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2018-2019 Catalog

2018-2019 Graduate Courses

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AMH5235: U.S. in the 1920's 3 AMH5395: Mark Twain's America 3 AMH5446: The Frontier in American History 3 AMH5515: U.S. in World Affairs 3 AMH5675: Atlantic Slave Trade 3 AMH5934: Selected Topics: US History 3 AMH6256: Era of World War II 3 AMH6905: Readings in American History I 3 AMH6907: Readings in American History II 3 AMH6935: Directed Reading in American History 3 AMH6936: Seminar in American History 3 ASH5225: Islamic History to 1798 3 ASH5445: Japan Before 1868 3 ASH5447: Japan After 1868 3 ASH5935: Special Topics: Asian History 3 ASH6936: Seminar in Asian History 3 EUH5125: The Crusades 3 EUH5305: Byzantine History 3 EUH5416: Ancient Rome 3 EUH5457: Seminar on the French Revolution 3 EUH5537: The British Empire 3 EUH5685: Hitler and Stalin 3 EUH5934: Selected Topics: European History 3 EUH6695: European History and Historians I 3 EUH6905: Readings in European History I 3 EUH6906: Readings in European History II 3 EUH6935: Directed Reading in European History 3 EUH6936: Seminar in European History 3 HIS5067: Public History 3 HIS5302: History in Photography and Film 3 HIS5934: Special Topics in History 3 HIS6905: Directed Independent Study v. 1-4 HIS6935: Special Topics in History 3 HIS6946: Internship in History 3 HIS6971: Thesis Research v. 1-6 LAH5715: Inter-American Relations 3 LAH5934: Selected Topics: Latin American History 3 LAH6905: Readings in Latin American History I 3 LAH6906: Readings in Latin American History II 3 LAH6936: Seminar: Latin American History 3