences of Cyberculture 3 COM4411: Communication and Popular Culture 3 COM4430: International Communication 3 COM4561: Strategic Social Media 3 COM4905: Independent Study in Communication Studies v. 1-3 COM4930: Special Topics in Communication Studies 3 COM4958: Communication Studies Capstone 3 JOU3101: Advanced Reporting 3 JOU3109: Multimedia Reporting 3 JOU3204: Principles of Journalism 3 JOU3308: Magazine Feature Writing 3 JOU3342: Multimedia Storytelling 3 JOU3925: Applied Journalism 3 JOU4117: Seminar in Reporting Techniques 3 JOU4223: News Editing and Design 3 JOU4228: Advanced News Design 3 JOU4348: Advanced Multimedia Storytelling 3 JOU4412: Advanced Newspaper Design 3 JOU4930: Special Topics in Journalism 3 MMC1004: Media Literacy 3 MMC2701: (CD) Communicating Across Cultures 3 MMC3001: Social Media for Communication 3 MMC3105: Advanced Writing for the Media 3 MMC3200: Law and Ethics of Communcations 3 MMC3402: Political Advertising 3 MMC3614: Media Theories and Effects 3 MMC3711: Multimedia Graphics 3 MMC3942: Pre Internship in Communication 1 MMC4251: Creating Health Messages for Mass Media 3 MMC4420: Mass Communications Research 3 MMC4422: Advertising & PR Research 3 MMC4500: History of Mass Communication 3 MMC4630: Understanding Emerging Media 3 MMC4732: Social Media Management 3 MMC4905: Independent Study v. 1-3 MMC4930: Special Topics in Mass Communication 3 MMC4975: Internship Senior Project 3 PUR3000: Principles of Public Relations 3 PUR3100: Public Relations Writing 3 PUR4400: Crisis Communications 3 PUR4450: Public Relations and Event Planning 3 PUR4800: Public Relations Campaigns 3 PUR4801: Public Relations Cases 3 PUR4930: Special Topics in Public Relations 3 RTV3000: Principles of Broadcasting 3 RTV3001: Principles of Broadcasting 3 RTV3101: Advanced Broadcast Writing 3 RTV3220C: Television Production/Visual Arts Television 3 RTV3228: Multi Camera Video Production 3 RTV3260: Single Camera Video Production 3 RTV3324: Public Affairs Television 3 RTV3601: Multimedia Announcing and Performance 3 RTV3631: Producing TV News 3 RTV3800: Media Management 3 RTV4221: Advanced Television Production 3 RTV4403: Media Criticism 3 RTV4408: Non-Fiction Programs: A Critical Analysis 3 RTV4930: Special Topics in Electronic Media 3 RTV4931: Special Topics in Electronic Media 3 SPC2608: Fundamentals of Speech 3 SPC3540: Theories of Persuasion 3 SPC4064: Public Speaking for Professionals 3