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2018-2019 Catalog

2018-2019 Graduate Courses

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BCH5418: Advanced Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 3 BCH5418L: Advanced Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Laboratory 1 BOT5186C: Advanced Marine Botany 4 BSC5028: Advanced Biology of Aging 3 BSC5075C: Advanced Physiology 4 BSC5872: Advanced Biological Pharmacology 3 BSC5905: Directed Independent Study: Biology v. 2-4 BSC5930: Biology Seminar 1 BSC5936: Selected Topics in Biology v. 1-4 BSC6515C: Aquatic Toxicology 4 BSC6840: Critical Skills in Science 3 BSC6931: Advanced Readings in Biology v. 1-3 BSC6971: Graduate Thesis Defense 1 BSC6972: Graduate Thesis Research v. 1-9 FAS5355: Advanced Coastal Fisheries Management 3 FAS6355L: Advanced Coastal Fisheries Management Laboratory 2 MCB5024C: Advanced Molecular Biology Techniques 4 MCB5205: Pathogenic Bacteriology 3 MCB5505: Advanced Virology 3 MCB6175C: Integrative Microscopy 3 PCB5106: Cellular Biology 3 PCB5235: Cellular Immunology 3 PCB5525: Molecular Genetics 3 PCB5845: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience 3 PCB6236: Advanced Cancer Biology 3 PCB6307C: Freshwater Ecology 4 PCB6314C: Marine Ecology 4 PCB6335C: Estuarine Ecology 4 PCB6395C: Environmental Physiology 4 PCB6446: Ecology of Wetlands 3 PCB6447: Community Ecology 3 PCB6480: Quantitative Ecology 3 PCB6675: Advanced Evolution 3 PCB6685: Population Genetics 3 ZOO5209C: Advanced Coastal Invertebrate Biology 4 ZOO5235C: Advanced Parasitology 4 ZOO5455C: Advanced Ichthyology 4 ZOO5463C: Advanced Herpetology 4 ZOO5487: Advanced Biology of Marine Mammals 3 ZOO5487C: Advanced Biology of Marine Mammals 4 ZOO5487L: Advanced Biology of Marine Mammals Laboratory 1 ZOO5514: Advanced Animal Behavior 3 ZOO5717C: Canine Anatomy 4 ZOO5754: Advanced Histology 3 ZOO5754L: Advanced Histological Techniques Lab 2