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Student Financial Services Office Policies: Agency / Third-Party Billing

Students who have an agency or third party paying their tuition are required to submit a Letter of Authorization to the Student Financial Services Office by the tuition payment deadline. It is the student's responsibility to provide this form to the Student Financial Services Office by the payment deadline. Students who do not provide their authorization by the deadline may be assessed a $100 late payment fee (at their own expense) and/or may be purged from their classes.


Students who have financial aid in addition to a third party will have their tuition deducted from whichever payment is received first--their financial aid or the third party payment. A refund will not be issued until after the student's account is paid in full.


The University of North Florida submits invoices to all agencies and third parties requesting payment each semester. The University of North Florida Student Financial Services Office can only accept payment from agencies/third parties who have executed a written agreement with the University and agree to pay upon the receipt of the invoice. Please contact the Student Financial Services Office to determine if we have a contract with your employer if you are not sure. Please have your employer contact us if they would like to execute a contract with us.


If your sponsor does not remit payment in a timely manner, the University of North Florida does reserve the right to negate the contract and hold the student responsible for his/her tuition. If this occurs, the student's account will be on 'hold' and s/he will not be able to register for subsequent semesters until the account is paid in full. Please note that holds are not released immediately and students should allow two business days for the hold to be released.


Credit cards are not an acceptable form of payment  If your sponsor only pays via a credit card, the student will be assessed the 2.75 percent convenience fee.


For additional information, questions or concerns, please contact us.