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UNF Committees
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Student Fee Assessment Committee

The Student Fee Assessment Committee is comprised of four members appointed by the Student Government President and four members appointed by the University President as well as a chairperson. The chairperson rotates each year between Student Government and the Administration. Each year the committee meets to evaluate student fees and makes a recommendation to the President regarding any increases or decreases. The President then sends his recommendation to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Please note: Documents may require sign-on to view. Anyone needing assistance, please contact Robin Robertson at

Agendas, Approved Minutes and Meeting Attachments can be accessed through the link below. 

Meeting Documents

Please note:  Documents may require sign-on to view.  Anyone needing assistance please contact Maria Cartolano at


Date Agenda Minutes Attachments

Committee Members

Scott Bennett
Vice President 
Administration & Finance

John Hale
Associate Vice President
Administration & Finance

Jeff Chamberlain
Hicks Honors College

Richmond Wynn
Vice President
Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships

Georgette Dumont
Associate Professor
Political Science

Nathaniel Rodefer
Student Government

AJ Likosar
Attorney General
Student Government

Ashley Mason
Chief Justice
Student Government

Jacqueline Small
Student Advocate
Student Government