2017-2018 Graduate Courses

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ANG5472: Globalization and Development 3 SOW5107: Human Behavior and the Social Environment 3 SOW5185: Community Social Work Practice: Academic Immersion 3 SOW5207: Foundations of Social Work 3 SOW5235: U.S. Social Welfare Policies and Institutions 3 SOW5307: Communication and Critical Thinking in Social Work Practice: Academic Immersion 3 SOW5337: Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities 3 SOW5404: Methods of Social Work Research 3 SOW5470: Principles of Social Work Research and Theory: Academic Immersion 3 SOW5625: Difference, Discrimination and Oppression 3 SOW5931: Generalist Practice I 3 SOW5932: Generalist Practice II 3 SOW5940: Field Education I 3 SOW5941: Field Education II 3 SOW6125: Psychopathology 3 SOW6126: Advanced Interpersonal Practice with Children/Adolescents & Families 3 SOW6445: Practice and Program Evaluation 3 SOW6605: Social Work in Health Care Settings 3 SOW6646: Advanced Interpersonal Practice with Adults and Elders 3 SOW6655: Child Welfare and Social Work Practice 3 SOW6670: Social Work Practice with the Military, Veterans, and their Families 3 SOW6745: Hospice and Palliative Care 3 SOW6907: Directed Independent Study in Social Work 3 SOW6932: Advanced Seminar in Clinical Practice 3 SOW6934: Advanced Special Topics in Social Work v. 3-6 SOW6935: Advanced Topics in Human Behavior 3 SOW6945: Field Education III with Integrated Seminar 3 SOW6948: Field Education IV & Integrative Seminar 3 SYA5933: Special Topics in Sociology v. 3-6 SYD6706: Race Relations 3 SYP6447: Social Change and Development 3 SYP6667: Sociological Approaches to Culture 3 SYP6668: Analysis of Subcultural Perspectives 3