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Seoul, South Korea

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), is ranked as one of the top undergraduate programs in South Korea. Located in the heart of the nation's capital, Seoul, SKKU offers students a unique blend of classroom and experiential business and policy experiences. With world-class faculty, facilities and resources, student-focused services, and alumni network, SKKU is an innovative, enterprising and forward-thinking school that offers a supportive collegiate learning environment in keeping with the university's vision to provide a high quality education and research. Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea, is at the heart of the Korean Peninsula and where Korea's traditional and modern cultures coexist. Seoul shows their pride in their tradition and history through the preservation of royal palace sites, fortress walls, and museums of prehistoric remains and relics. Seoul offers various activities to do with amusement parks, restaurants, shopping locations, and a bustling nightlife! Korea is conveniently located in the middle of several major northeast Asian metropolises, such as Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei so there are many opportunities to travel. Geographically, it is an extraordinary example of good location, as mountains, rivers and urban spaces all combine to produce a picture-perfect city.

For more information on SKKU's summer program, visit their website.

Four weeks not enough? Consider spending a fall or spring semester in South Korea!  For more information, contact us or visit us in Building 42, Room 1104.


How to Apply


Travel Dates Summer B 2024 
Class dates: late June to late July

Note: Dates subject to minor changes. Students should plan to arrive in Seoul before classes begin.

Meeting Dates

Preparatory meetings prior to travel and a re-entry meeting are required as part of the summer study abroad experience. Topics discussed include safety, cultural adaptation, program expectations, flight/logistical arrangements, and scholarship opportunities.  The re-entry meeting covers adding skills to your resume and how to discuss your experience in an interview setting.  Mark your calendar for the following mandatory meetings:
  1. Friday, March 29
  2. Friday, April 12
  3. TBD, September 2024 (Re-entry meeting)
Course Selection Students must select two courses from the course list below for a total of six credits, plus two backup courses in case of scheduling conflicts.  List the four courses in order of highest preference to lowest preference on the Credits Form.  The courses below are from previous years.  Courses for 2024 will be updated in late fall.
SKKU Course Prerequisites UNF Equivalent
 Behavioral Economics and the Economics of Altruism  ECO2013 & ECO2023 3/4000 ECO elective
Forecasting & Time Series Analysis Utilizing Big Data ECO3411 & ECO3421 4000 ECO elective
Macroeconomics: policy and business after the financial crisis ECO2013    3/4000 ECO elective
The Present and Future of International Trade ECO 2023 ECO3704 International Trade
International Development & Cooperation ECO2013 or ECO2023 ECS3013 Economic Development
Climate Change: Science, Technology and Policy none 3/4000 ECO elective
Principles of Finance ACG2071 FIN3403 Financial Management
Understanding International Finance, the Global Economy, and Exchange Rates FIN3403 FIN4604 International Finance
Psychology of Fintech FIN3403 FIN4556 Behavioral Finance
Investment Theory FIN3403 FIN4504 Investments
Corporate Finance ACG2071 FIN3403 Financial Management
Strategic Management MAN3025 4000 MAN elective
International Business and Management MAN3025 4000 MAN elective
Business Analytics ISM4011 4000 ISM elective
Advertising & Popular Culture MAR3023 3000 MAR elective
Digital Marketing MAR3023 MAR4721 Digital Marketing Strategy
Consumer Behavior MAR3023 MAR4503 Consumer Behavior
Digital Strategies in Media & Communication MAR3023 4000 MAR elective
An In-depth Look at Role of Culture in Global Marketing MAR3023 MAR4156 International Marketing
AI for Social Innovation none 3/4000 GEB elective
Globalization of Hallyu: Economics, Political and Social Dynamics of the Production of South Korean Popular Culture none 3000 GEB elective
Understanding Global Conflict none 3/4000 elective, Cultural Diversity or Regional Studies
Introduction to Social Problems none 3/4000 elective, Cultural Diversity or Regional Studies
History of Modern Korea  none 3/4000 elective, Cultural Diversity or Regional Studies
Korean Cinema World Rising none 3/4000 elective, Cultural Diversity or Regional Studies
K-Pop, Hallyu and Korean Society none 3/4000 elective, Cultural Diversity or Regional Studies


Note: These courses are subject to change. Students should be sure they have enough flexibility in their degree evaluations to use alternative courses if their preferred selections are not available.

Additional Information

Participants Up to 10 UNF undergraduate students who meet the above prerequisites

Students pay all costs, excluding tuition, directly to SKKU, hotels, airlines, etc.  It is estimated that, excluding tuition and personal travel, the program will cost approximately $3,800:

  • Lodging for the program dates
  • International health insurance for the program dates
  • Business visits and transportation
  • Cultural visits and transportation
  • Airfare
  • Meals

Additionally, students must pay for six credits of UNF summer tuition and fees.


Contact  coggin.abroad@unf.eduInternational Business & Study Abroad, Building 42, Room 1104