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Ed Gamble Cartoon Collection Container List

Editorial Cartoons
Box Folder Description
Box: Folder: Cartoons are grouped by subject category, including Jacksonville mayors, Florida governors, and various issues, and then by date within each category. Major captions were used as titles except in cases where captions were absent or would not have provided an idea of the subject matter of the cartoon. In addition to captions, each cartoon's description includes key words that describe the main focus of the cartoon (in parentheses following the title).
Jacksonville Mayors: Jake Godbold (1979-1987)
Box: 1 Folder: 1

1980: "Jake's Moving Company" (Godbold, municipal bonds, tolls, City Council). "Coach Jake" (Godbold, Gator Bowl, City Council). "City Council Garage" (Godbold, municipal bonds, City Council).

1981: "Jake's Obedience School" (Godbold, City Council, JEA [Jacksonville Electric Authority]). "He followed me home!... Can I keep him?" (Godbold, City Council, Jacksonville Tea Men, soccer). "I don't smell nuttin, corporal..." (Godbold, environmental chief, air pollution).

1983: "The Wilson Mess" (Godbold, City Council, Community Relations Commission). "Tax Squad" (Godbold, Bob Graham, Reagan Tax Cut, taxpayers). "Doctor" Godbold (Godbold, property owners, taxes, City Council). "Godbold to Run for Governor in '86?" "The Watch Dawg Is Whining Again, Jake!!" (Godbold, City Council, taxes, taxpayers). "New Taxes" (Godbold, election, taxes). "Boy... I knew the election campaigns were dull... but, surely, somebody will come out to vote?" (Godbold, primary, voters, apathy).

1984: "Odor Watch Dog" (Godbold, City Council, Environmental Protection Board). "Olde Hop Scotch Zoning" (Godbold, City Council, Mandarin, citizens). "The Taxpayers Present Michael Jackson" (Godbold, news media, taxpayers, concerts). Monkey on the Back (Godbold, taxpayers, property assessments). "Minority Businesses" (Godbold, City Council, 10% minority business rule). Michael Jackson in Gator Bowl (Godbold, Michael Jackson, concerts, taxpayers). "Odor Bill" (Godbold, City Council, industry, citizens). "Jake & Herb's Budget Used Cars" (Godbold, Herb Sang, taxpayers, property assessments, school taxes).

1985: Santa Godbold (Godbold, City Council, taxpayers, special projects). "...Better buckle your seat...!" (Godbold, taxes, city growth). "Jax Bond Trough" (Godbold, taxpayers, city bonds, housing bonds, JEA, JTA). "Jake the Great" (Godbold, City Council, re-election). "Good Grief... Maybe we do need a concrete barrier!" (Godbold, Butler Boulevard Bridge, Jacksonville Transportation Authority). "Increased Property Tax Assessments" (Godbold, taxpayers, city budget). "Godbold's Swamp Land Realty" (Godbold, city budget, taxpayers). Taxpayer Punches (Godbold, City Council, property taxes, taxpayers). "Phew!! What's that awful odor?" (Godbold, Chamber of Commerce, tourism, business, air pollution).

1986: "Gee, thanks... Mayor..! I can use it to pay some of my bills" (Godbold, tax cut, property assessments, gas tax, school bond, JPA bond).

1987: Batter Up. (Godbold, Tommie Hazouri). 

1994: "Mayor's Race" (Godbold, Tommy Hazouri, Democrats, Republicans, voters).

1995: "Mayoral Forum" (Godbold).

Jacksonville Mayors: Tommy Hazouri (1987-1991)
Box: 1 Folder: 2

no date. "Hey... Look What I Found!" (Hazouri, property taxes, trash tax, taxpayers, city revenues).

1987: "Mayor's Race" (Hazouri, Lewis, Milne, Burroughs, Henry Cook, voters). "Good Ole Boys Lodge & City Hall" (Hazouri, City Council). "There's no tax increase...... but it's going to cost you more!" (Hazouri, property assessments, taxpayers). "Jacksonville Big Time or Bust!" (Hazouri, City Council, taxes).

1988: "Hazouri Bond Issue" (Hazouri, City Council). "Vote No on Sales Tax!" (Hazouri, voters). "Another Tax Increase" (Hazouri, City Council, property owners, taxes). Mayoral Addresses (Hazouri, Eastside Landfill, speechwriters). "1/2 cent Sales Tax Proposal" (Hazouri, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, City Council, taxpayers). "Lollipop, Lollipop, Sucker" (Hazouri, City Council, taxpayers, bond issue, pork barrel spending). "Jacksonville Credit Card" (Hazouri, zoo, North Bank Riverwalk, parks, funding). "Home Burglaries to Rise" (Hazouri, property taxes, taxpayers).

1989: "Hazouri's Obedience School" (Hazouri, Duval Legislative Delegation). "Trash Tax" (Hazouri, City Hall, city raises, North Bank Riverwalk, Convention Center Hotel, taxes). "Drugs" (Hazouri, Steve Pajcic, illegal drugs). "Jax Tax & Spend Gang" (Hazouri, City Council, taxpayers, trash tax). "Econ 101" (Hazouri, balanced budget, taxes, fees, bonds). "The Grinches Who Stole Next Year's Christmas" (Hazouri, City Council, trash tax). "Taxes, Fees" (Hazouri, City Council, taxpayers). "Ship of Fools" (Hazouri, City Council, School Board, taxpayers).

1990: "Two Term Tommy" (Hazouri, campaign funds, Jacksonville businesses). "I'm egged out! No more" (Hazouri, School Board, City Council, taxpayers). "Mayor Hazouri Re-election Campaign" (Hazouri, city employees, campaign contributions). "Tax Revolt" (Hazouri, City Council, School Board, taxpayers). "Budget" (Hazouri, higher property values, park fees, trash tax). "He's Calling You Out!!" (Hazouri, Ed Austin, mayoral race). "Help me... I've fallen and I can't get up!!" (Hazouri, mayoral race, polls). Ponte Vedra Tennis Courts (Hazouri, St. Johns County).

1991: "Doc Hazouri Out Patient Clinic" (Hazouri, taxpayers, trash tax, mayoral race). "Mayor's Race" (Hazouri, Ed Austin, mayoral race, mudslinging). "Vote Today!" (Hazouri, Ed Austin, voters). "Mud" (Hazouri, Ed Austin, campaign issues, mudslinging). "The Adventures of Tommy Hood" (Hazouri, taxpayers). 

Jacksonville Mayors: Ed Austin (1991-1995)
Box: 1 Folder: 3

1991: "AES Power Plant" (Austin, citizens, Chamber of Commerce, City Council). "Jacksonville Budget Cut Bomb Shelter" (Austin, City Council, taxpayers, budget, services). "The Austin Team" (Austin, budget, JEA, taxes, revenues). "Government Bureaucracy" (Austin, city departments, budget). Belt Tightening (Austin, budget, City Council)

1992: "Harbormasters" (Austin, Downtown Development Authority, City Council, taxpayers). "Unions Negotiate 3 Year Pay Raise Pact" (Austin, city unions, taxpayers). "Peace Talks" (Austin, Warren Jones).

1993: "Mayor Decides to Wait on Gator Bowl Fix-up!" (Austin, City Council, River City Renaissance). " "Mayor's Race" (Austin, Jake Godbold, Tommy Hazouri, Ernie Mastroianni). "Gator Bowl Negotiations" (Austin, Touchdown Jacksonville, NFL, City Council). "NFL Team" (Austin, Touchdown Jacksonville, Gator Bowl negotiations, NFL). "Clinton's BTU Tax" (Austin, JEA, River City Renaissance). "Cowford" (Austin, River City Renaissance, citizens).

Jacksonville Mayors: John Delaney (1995-2003)
Box: 2 Folder: 1

1995: "Mayor's Race" (Delaney, Jake Godbold, Tommy Hazouri). "The Mayoral Race Heats Up!" (Delaney, Jake Godbold, Tommy Hazouri). "First Day of Campaigning in the Runoff Election!" (Delaney, Jake Godbold, campaign dollars).

1996: "Taxpayers Marathon" (Delaney, City Council, taxpayers, tax relief). "It's Simple.... They couldn't pay their water & sewer bills!" (Delaney, City Council, rate hikes).

1997: "Jax Junket" (Delaney, St. Louis, MO, Chamber of Commerce, Nat Glover, City Council). Spending Decisions (Delaney, Council, taxpayers, amphitheater, convention center hotel, baseball stadium, roads, drainage). "New City Hall" (Delaney, City Council). "Would you prefer increasing the sales tax or gasoline tax?" (Delaney, taxpayers, tax burden).

1998: Spending Priorities (Delaney, City Council, amphitheater, hotel, coliseum, Skyway Express, utilities, taxpayers).

1999: "A New Era" (Delaney, Nat Glover). "Tree Ordinance" (Delaney, City Council, builders, roads, sewers, drainage, schools). "Collision Course?" (Delaney, taxpayers, spending, city projects). "Public Outrage Over Traffic Congestion" (Delaney, City Council, Planning Department, citizens, traffic congestion).

2000: "For a better Jacksonville! Voter for the 1/2 cent sales tax" (Delaney, City Council, voters). "Better Jacksonville Plan" (Delaney, citizens, sales tax). "Corporate Welfare" (Delaney, Adams Mark, Liberty Property Trust). "Behold ... The Promised Land!" (Delaney, citizens, Better Jacksonville Plan).

2001: "Sterling Award" (Delaney, property appraiser, property assessments, taxpayers). "Super Bowl Hotels" (Delaney, Super Bowl, streets, drainage, cruise lines).

2002: "Delaney vs. Mastroianni" (Delaney, Ernie Mastroianni). "City of Jacksonville Junket Vacations" (Delaney, mayor's staff, City Council, city employees, taxpayers). "City Hall Gym" (Delaney, City Council).

2003: "New Court House" (Delaney, Better Jacksonville Plan, cost over-runs).

2004: "Annual City Pension" (Delaney, pensions, city workers) [photocopy]. "Mayor Cutting Millions from Courthouse" (Delaney, courthouse cost over-runs, judges). "Blame Game" (Delaney, Mike Weinstein, Greg Mullaney, Jacksonville Shipyards, grand jury investigation).

Jacksonville Mayors: John Peyton (2003-2011)
Box: 2 Folder: 2

2002: "Mayoral Endorsement" (Peyton, Jacksonville Fire Department, union).

2003: "Elections Today" (Peyton, Nat Glover). "Mayor's Office" (Peyton, pension fund, court house, budget, Super Bowl 2005).

 2004: "There's the source of your back problem! You're missing the back bone." (Peyton, judges, court house).
Super Bowl vs. Road Repairs (Peyton, Super Bowl, roads). "New Court House Costs" (Peyton, judges, taxpayers). Mayor's Office Security (Peyton, fingerprinting, photo IDs, ID card).

 2005: "Please help! We're in Trouble!" (Peyton, taxpayers, property tax cuts). "False Alarm!" (Peyton, city sanitation, Super Bowl). "Staff, we need to tighten the budget!" (Peyton, city take-home care, gas allowance, city employees). "New Duval County Court House" (Peyton, construction budget, Donald R. Moran). "Shipyards Deal" (Peyton, city negotiators, LandMar). "City Barber Shop" (Peyton, courthouse, judges). "Welcome President Bush to Jacksonville" (Peyton, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, U. S. S. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy). "Better Jacksonville Plan" (Peyton, City Council, city projects, taxpayers, budget, costs). "Better Jacksonville Recovery Plan" (Peyton, John Delaney, taxpayers, cost over-runs).

2006: "Budget Shortage" (Peyton, City Council, bond money). "Re-Elect Peyton" (Peyton, Mike Weinstein). "What do you see in my future?" (Peyton, taxpayers, budget, higher taxes). "Crime Scene: Investigation" (Peyton, murder rate).

 2007: "State to Cut Property Taxes" (Peyton, government spending, new fees & taxes). "City Hall Bank" (Peyton, city business, mayor's friends). "City Budget" (Peyton, mayor's staff, city pensions and benefits). "Courthouse" (Peyton, cost over-runs). "Property Tax Cut" (Peyton, property owners, city government, city employees, city union). "Maybe the city shouldn't pay for the Council's legal fees in this sunshine mess?" (Peyton, Rick Mullaney). "New camera at intersections to catch red light runners?" (Peyton, John Rutherford, fees, traffic violations). "I apologize for the unethical contracts..." (Peyton, homeowners, new fees). "Jax City Government Health Food and Cure-All Medicine" (Peyton, City Council, taxpayers, storm-water fee, utility fee, garbage fee, city government). Roadside Election Signs (Peyton, et al.).

 2008: "Craig Field Extension" (Peyton, noise, veto). "Mayor Hires Another $152K a-Year Aide!" (Peyton, salaries). "City Leaders Audition for Obama Stimulus." "City Pensions" (Peyton, City Council, police & fire department unions), fees, public safety). "The Swing Shift!" (Peyton, City Council, JEA, taxpayers, gas prices, food prices, fees, rate hikes, tax hike). Out on a Limb (Peyton, taxes, taxpayers). "The Campaign Begins" (Peyton, property tax cuts, taxpayers). "Florida City and County Governments" (Peyton, Amendment One, property tax cut, fees). Family Budget (Peyton, fees, taxes, City Council). "We're at war! Let's take our city back!" (Peyton, John Rutherford, citizens, crime, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office). "Grand Jury Sends a Stern Warning?" (Peyton, City Council, Sunshine Law, Mayor's Office). "Who's in Control?" (Peyton, Legislature, taxes).

 2009: "Trail Ridge Debacle" (Peyton, Rick Mullaney, polls, landfill lawsuits, economic stimulus money, courthouse). Unions Hold the Strings (Peyton, John Rutherford, tax hikes, police layoffs, unions). "Trail Ridge Dump" (Peyton, Waste Management, Inc., Waste Industries USA, Inc., Advanced Disposal Services, Republic Services, bids). "Race for Mayor Begins" (Peyton, taxes, term limit). "Trick or Treat?" (Peyton, John Rutherford, City Council, JEA, fees, taxes, taxpayers). "Government Waste" (Peyton, City Council, fees, taxes). Christmas Wish List (Peyton, John Rutherford, appointed sheriff, jobs, fees). "City Reaches Budget Balancing Compromise" (Peyton, City Council, tax hike, taxpayers). "Government Waste" (Peyton, City Council, tax hike). "Honest! we really need to raise taxes!" (Peyton, citizens, city hall annex fiasco, misspent tax money). "$1 Billion Underfunded Pension Liabilities" (Peyton, City Council, revenues).  "Government Spending" (Peyton, City Council). Mayor Out on a Limb (Peyton, City Council, homeowners, tax hike). "Fix It Now! Budget by Mayor Peyton" (Peyton, City Council). "Help.... We need a life line!" (Peyton, School Board, taxes, homeowners, fees, wages, foreclosures, jobs). "Jax City Government Budget" (Peyton, homeowners, tax hike). "Fix It Now! Tax Hike" (Peyton, homeowners, city government, recession, unemployment, foreclosures).

 2010: "Mayor's Proposed Garbage Fee Increase" (Peyton, City Council, taxpayers). "Wait! This is a budget workshop... not a tea party!" (Peyton, citizens, government spending, taxes, fees). "Budget Cut Proposals" (Peyton, City Council, unions, taxpayers). "City Employees Easter Egg Hunt" (Peyton, city workers, unions, benefits, layoffs, furloughs, out-sourcing, pay-cuts, budget cuts). "River City Gang" (Peyton, City Council, JEA, government unions, fees, rates, homeowners). "The End Is Near" (Peyton, City Council, property taxes, taxpayers). "Proposed Budget for Jacksonville" (Peyton, City Council, taxpayers, property tax increase). "Jacksonville Must Do's" (Peyton, City Council, taxpayers, downtown improvement, homeless center, art district, convention center, entertainment area, river clean-up, riverfront improvements, jobs, port, Cecil Field, military). An Arm and a Leg (Peyton, City Council, city unions, JEA, fees, teacher raises, taxpayers). "Jax Mom & Pop Small Business" (Peyton, City Council, homeowners, tax increases).

Jacksonville Mayors: Mayoral Races, miscellaneous
Box: 2 Folder: 3 1994: "The future looks like the past!" (voters, mayors, Ed Austin, Tommy Hazouri, Jake Godbold).
2002: "The Mad Scramble for Mayor Begins" (campaign dollars, mayoral hopefuls).
2003: "Put out an APB on Betty Holzendorf!" (Nat Glover).
2010: "2011 Mayor's Race" (Jim Bailey, David Crosby, Mike Hogan, Robert Hutcherson, Kevin Hyde, Glorious Johnson, Warren Lee, Audrey Moran, James Moser, Rick Mullaney, Dan Newman).
Florida Governors: Reubin Askew (1971-1979)
Box: 3 Folder: 1 1983: "Askew for President."
1988: "Democratic Race for Senate."
Florida Governors: Bob Graham (1979-1987)
Box: 3 Folder: 2 undated: "Florida Budget" (taxes, tuition, property assessments, taxpayers). "We want to preserve this environmentally sensitive land in its natural state...!" (Interama Dump).
1981: "Sermon Today: Repent, Reform, and Tax!" (Graham, lobbyists, legislature). "This isn't a ticket for going 65 in a 55 MPH zone, sir... This is a warning for talking recklessly in an energy crisis!" (Graham, Dan Jenkins, Legislature).
1982: "1/2 cent sales tax. 1 cent sales tax."  Catapult (Graham, 1/2 cent sales tax, election).
1983: "Interama Dump & Land for $8 1/2 million." "New Taxes." "Graham. Taxes" (Taxpayers, legislators, Graham). "Legislature Marathon" (education, taxpayers, Graham). "You gotta be kidding?!" (Graham, budget, taxes, legislature). "Federal Tax. Proposed State Tax." "Teacher Bob" (legislature, special session, taxes). "Coach Graham" (unitary tax repeal; Wayne Mixson). "Brother Bob's Traveling Education Healing Revival" (Graham, PTA, school board, legislature, taxpayers, teachers). "Governor Graham's Auto Inspection List" (Graham, automobile inspections).
1984: "But We Wanted Blood!" (Graham, Rosemary Furman, Florida Bar, lawyers). "Politician Appointed Fla. Supreme Court vs. Angry Citizens Against Rising Taxes." "Special Session" (Graham as Santa Claus).
1986: "Graham. Hawkins" (Graham, Paula Hawkins). "Governor Graham's Environmental Record" (Paula Hawkins, pipeline issue). "Mr Graham is a liberal..." (Graham, Paula Hawkins).
1996: "Senator Graham."
2003: "Senator Graham's last 'workday' as emergency room helper!" "to Dreeeeammm the impossible dream...." (Graham, presidential candidacy).
Florida Governors: Bob Martinez (1987-1991)
Box: 3 Folder: 3 1986: "Pajcic-Smith Campaign Battle" (Martinez, Steve Pajcic, Jim Smith). "Fla. Polls" (Gubernatorial election, Martinez, Steve Pajcic, Jim Smith, etc.). "Hey... Would You Guys Mind Cleaning Up Your Acts!!" (Martinez, Steve Pajcic). "Throw out your resignation, Merkle....!" (R. Merkle, U.S. Attorney, Martinez, other politicians).
1987: "Tallahassee Monster Creations" (Martinez, legislature, service tax). "Florida Service Tax" (Martinez, voters, legislators). "Sales Tax, Lottery, Pot of Gold" (Martinez, legislature). "Service Tax" (Martinez, voters, legislature). "Martinez. Taxes" (Martinez, Steve Pajcic). "Service Tax" (Martinez, voters). "Biggest Tax in Florida History Levied" (Martinez, Legislators). "Hello...Gov. Mixson speaking!" (Martinez, Wayne Mixson). "Wait, Governor! You can'[t change horses in the middle of the ocean! You'll drown!" (Martinez, legislature, service tax, repeal).
1988: "Marinez, Legislature Garage."
1989: "Special Sessions" (Martinez, legislature, costs).  "Read My Lips" (Martinez, legislature, taxes, spending).
1990: "Martinez Roadway" (Martinez, taxes, transportation budget, veto). "Governor's Popularity Island" (Martinez, Tommy Hazouri, campaign chest, popularity). "Round 1" (Martinez, transportation taxes, PACs, legislature).
Florida Governors: Lawton Chiles (1991-1998)
Box: 3 Folder: 4 1981: "What we need to solve inflation is a split end reverse pass to the flanker and....." (Chiles, Pat Summerall, United States Senate).
1990: "We may all need some Prozac before this is over!" (Chiles, Bill Nelson, Bob Martinez). "Chiles Campaign" (Chiles, Bob Martinez, Buddy MacKay, campaign funds). "Pu-pu-pu-puh-leeze don't run, Lawton!" (Chiles, Bill Nelson, gubernatorial campaign). "The Polls" (Chiles, Bill Nelson, Bob Martinez, Florida Democrats). "Governor-elect Chiles Meets the Tax and Spend Gang of Tallahassee!" (Chiles, Democratic legislators). "Wait! I thought you were just going to trim the toe nails?" (Chiles, Buddy MacKay, legislature, government waste).
1991: Inauguration (Chiles, Buddy MacKay, inaugural expenses). "HRS" (Chiles, HRS reorganization). "State Income Tax" (Chiles, budget woes). "It's Trash from Duval County..." (Chiles, Duval County, trash). "Ethics Bill" (Chiles, legislature, lobbyists). "...and we're gonna have to let out all the criminals..." (Chiles, legislature, budget, taxpayers, prisons). "Trust Funds" (Chiles, treasury, trust funds, taxes). "Come on now... everybody tighten those belts" (Chiles, legislature, budget).
1992: "Utopia: Lawton's New State Government." "Dr. Chiles" (Chiles, Buddy MacKay, Florida economy, legislature). "Chiles' Budget Horror Tales" (Chiles, school closings, prisoner releases, voters). "The Taxes Chain Saw Massacre" (Chiles, taxpayers, legislature). "Quit whining...! You're lucky... he was after your head!" (Chiles, legislature, taxpayers, tax compromise). "Belt Tightening for State and Local Governments" (Chiles, Ed Austin, taxpayers). "State Spending" (Chiles, legislature, taxes). "Dr. Chiles' Cure All Medicine" (Chiles, taxes). "More Taxes" (Chiles, Florida economy, recession, taxes). "It says... "Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas" (Chiles, taxes).
1993: "Legislature Special Session: Governor's Call for More Prisons" (Chiles, legislators, Ander Crenshaw).
1994: "...and come out spending, kicking, biting, hitting below the belt.....!" (Chiles, Jeb Bush, Jim Smith). "News Item: Walkin' Lawton Catches Bush in Latest Polls!" (Chiles, Jeb Bush, polls).  "Youth: Vote Bush. Experience: Vote Chiles" (Chiles, Jeb Bush). "Conservative Talk" (Chiles, conservativism). "Having survived another chase, the old he-coon limps back to Tallahassee!!" (Chiles, GOP Senate, Jeb Bush). "Florida Welfare" (Chiles, legislature, HRS). "Florida Turkey Farm" (Chiles, dirty tricks).
1997: "More!" (Chiles, schools, legislature, taxpayers, money). "Charge!" (Chiles, legislature, tax hike).
1998: "Tales of the He Coon" (Chiles, legislators, taxes, children). "Florida Taxpayer Airlines" (Chiles, Florida Gators, Bobby Bowden, Florida State, taxpayers).
Florida Governors: Jeb Bush (1999-2007)
Box: 4 Folder: 1 1998: "All in the Family!" (Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Barbara Bush). "Governor's Race" (Bush, Buddy MacKay). "This Is a Dream Come True" (Bush, GOP legislature, GOP cabinet).
1999: "Legislative Budget Turkey Farm" (Bush, Youth Sports Center, Job Training at Gateway Center, Sisters Aquatic Park, LaVilla Museum, veto).
2001: "Nursing Home Industry" (Bush, lawyers, insurance, legislature, nursing homes). "W. May Allow Oil Drilling Off Florida" (Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, offshore drilling, Camp David).
2002: "I'm up to my eye balls with Saddam..." (Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein). "Democrats for Governor Debate" (Bush, Janet Reno, Bill McBride, Daryl L. Jones). Boxing Match (Bush, Bill McBride, National Democratic Party, Teachers' Union). "Bush Campaign" (Florida House, Florida Senate). "Illegal Immigrants" (Jeb Bush, legislature, drivers' license, George W. Bush). "Education" (Bush, legislature, budget, education). "Legislature Deadlocked" (Bush, Florida House, Florida Senate).
2003: "I know it's hard, but try to act like rational human beings" (Bush, Florida Senate, Florida House, special session on medical crisis). "Tort Reform" (Bush, Johnnie Byrd, Florida House, Jim King, Florida Senate, health care crisis, tort reform). "Bush Sets Personal Record on Vetoes" (George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, veto). "Costly Constitutional Amendments" (Bush, taxpayers).
2004: Shotgun Wedding (Bush, Johnnie Byrd, Florida House, Jim King, Florida Senate). "Truce" (Bush, Johnnie Byrd, Florida House, Jim King, Florida Senate).
2005: "Bush Signs $20 Million Gubernatorial Spending Bill" (Bush, GOP candidates, Democrat candidates). "Reforms" (Bush, legislature, special interests). George & Jeb Bush (George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Homeland Security, FEMA, Wilma relief). Lame Duck (Bush, legislature, Charlie Crist). "Is there any other reason why we should deny Gov. Bush an honorary degree..." (Bush, University of Florida Faculty Senate, honorary degree).
Florida Governors: Charlie Crist (2007-2011)
Box: 4 Folder: 2 2005: "The Apprentice" (Crist, Donald Trump, governor's race, fund-raising).
2007: Green Initiatives (Crist, green initiatives, carbon credits). "Property Tax Cuts" (Crist, local governments, property taxes). "Property Tax, Insurance Relief" (Crist, legislature, taxpayers).
2008: Budget Cuts (Crist, legislature, special session, education, rainy-day fund, budget cuts, tax revenues). "Florida Primary Winners?" (Crist, John McCain, Amendment 1, new fees). "How to Operate without Using Anesthesia!" (Crist, legislature, budget cuts). Home-Owners Insurance Bill (Crist, legislature, home-owners, insurance industry). "Straight Talk Express" (Crist, John McCain).
2009: "Why are my poll numbers going down?" (Crist, Tea Party). "By the way, George..." (Crist, George Le Mieux). "Welcome to Florida" (Crist, home sales, population decline, federal stimulus money). "Florida Budget Room" (Crist, legislators, deficit, sales tax, federal stimulus, Medicaid, unemployment, foreclosures). "Christmas in July!" (Crist, Alex Sink, campaign donations, lobbyists). "The Race Heats Up!" (Crist, senatorial race, polls, Republicans, Democrats). "U. S. Senate Seat" (Crist, liberal Democrats, conservatives).
2010: "Have I Got a Deal for You!" (Crist, legislature, tax hikes, budget cuts, federal stimulus, Seminole gambling). "Budget Cuts" (Crist, legislature, budget cuts, education, Medicaid). "Here's a bill that gives you complete charge of the rivers!" (Crist, Water Management Districts, legislature, developers, industry). "The Political Season Heats Up" (Crist, Marco Rubio, budget shortfall, statewide red light bill, teacher merit-pay, John Thrasher). "Don't Worry! I'm an Eternal Optimist!" (Crist, budget shortfall, Seminole gambling, federal stimulus, federal loans). "Decision Time!!" (Crist, unions, school boards, teachers, performance pay bill, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, GOP legislature, business leaders). "Florida's Budget Cutting March Madness!" (Crist, legislature). "Revenue Choices Facing Legislature This Year!" (Crist, Seminole casino, offshore oil drilling, budget cuts, tax hike). "Casino Gambling Compact" (Crist, legislature, Seminole Tribe, school children). Special session to consider offshore drilling (Crist, legislature, GOP, taxpayers). Performance Pay Bill veto (Crist, Florida teachers, GOP, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, business leaders). "The Race Begins" (Crist, Marco Rubio, polls, senatorial race). "How Gov. Crist Used Oil Spill to Lead Polls in Senate Race!" (Crist, British Petroleum, Barack Obama, fund raising events, Jimmy Buffett). "S. S. Crist" (Crist, senatorial race, donors, endorsements, aides, polls). "The End of the Big Tent Party?" (Crist, Florida GOP, Marco Rubio, Tea Party). "The Race Is On!" (Crist, senatorial race, Bill McCollum, Alex Sink). "Crist for Senator" (Crist, Democrats, Republicans). "You're in Big, Big Trouble Now, Governor!" (Crist, fundraising scandal, Florida GOP, Marco Rubio, John Thrasher). Democrats and Crist (Crist, Jeff Greene, Kendrick Meek, Democrats, fundraising). Boxing Match (Crist, Marco Rubio, Barack Obama, Right Wing, Moderates, Tea Party). "Teflon Charlie" (Crist, senatorial race, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, GOP, Barack Obama).
Florida Governors: Rick Scott (2011- )
Box: 4 Folder: 3 2010: "Scott Will Court GOP Insiders" (Scott, GOP). "Wow... When is the last time we've seen this much trash in an election?" (Scott, Kendrick Meek, Jeff Greene, Bill McCollum). "Scott the Outsider for Governor" (Scott, Florida House, Jeb Bush, Florida GOP, Jennifer Carroll, Florida Senate). "Crook" (Scott, Alex Sink, Democrats, GOP establishment, Bill McCollum). Governor's Race (Scott, Bill McCollum, Jeb Bush, Alex Sink, polls). "Guv Race Boring!" (Scott, Bill McCollum, Alex Sink, Florida voters). "McCollum Trails Scott in Race for Governor!" (Scott, Bill McCollum, political advertisements). "Rick Scott for Governor!" (Scott, Bill McCollum, GOP). "Florida Public Financing" (Scott, Bill McCollum, courts, public campaign financing law).
Florida Governors: Gubernatorial Races, miscellaneous
Box: 4 Folder: 4 1998: "Governor's Race" (Buddy MacKay, Bill Clinton). "Democratic Party" (Buddy MacKay, Democrats, David Lawrence, Jr.).
2001: "No... no... no! I said throw your hat into the ring!" (Janet Reno, Democrats, Branch Davidians [Waco, TX], gubernatorial race, Elian Gonzalez).
2002: Broken Down and Left Behind (Janet Reno, gubernatorial race, AFL-CIO, unions, Bill McBride).  
Subjects: Jacksonville -- Business
Box: 5 Folder: 1

1997: "Vulture Tree Service" (tree services, homeowners, costs).

1999: "Mayor, I need a million dollars to spruce up my business or I might leave town!" (local business, city incentives).

2002: "Dear Mayor and City Council, My company is requesting several million dollars for a parking lot to serve our customers!" (local business, city incentives).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- City Council and City Government
Box: 5 Folder: 2 1980: "I'm not heavy... I'm his councilman!" (City Council, pay raise, business license taxes, water-sewer rates, property taxes, municipal bonds). "...and down this corridor, children, is the esteemed city council working on important legislation!" (City Council, infighting, incompetence).
1981: "It's called a head tax!" (City Council, tolls, Clay County). "Ahoy... We've decided to seize your ship and put you under command of our expert naviation crew!!" (City Council, JPA [Jacksonville Port Authority]).
1982: "The Clean Up Crew! (City Council, taxpayers, Ritz Theater, Harbor Masters, One Stop, HUD). "What we need are some new ideas! (City Council, inaction, committees).
1983: Missed Tackle (City Council, public respect). Pie Fight (City Council, pay raises, public hearings, public opinion). "Perhaps I'd better read you people the law... When zoning conflict arises...." (City Council, builders, citizens, zoning, apartment complexes). "Sorry about the commotion out here, councilman, but security found a citizen snooping around in the halls!" (City Council, citizens, accountability).  
1984: Stun Gun (City Council, taxpayers, zoning, bonds, discontent).
1985: "They ran us out of our home with high property taxes.... NOW what does he want?? (City Council, taxpayers, property taxes).
1986: "The Incredible and Amazing City Council" (City Council, taxpayers, magic act).
1987: "Jacksonville's Indictment Club Presents Topless Dancing!" (City Council, tax assessor, legislator, mayoral aides, greed). Dogcatcher (City Council, citizens, anger).
1988: "Well, Don't just stand there! Quick... Call a city councilman!" (city cat patrol, cat leashes, City Council). "I called the mayor and city council about the odors... But no one was in!" (jails, landfills, water & sewer rates, City Council, mayor, citizens, government inaction).
1990: "That's strange! Why would the voters invite us to a swimming party on a boat in the middle of the night?" (City Council, trash tax, voters, dissatisfaction). "You didn't say may I!" (citizens, petitions, City Council, mayor, James L. Harrison).
1991: Motorcade (City Council, city-owned cars, mobile phones, misuse of public resources). Flooded (City Council, homeowners, neighborhood flooding, government inaction). "Vote NO for 3 Pct. Cap Please!" (city employees, tax cap, voters).
1992: "Another gridlock!!" (City Council, taxes)."Unable to make a choice... they decided to let all three be president!" (City Council, council president, indecision). "These demonstrators are going to turn this place into a three ring circus!" (City Council, citizens).
1993: "Parental Guidance Suggested!" (City Council, decorum, civility). "Example of City Councilman Using Car Phone for City Business!" (City Council, misuse of public resources).
1994: "City Council Wants to Ban Thongs, Nudity!" (City Council, Jacksonville Beaches, thong bathing suits, nudity, ordinances). "Peek-a-Boo Lingerie Studio (City Council, nudity, ordinances).
1995: "Council Wants $1 Million in Extra Funds!" (City Council, public funds, waste).
1996: "The era of big government is over!!" (City Council, public funds, city employees).
1998: "He's working with his new laptop computer!" (City Council, misuse of public resources).
2000: "Excuse me, dude... is this where we get the free money? (City Council, youth travel, public funds, waste). "Jacksonville Olympic Snapshots!" (mayor's office, sheriff's office, Super Bowl Committee, school board, traffic, Jacksonville Jaguars). "City Hall. Office of Risk Management" (taxpayers, municipal funds, promotions, accountability).
2001: "Yeeow... We're back from the Grand Ole Opry!" (mayor's office, City Council, Nashville junket, city employees, misuse of public resources). "...Councilman... can you hear me now? Get rid of the #*@&! cell phones!" (City Council, cellphones, misuse of public resources). "Yes, we're JPA managers! How did you know!" (Jacksonville Port Authority, municipal funds, public funds, waste).
2004: "How can we afford all that?" (City Council, pensions, public funds, mayor, fees, utility rates). "...and I'm going to encourage him to pursue a career that pays big money!" (mayor's staff, citizens).
2007: "If you guys support my proposal, then I'll support the monuments of yourselves for your district parks!!" (City Council, cronyism). "A Typical Week of Spending Taxpayers Dollars by City Council!" (City Council, cable television show, Cecil Field, public funds, waste).
2009: "O.K. Who's going down there and tell them we think their meals should be cut back!" (City Council, mayor, police union, fire department union, pension benefits). "Unfortunately, we can't do spine transplants... so this will have to do!" (City Council, tax increase, belt tightening). "Grand Jury Report on Courthouse" (city officials, investigation, courthouse cost over-runs). "My governments are nickel and diming me to death!!" (city fees, utility bills, telephone bill, cable television bill, cell phone bill, government fees and surcharges).
2010: "Looks like the public is getting a little angry over our travel costs!" (City Council, mayor, library, city employees, travel). "It's my dream for him to grow up and someday own his own business!" (taxpayers, government employees, pensions, benefits). "Well, here we go again! Another city department messes up and we pay out big money for inept work!" (City Council, taxpayers, out of court settlements).
Subjects: Jacksonville -- City Finances & Economic Conditions
Box: 5 Folder: 3

1981: Predators at Hand (Jacksonville, property taxes, JEA bills, water-sewer fees).

1984: "Good heavens... How are we ever going to pay this back?" (Jacksonville, municipal debt, bond issues).

1985: "Taxonville" (Jacksonville, bridge tolls, taxes, abandoned vehicles). "You little taxpayers won't have to worry any more!" (Jacksonville, taxpayers, City Council, school taxes, gas tax, tolls, property taxes).

1986: "How to Barbecue Pork" (Jacksonville, City Council, gas tax). Shark Fishing (Jacksonville, sales tax, Carl Ogden). "Is that your final word, sir?" (Jacksonville, gas tax, sales tax, school bond, JPA tax, taxpayer resistance). "The Amazin 6 cent gas-tax revenue" (Jacksonville, City Council, mayor, Laurel & Hardy). "The 6 Cent Gas Tax" (Jacksonville, City Council, gas tax).

1989: "City Motor Pool" (Jacksonville, cost of services, incompetence).

1990: "But, Dear... Don't you think you could wait and see how much the council makes the trash tax before you do anything drastic?" (Jacksonville, taxpayers, trash tax, school taxes, property taxes, fixed income).

1991: Tax Revolt (Jacksonville, incumbents, property taxes, taxpayers).

1992: "...While most of us are asleep, our elected officials teirelessly work on what they do best....!" (Jacksonville, City Council, mayor, tax deliberations).

1994: "This time we're gonna win... We put a third on roulette, a third on craps and a third in the slots!" (Jacksonville, household budget, savings, expenses). "

2005: "The city is in debt up to its eyeballs, councilman!" (Jacksonville, citizens, City Council, inaction).

2006: "Priorities?" (Jacksonville, budget, Health Department, City Council, swimming pool).

2007: Butterfly Net" (Jacksonville, city budget, taxpayers, fees, property tax relief).

2008: "...and what is the primary reason for your lack of trust in our city government?" (Jacksonville, polls, city budget errors, city legal fees, JEA bonuses, cronyism). "Wow... there are a lot of signs for foreclosure! What office is he running for?" (Jacksonville, property foreclosures). "What's a solid waste fee?" (Jacksonville, homeowners, fees, mayor, City Council).

2009: "City Hall Budget Cutters" (Jacksonville, city budget, work-from-home, city vehicles, cost savings). "Wow, the unemployment in Jacksonville is worse than we thought!" (Jacksonville, unemployment, arena football). "Jacksonville's Wheel of Fortune" (Jacksonville, city budget, courthouse over-run, mayor, taxpayers). "2010 To Do List" (Jacksonville, economic conditions, mayor sheriff, taxpayers, business leaders, recession, unemployment, wage freezes, foreclosures).

2010: "It is outrageous that the Legislautre funded a $48 million Taj Mahal state courthouse..." (Jacksonville, state funding, city funding, county courthouse). "City Hall Finances" (Jacksonville, financial mismanagement, shipyard liens, courthouse over-run).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- City Planning and Community Development
Box: 5 Folder: 4 1980: "The Citizens' Proposed New Public Housing Site!" (public housing, Blount Island).
1981: "Q. What solutions are offered by Jacksonville leaders to the problems of growing urban blight? A. Try to hide the eye sore!" (slums, code violations, inaction, cover-ups).
1982: "Fort George Island Development Plans" (Joe Forshee, Henry Cook, Fairfield Communities). "Someone sent us this muzzle to use..." (City Council, Downtown Development Authority). "...And here she is folks.... an authentic modern day ghost town!" (downtown, Convention Center, tours).
1983: "Wonder who paid for all of it?" (mayor, City Council, taxpayers, downtown mall and development, convention center, people mover, riverfront walk). "Hello... Rape Crisis Center?" (Mandarin, zoning, housing developments, overpopulation). A Game of Darts (City, Planning Board, City Council, developers, zoning).
1984: "Jacksonville Beach Redevelopment." "That's a disgraceful eyesore" (advertising, commercial zoning, residential zoning). "Why did we by-pass competitive bidding?" (Jax Convention Center Development Inc., Convention Center, City Council, Jake Godbold).  "The Drainage Problem" (City Council, Jake Godbold, taxpayers, developers). "...Meanwhile the council and mayor continued their long running battle over zoning issues....." (citizens, PCB contamination, City Council, Duval County School Board, investments, zoning).
1985: "News Item: City Officials Find Solution to Buckling Boards on Riverwalk!" (city funding, taxes).
1987: "...While the city celebrated the opening of Jacksonville Landing..." (Jacksonville Landing, Mandarin, taxpayers, water bills).
1992: "Why, yes... I do work for city HUD..." (taxpayers, fiscal waste).
1996: Growth Management (City Council, traffic congestion, neighborhoods). Dart Board Approach to Planning (City Planning Department, developers, City Council, Duval housing permits). "Urban Intensive Care Project" (neighborhood improvement, homeowners).
2004: "Downtown Parking" (public library, Alltel Stadium, Jacksonville Landing).
2005: "Before ... After" (developers, City Council, community). "The vote is six for Wal-Mart and 11 against!" (City Council, rezoning, Wal-Mart).
2006: "... Just when you thought your nightmare couldn't get any worse!" (traffic congestion, new subdivisions). "Coming Soon! Another High-rise Condo!" (homeowners, residential development)
2007: "Government Priorities" (bridge repairs, stadium, taxes).
2008: "This isn't going to be easy! ...but we can do it!" (Northwest Jacksonville, jobs, training, education, social support).
2009: "Rip Jaxvan Winkle" (downtown revitalization plans).
2010: "Map: Future of Jacksonville" (City Council, citizens, mayor, Jacksonville Civic Council). "City to Spend $ Millions to Spruce Up Downtown" (downtown redevelopment, homeless).
Subjects: Jacksonville -- Crime and Criminal Justice
Box: 6 Folder: 1

1982: "Ah might have a hanker'n to be sheriff!" (Joe Carlucci).

1983: "Let another one go, Dale!" (jails, overcrowding, City Council, Dale Carson).

1990: "Violent Crimes Increase!" (crimes, citizens, fear).

1992: "Female Strip Search" (Duval County Jail, female prisoners).

1994: "We wanna go back to our cells!!" (Duval County Jail, television, inmates). Grand Jury Investigates Sheriff (Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, State Attorney's Office, Harry Shorstein). "Jacksonville Sheriff's Office School Substation" (community policing, delinquency).

1997: "Crime Rate Drops" (citizens, crime).

1998: "The First Shot Fired in the Fight Against Juvenile Crime!" (Ed Austin, Jim McMillen, Harry Shorstein). "We decided to charge a daily subsistence fee!" (jail fee, John Rutherford).

1999: "Crime Rate Drops in Duval" (citizens, crime).

2002: "You definitely don't want to vote for him! He's too tough on career criminals!" (Duval County Jail, inmates, absentee ballots). "Action!" (Nat Glover, interrogation taping).

2003: "$500,000 Found in Deputy's Desk" (Jacksonville Sheriff's Office).

2005: "Task Force" (murders, Duval County, John Rutherford, new media). "Murder Rate in Jacksonville Highest in the State" (citizens, murders, fear).

2006: "We didn't have a murder today!" (murders). "Crimeopoly" (drugs, school dropouts, poverty, welfare, food stamps, discrimination, rap culture, street gangs, violence).

2007: "Sheriff Wants $21.8 Million for 430 New Personnel" (city budget, patrol cars, guns, John Rutherford). "Jacksonville's Memorial" (murder). Finger Pointing (crimes, poverty, school dropouts, police, juvenile detention, values, culture, parents). "Sheriff's PR gets 25% raise to $95,000" (John Rutherford, police, pay increases, public relations).

2008: "Jacksonville's Crossroad!" (citizens, violent crime). "Hottest Christmas Items!" (guns, Barack Obama). "You attacked this woman... and she mugged you?" (Angela Corey, Jay Plotkin, Harry Shorstein). "Crime Rate" (crime, inaction). "I'm getting out of my patrol car to do some walking and interact with the community!" (sheriff's office, community policing). "The Gifts that Jacksonville Kids Want Most for Christmas?" (children, ages, games, gangs, gang violence).

2009: "Police Athletic League" (volunteers, pay, benefits, John Rutherford). "We're Still No. 1!!" (murders, Duval County).

2010: "Duval Turns Down $1.4 Million Drug Rehab Grant!" (Angela Corey, prisoners, Duval Post-Conviction Drug Court).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- Education, Schools
Box: 6 Folder: 2 1980: "Well he had to be a turkey.... I found him prancing around in there!!" (University of North Florida, University of Florida, merger, Bob Graham, Manatee Civic Center, gubernatorial veto).
1981: "Nothing personal, Jacksonville......!" (University of North Florida, Florida Senate, Dan Jenkins). You Scratch My Back... (Herb Sang, Duval County School Board, pay raises).
1986: "Sire... the school bond proposal was defeated!!" (bond proposal, Herb Sang).  "Duval County School Security System." "Five Reasons Why the School Bond Proposal Failed!!" (taxes, Herb Sang, discrimination, private schools, apathy).
1987: "Herb Sang and the Duval County School System Welcomes President Reagan!" (Herb Sang, Ronald Reagan, School Board).
1988: "Darn... I thought I had this 'overcrowded' situation solved!!" (Stan Jordan, Bill Parker, Herb Sang).
1989: "Interviews for Superintendent" (Bill Parker, Larry Zenke). "Superintendent Search" (Duval County School Board, Herb Sang).
1990: "School Attendance Plan #27467" (Duval County School System, inner city schools, suburban schools). "Johnny goes 45 minutes to there... Meagan goes 35 minutes over here..." (Duval County Schools, busing).
1994: "We need more money!" (school superintendents, funding, property taxes).
1996: "Zenke Buyout Demands" (Duval County School Board, taxes, Larry Zenke). "The Next Thing We Have to Work on!" (illiteracy).
1997: "Independent Assessment of Duval School System" (Duval County School Board, school improvement, disagreements). "School Match Report" (teachers, administrators, Duval County School Board).
1998: "Atten-hut!" (Duval County schools, John Fryer). The Three S's (curriculum, self-esteem, sex education, sexual harassment). "The Five Most Dangerous Jobs in Jacksonville?" (police, navy pilot, fire fighter, Jaguar player, teacher).
2000: "Private School" (courts, teacher unions, Democratic Party, school vouchers). "Math for the New Millennium!" (mathematics, technology).
2001: "They don't have enough bus drivers, so Tommy volunteered to drive ujs to school!" (Duval County schools, busing). "Just follow our orders! This is a hijacking!" (John Fryer, Duval County School Board). "Are they gonna divorce?" (John Fryer, Duval County School Board).
2002: "um.... I can't read! How'd I do?" (illiteracy). Early Release Time (Duval County Schools, teachers union). "Amindment 9 Costs?" (taxes, teachers, public schools).
2004: Education Means Better Paying Jobs!" (students, illiteracy).
2006: "Halp!!!" (FCAT, Duval County Schools, Duval County School Board). Santa Raids the Refrigerator (Duval County School Board, pay raise, taxpayers).
2007: "That's it... You're expelled forever!" (Duval County School Board, Joseph Wise). Superintendent Wise Dismissal (Duval County School Board, performance bonus, Joseph Wise, litigation). "Want Ad!" (Duval County Schools, superintendent, Duval County School Board). "My itinerary for this week is..." (Joseph Wise, Duval County School Board, travel).
2008: "28 Federal, State Violations" (audit, school funds, Duval County School Board, Joseph Wise).
2009: "Taxpayers Cost for Programs" (summer sports programs, overtime for security). "Drinking Water in Northeast Florida Schools Found Contaminated!" (academic achievement).
2010: "It's not our fault!" (Duval County Schools, graduation rates, drop-out rates, Duval County School Board). "American Idol's Duval School Budget Cuts!" (judges, Duval County School Board, superintendent, teachers, teacher benefits, curricula, sports). 
Subjects: Jacksonville -- Environment
Box: 6 Folder: 3

1981: "Drainage of St. Johns Marshes" (St. Johns River, environmental impacts).

1984: "Soot With Toxic PCBs Showers Westside" (Westside Jacksonville, water pollution, tainted food, air pollution). "This legislation stinks!!" (City Council, mayor, citizens, industry, city ordinances, pollution, odor).

1985: "Diseased Fish in St. Johns" (St. Johns River, pollution, government inaction).

1987: "Hey... I swear we're going to try and clean it up!!" (St. Johns River, pollution).

1989: "Watch for Falling Waste" (St. Johns River, pollution, Amtrak). "Southeast Duval - St. Johns Border Landfill" (garbage, city sanitation).

1990: "But we could drive to St. Augustine in 20 minutes!" (St. Johns River Water Management, air transportation, fiscal waste).

1992: Hang the Weathermen (flooding, George Winterling, Tim Deegan, Brad Sussman).

1995: "St. Johns River Pollution Warning!"

1997: "I can smell industrial chemicals, diseased fish and raw sewage!" (St. Johns River, St. Johns River Water Management).

1998: "I dare you to say one word about the rain!!" (wildfires, rain). "St. Johns on Heritage List" (St. Johns River, American Heritage Rivers, federal government). 1998: "How'd you guys find out I was cheatin' on the water restrictions?" (drought, water restrictions).

1999: "Since it's too dangerous for the kids to play in the yard... I'm going to take them canoeing!" (toxic waste, St. Johns River, Buckman Sewage Treatment Plant).

2006: The Commode Boat (St. Johns River, septic tank overflows, waste water, JEA).

2008: River Clean-up (St. Johns River, clean-up, Central Florida developers). "Something about being mugged by a paper mill pipeline from Palatka!" (St. Johns River, wildlife). "Hold it! Here comes trouble!" (St. Johns River, St. Johns Riverkeeper, St. Johns Water Management District, developers, Seminole County).

2009: "Trail Ridge Landfill Contract" (Trail Ridge landfill, City Council, lobbyists, Waste Management, Republic Services). "Trail Ridge Landfill Contract! Bid or No-Bid?" (Trail Ridge landfill, City Council, lawyers, Waste Management, Republic Services). Seminole Siphoning (St. Johns River, St. Johns River Water Management, Seminole County).

2010: "No... it's not BP oil that's killing you!" (St. Johns River, pollution, aquatic life). "What has happened to our river?" (St. Johns River, septic tank runoffs, industrial pollution, fertilizer).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- Fire Department
Box: 6 Folder: 4

1991: "Mayor Eyes Cuts in Fire Department" (budget cuts, Jacksonville Fire Department, layoffs).

2006: "Teamwork at the Jacksonville Fire Department?" (employee relations).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- Health and Healthcare
Box: 6 Folder: 5

1985: "Doctors' Explanation of Opposition to May Clinic Jacksonville" (Mayo Clinic, physicians, money).

2002: "Hospital Fund Raising Drive" (Shands Jacksonville, demands on physicians, budget problems).

2008: Mosquitoes Visit (citizens, summer, mosquitoes).

2009: Mosquito Problem (citizens, County Mosquito Control Department, budget cuts).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- Housing
Box: 6 Folder: 6

1988: "House for Sale" (homeowners, property taxes, property values).

1994: "Jacksonville HUD" (City Council, Housing & Urban Development, public housing).

2004: "New 50,000 Homes Subdivision St. Johns County" (utilities, services).

2005: New Middle Class Homes of St. Johns County" (impact fees, impact on construction).

2008: "The Beginning of Our Financial Meltdown!" (subprime housing loans, home sales).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- Jaguars (football team)
Box: 7 Folder: 1

1987: Doormat (Jacksonville, football, NFL owners).

1991: "Sherrer Incident" (Jacksonville, football, NFL, ticket sales, Arthur "Chick" Sherrer Jr.).

1993: "TD Jacksonville's Newest Nightmare!" (Touchdown Jacksonville, Jaguars). "Future Home NFL Jaguars" (NFL, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Charlotte). "Late in the Fourth Quarter!" (Touchdown Jacksonville). "Maybe One More Time!" (NFL franchise, Jacksonville). "Crunch Time" (NFL franchise, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Baltimore, Charlotte, fans). Energizer Bunny (Jacksonville, NFL franchise). "Reactions!" (self esteem, disbelief, shock, adulation, rivalry, Wayne Weaver).

1995: "My mom and dad have really freaked out since the Jaguars moved to town!!" (Jacksonville, Jaguars, fans). "Well, we survived the first game heat!" (Jaguars, fans, weather). "Good weather, the beaches, boating, great fishing, great golf courses, outdoor concerts... and now the dessert!" (Jaguars, fans, inaugural game). Jaguar's Mania (fans, enthusiasm). "NFL Play-offs" (Jaguars, fans). "Solution to the Jaguars' Sign Ordinance Controversy?" (Jaguars, stadium advertising, municipal sign ordinance). "Go get 'em Jaguars!" (Jaguars, fans).

1996: Playoff Fever (Jaguars, fans, playoffs, Super Bowl).

1997: "Jaguars Meet Pats for AFC Title!" (Jaguars, fans, expectations). "Jaguars Monday Night Football" (Jacksonville business, absenteeism, fans). "Hey, guys... it's me... I'm back! Hey, guys.... guys.....!" (Jaguars, Mark Brunell, Steve Matthews, Rob Johnson). "You gotta be kidding? (NFL, Jaguars). "Ho... Ho... Ho..." (Jaguars, NFL playoffs). "Brunell Signs for $30.5 Million..." "I have this empty feeling in my gut... I miss my Jaguars!" (fans, off-season). Cinderella (Jaguars, AFC championship, Super Bowl, Buffalo, Denver, New England). 

1999: "Jaguars Draft.... Just a Matter of Connecting the Dots!" (NFL draft, Jeff Beuerlein, Steve Novak).

2000: "Elementary, Watson... obviously they skipped town!" (Jaguars, offense, defense). "Welcome to Alltel Stadium" (Jaguars, fans, noise). "Super Bowl Recipes" (Jaguar, Miami Dolphins, Super Bowl).

2001: Diversion (Jaguars, fans, enthusiasm). "I've crunched the numbers over and over and we still can't afford to buy Jaguars tickets..." "When are we going to the Super Bowl?) (Jaguars, fans, expectations, Jack Del Rio).

2002: "The Weavers are going to have a hard time getting these back!" (Jaguars, Tom Coughlin, Wayne Weaver).

2003: "We're gonna play fetch with our new pet, so you'll have to stay outside until we need you!" (Jaguars, Jack Del Rio, rookies). "Hey..! This is not helping our future fan base!!??" (Jaguars, fans, television blackout).

2004: "Mr. Weaver, Are you sure his appetite will slow down after the Super Bowl?" (Jaguars, Alltel Stadium, improvements, funding, taxpayers). "...and I guess all you want for Christmas is a playoff invitation for the Jaguars..." (Jaguars, fans, team record).

2005: "It's Jags fever!" (Jaguars, fans, enthusiasm). "Mayor-Weaver Negotiations" (Jaguars, John Peyton, Wayne Weaver). "Mr. Peyton... Last time we met you got 122 yards passing, 0 touchdowns, 1 interception" (Jaguars, Peyton Manning, Denver Colts). "Playoffs" (Jaguars, fans, starters, Byron Leftwich, David Garrard).

2006: "'Born Again' Revival Service at Alltel Stadium" (Jaguars, fans, Byron Leftwich). "'s a note from Santa! He couldn't get down your chimney and he'll try again next year...maybe!" (Jaguars, playoffs, New England Patriots). "I got him from the Titans! And he was already housebroken!" (Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans).

2007: "Let's go goet 'em, Jags!" (Jaguars, Jack Del Rio, offensive line, defensive line, fans). "Will buy Jaguars tickets top keep game from being blacked out!" (Jaguars, fans, television blackout).

2008: "Mr. Weaver.... I'm not going to have to move to Los Angeles... am I?" (Jaguars, Wayne Weaver, relocation). "The report of his death was premature?" (Jaguars, 2008-2009 season, Tennessee Titans). "...heart defibulator, oxygen, tranquilizers, ammonia, aspirin, cold towels, cold beer, soft drinks, dip and c hips....! O.K.... turn on the game!" (Jaguars, fans). "Hey, I like that! Keep that attitude and we'll be in the championship next year!!" (Jaguars, Jack Del Rio, Wayne Weaver).

2009: "This is going to be a rough fall! Recession, hurricane season and swine flu!" (Jaguars, fans, television blackout). "Circle the wagons!!" (Jaguars, Jack Del Rio, fans, hostility).

2010: "Hey, Kitty... You want a ride?" (Jaguars, Los Angeles development company, team purchase). "I'm running out of ideas on selling these game tickets! Any suggestions?" (Jaguars, ticket sales, Tim Tebow, television blackouts). "Jacksonville's first round pick is .... Tyson Alualu!" (Jaguars, fans, Wayne Weaver, Jack Del Rio, Gene Smith). "For Stadium Naming Rights, $12.6 million" (Jaguars, City Council, taxpayers, EverBank). "Maybe if we had drafted Tebow, we could have filled the stadium every....." (Jaguars, ticket sales, Tim Tebow).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- JEA (Jacksonville Electronic Authority)
Box: 7 Folder: 2 1980: "The citizens are angry about the JEA rates, mayor!" (JEA, water, sewer, rate increases, Jake Goldbold, City Council).  "Henry... The bloodmobile is here!" (JEA, rate increases, citizens).
1981: Predator (JEA, homeowners, utility rates, Jake Godbold, City Council).
1982: "JEA Coal Plants" (JEA, Jacksonville Shipyards, legal challenges).  
1994: "Future JEA Bill!" (JEA, additional fees).
1996: "JEA Obedience School" (JEA, water, sewer, storm water, mayor, City Council).
2005: "JEA to Raise Water Rates" (JEA, rain water, well water, water conservation, citizens).
2007: "New JEA Rate Increases, Fees" (JEA Board, JEA management, bonuses, incentive programs).
2008: "JEA Costs, Rate Hikes, Bonuses" (JEA, energy conservation, bonuses).
2009: "Well, it's time to pay your monthly utility bill!" (JEA, citizens, hostages). "drip....drip....another JEA water rate hike..." (JEA, rate increases, citizens). "Since JEA raised the water rates, it's cheaper to take bottled water showers!" (JEA, rate increases, citizens). "Looking at JEA's carbon footprint in new climate bill!" (JEA, rate increases, citizens). "JEA Ups Water Rates Again" (JEA, rate increases, citizens, conservation). "It's a back yard tax fee from JEA!" (JEA, rate increases, citizens).
2010: "Was it a home invasion? (JEA, rate increases, property taxes, mayor, City Council, taxpayers). "Sorry, but we're all going to have to live here in the summers! We can't afford the new JEA rates!" (JEA, rate increases, tree house, citizens).
Subjects: Jacksonville -- Military
Box: 7 Folder: 3 2005: "#!*@...I hope we move to Cecil Field" (Cecil Field, Oceana Naval Air Station Virginia Beach, homeowners, complaints)
2006: "Don't Even Think About Landing Here" (Cecil Field, U. S. Navy, naval base relocation). Tight Fit (Cecil Field, U. S. Navy, naval base relocation).
2008: "Merry Christmas, First Coast!" (Jacksonville, Naval Station Mayport, nuclear power submarine, jobs, area impact).
2009: "The battle to house nuclear-powered carriers begins!" (Naval Station Mayport, Virginia, politicians, U. S. Navy). 
Subjects: Jacksonville -- Politicians
Box: 7 Folder: 4

1987: "Question -- Why did city councilman Henry Cook take a junket at taxpayers expense to visit U.S. troops in Honduras?" (Henry Cook, U. S. Department of Defense, taxpayers). "Meanwhile, it's a typical end of the day at the overcrowded Jacksonville Airport  parking lot..." (Arnett Girardeau, airport parking, profits).

1993: "Lesson today: seating assignment!" (E. Denise Lee, Daniel Davis, Jim Tullis).

1998: "The Only Fireworks Available to Jax Residents This Weekend!" (Corrine Brown, ethics). "Corrine's Charity Car Lot & Re-Election Headquarters" (Corrine Brown, ethics, voters). "There's a simple explanation!" (Corrine Brown, news media, ethics).

2004: "Corrine Slams Bush Republicans" (Corrine Brown, Mexican-Americans, Republicans, bigotry). "...and there's your congresswoman, Corrine Brown of Jacksonville" (Corrine Brown, House censure).

2010: "Constitutional Amendment Aims to End Gerrymandered Districts!" (Corrine Brown, 3rd Congressional District, Florida).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- Race Relations
Box: 7 Folder: 5 1990: "Duval Plan: A+" (race relations, handshake).
1991: "...and it started with a handshake!!" (Duval County School Board, NAACP)
1992: "Boink" (racial issues). Adding Fuel to the Fire (John Santora, Jesse Jackson, racial tensions). "In Case of Racial Tension Break Glass" (mayor, City Council, leadership, racial tensions).
1996: "Whoa! Let's take it back down! I've changed my mind!" (Duval County School Board, NAACP, desegregation, citizens).
2006: "Behind Our Curtain!" (wealth, poverty, disenfranchisement, JCCI Study).
2009: "Jacksonville's Children Report: We've got a long way to go!" (racial equality). 
Subjects: Jacksonville -- Redistricting
Box: 7 Folder: 6 1991: "It's the city council's new re-districting plan!" (citizens, gerrymandering). "District Reapportionment" (citizens, City Council, political infighting).
2001: "No, it's not modern art! We're drawing our redistricting maps!" (citizens, City Council). "...and under the new redistricting map, you will vote in District 5 and your wife will vote in District 6!" (citizens, City Council).
2002: "Legislature's Newest Redistricting Board Game -- The Pretzel!" (Corrine Brown, Ander Crenshaw, Cliff Stearns, John Mica).  
Subjects: Jacksonville -- Roads andTransportation
Box: 8 Folder: 1

1985: Stranded (Jacksonville Transportation Authority, motorist, tolls). "Can you believe it...? It's those *#!@ citizens protesting again!!" (Jacksonville Transportation Authority, citizens, tolls, grand jury report). Even Santa Pays Tolls (tolls). 

1986: The Return of the Horse and Carriage (Jacksonville Transportation Authority, commuters, mass transit). 

1988: "Lordy... how did I get myself in this position?" (citizens, tolls, taxes). 

1992: "...Wilbur called his wife on the car phone to tell her he would be late for dinner..." (traffic congestion, bridge closings, detours).

1993: " an effort to stem criticism, the city council plans to transport cars on the riderless people mover..." (mass transit, people mover, public parking, Jacksonville Landing). 

1995: "A typical afternoon drive in Jacksonville....." (roads, flooding, San Marco, Mandarin, Beaches, North Side West Side). 

1997: "Estimated Arrival at Beaches 4 Hours" (J. Turner Butler Boulevard, traffic congestion, travel times). 

1998: "I was hoping we'd finally find a use for this white elephant!!" (mass transit, Skyway Express, City Council). 

2000: "Whoa, another one! I wonder if it's because of our new grating?" (traffic accidents, Mathews Bridge, grating). "Mayor's office... I have a suggestion where you can start your Better Jacksonville Plan!" (streets, flooding, citizens). 

2001: "St. Johns River Floating Parking Lot" (parking problems, downtown Jacksonville). 

2002: "We want you to know... we're serious about your security!" (Jacksonville International Airport, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, air travel, safety). "Suddenly I got hungry for chicken wings and was calling in an order... then wham!!!" (drivers, safety, cellphones). 

2005: "What was it? A roadside bomb?" (road repairs, potholes, Better Jacksonville Plan, motorists). "!@#*...It's four in the morning... I guess I better start to work!" (Baymeadows Road, traffic congestion, City Council). "Patience! You will be across the bridge in approximately 6 hours 17 minutes" (traffic congestion, Shands Bridge).

2006: "Port Authority Showdown?" (Jacksonville Port Authority, U. S. Congress, George W. Bush, veto, lame duck presidency). 

2007: "Coneheads!" (Florida Department of Transportation, Mathews Bridge, road repairs, detours, traffic congestion). "Between the smoke and traffic... tell the boss I should get there in about four or five hours!" (Mathews Bridge, road repairs, detours, traffic congestion). "Why the JPA should take over the Mayport Ferry! A look at the alternatives..." (Jacksonville Port Authority, Mayport Ferry, alternative transportation modes). 

2009: "Legislature passes new seat belt law!" (transportation, safety, college students, seatbelts, law enforcement). Texting While Driving (driving, safety, texting, traffic accidents).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- Sports (general)
Box: 8 Folder: 2

1984: "Shucks... I'll try anything once!" (Jacksonville Bulls, United States Football League, fans). "Here comes HJerschel now! Go on... Tell him about the 53-points last week...." (United States Football League, Jacksonville Bulls, New Jersey Generals, Herschel Walker, fans). "The nerve of that woman.... Bringing an umbrella to the game!!" (Gator Bowl, City Council, stadium rules, enforcement). 

1985: "R.I.P. USFL" (United States Football League, demise). 

1993: "Have you got some spare change?" (Touchdown Jacksonville, stadium, renovations, National Football League, franchise fees). 

1998: "...I would have sworn Alltel Stadium was bigger than this!" (SEC Championship, Alltel Stadium, Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Gators, Florida Georgia Game). 

1999: "if you don't buy my tickets, I'm gonna black out your TV!" (National Football League, game attendance, television blackouts). 

2006: "Blue six... I think we went too low on that last pass!" (Blue Angels, Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Georgia Game, entertainment). 

2009: "They must be trying to make this the world's smallest outdoor cocktail party!!" (Florida Georgia Game, Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, intoxication, policing). "Hey... It's about time!! Welcome back!!" (football season, Florida Gators, Miami Hurricanes, Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida State Seminoles, fans). 

Subjects: Jacksonville -- Taxes & Taxation
Box: 8 Folder: 3 1980: "Quick, Hildred... Turn off the water sprinkler!!" (taxpayers, water-sewer rates).
1983: "You've got the millage bugs, sir... Boy, is this gonna cost you!" (homeowners, City Council, Jacksonville Port Authority, taxes)
1987: Vultures Waiting to Swoop (citizens, taxes, school taxes, school bonds, property taxes, state taxes, sales tax).
1988: "Oh, they had to mmove out of town... 'cause they couldn't afford the taxes!!!" (citizens, taxes, riverwalk, zoo, Jacksonville Landing, Skyway Express, jails, Convention Center, Gator Bowl).
1990: "Friedmann Wants $190 an Hour for Legal Work! Fees Already Top $1.1 million" (citizens, trash tax, city legal fees, Frank X. Friedmann, Jr.)
1991: "Extortion? No.... Let's just say I'm going to recycle your dollars in the next county!" (taxpayers, Westside Landfill, Baker County). "No, we don't think you're stupid! We just don't think you knew what you were voting for!" (taxpayers, property taxes, City Council). "Notice: Green Fees $50. Due to Mastroianni's Property Assessment Increase!" (golf, taxes, property taxes, Ernie Mastroianni).
1997: "The Welcome Mat!" (taxpayers, tax incentives, business).
2003: "New Jacksonville Court House" (taxpayers, Super Bowl, courthouse costs).
2007: The IRS Comes Calling (municipal employees, cellphones, Internal Revenue Service, taxpayers). "Hey, we're running out of money! Shouldn't the state pay for their own roads?" (roads, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, taxpayers).
2009: "Should the city fees be added to property tax bills so the people will more likely pay them!" (homeowners, foreclosures, public opinion polls, taxation).
2010: "Oh, don't panic! We're just here for your billfolds!" (taxpayers, City Hall, Jacksonville Electric Authority, fees, rate hike). "I'm sorry, kids, but we have to cut the budget again!" (citizens, garbage fees, personal savings). "Budget Cuts... Which Frightens You the Most?" (street lighting, libraries, homelessness, Duval County School Board, junkets, unions, mayor, taxpayers).
Subjects: Jacksonville -- TPC (The Players Championship, prev. Tournament Players Championship)
Box: 8 Folder: 4 1982: The 17th Hole -- Splash! (The Players Championship, golf, Andy Bean, Raymond Floyd, Hale Irwin, Tom Kite, Johnny Miller, Jack Nicklaus, Jerry Pate, Bill Rogers, Sam Snead, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson).
1984: An Average Day at the TPC (The Players Championship).
1986: "Don't say TPC at Ponte Vedra... It's TPC at Jacksonville! Say it!" (The Players Championship, news media).
1990: "Darn... Another birdie and they're still booing! (The Players Championship, fans, Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra, St. John's County, Tommy Hazouri).
1995: "Embarrassed by last year's record low score, TPC officials are determined it won't happen again!!" (The Players Championship).
1997: "...incredible! Tiger Woods has just decided to walk across the water and place his ball on the 17th green!" (The Players Championship, Tiger Woods).
1998: "Hey... there's the guy who shot an 18 on one hole!" (The Players Championship, John Daly, fans).  
1999: "David Slew Goliath" (The Players Championship, David Duval).
2000: "The Players Championship" (The Players Championship, Hal Sutton).  
2006: "What's the big deal? It's just a 140-yard hole" (The Players Championship, 17th hole, fans, news media [color]).
2007: "Wow... Finchem is pulling out all the stops to make this a major!" (The Players Championship, players purse, Tim Finchem [color, 2 copies]).  
Subjects: Jacksonville -- Unions
Box: 8 Folder: 5 2009: "Since these are hard times, let's try to agree on something that won't bankrupt the city!!" (City, unions, wages, pensions, vacation time, health care). "Meanwhile the negotiations continue...!" (City, unions, Police and Fire Pension Fund, pensions).
2010: Off a Cliff (City, budget, unions, taxpayers, pension board). "Even though I might agree with you... please refrain from using the words 'jackass....buffoon....etc'... when referring to each other!" (City, unions, negotiations, taxpayers, police union, mayor).
Subjects: Jacksonville -- Voting, elections
Box: 8 Folder: 6 1983: "No I didn't see a stop sign back there!! How could I??" (Jacksonville, campaign signs, voters).
1994: "Honk if you think O.J. is guilty!" (Duval County, voters, apathy).
1998: "Well, you can't blame us! We didn't vote!" (Duval County, voters, apathy).
2005: "What's your excuse?" (Duval County, voters, apathy).
2007: "Wow! Only 9 percent voted in the elections!" (Duval County, voters, apathy).

Subjects: Jacksonville -- Zoo
Box: 8 Folder: 7 1981: "Hey... I don't like this either! But nobody else seems to want to help us!" (Jacksonville Zoo, finances, renovations).
1988: "...And next we'll peek in on the council, mayor and the DDA while they discuss moving the zoo to downtown Jacksonville!" (Jacksonville Zoo, City Council, mayor, planning).
Subjects: Jacksonville -- Miscellaneous
Box: 8 Folder: 8 1984: "Our legal system: of the lawyers, by the lawyers and for the lawyers?" (Rosemary Furman, lawyers, Florida Bar, Florida Supreme Court, United States Supreme Court).
1988: "R.I.P. Jacksonville Journal, 1887-1988" (Jacksonville Journal [newspaper], afternoon newspapers, Orlando Star, Tampa Times, Washington Star, Memphis Press-Scimitar).
1994: Shivering Santa (Jacksonville Beach, Christmas).
1995: "I'm hungry again! What say we really pig out on steak, potatoes, double layered chocolate cream cake......?" (consumers, fitness, pills).
1996: "Jacksonville. Now 1,000,000 strong!" (Jacksonville, population). "Scoring Big at the Gator Bowl!" (Jacksonville, citizens, Promise Keepers).
1997: "First sign of fall!" (football, Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, Jacksonville Jaguars).
2000: "Prepare for a celebration! Our No. 1 salesman is on another road trip!" (Jacksonville, Alltel Stadium, evangelism, Billy Graham).
Subjects: Florida -- College Football
Box: 9 Folder: 1

undated: Portrait (Vince Dooley, Mark Richt, Steve Spurrier [color copy]). "Way down deep inside of me, this little voice keeps saying... 'You can't beat Florida'!" (Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Gators, Steve Spurrier, Ron Zook, [color copy]). "60th Anniversary" (Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Georgia Game, Gator Bowl, Urban Meyer, Mark Richt, [color]).
1980: "The sky parted... the trumpets sounded... and behold.... Hallelujah.... Hallelujah...!" (Florida Gators, Steve Spurrier, Bill Arnsparger, University of Florida alumni, University of Florida boosters [photocopy]).
1983: "Year of the Gator Boulevard" (Florida Gators, frustration). "...and the first one who survives the freeze... wins!" (Florida Gators, Iowa Hawkeyes, Gator Bowl, NCAA football, rankings). "...and Lord, please don't let a nuclear war happen before the Gators whup up on Auburn Saturday!" (Florida Gators, Auburn Tigers, fans).
1984: He's in the Jail House Now (Florida Gators, NCAA sanctions, Southeastern Conference football).
1985: "Celebrate, champ... you deserve it! I've changed my mind.... gimmie my drink back!" (Southeastern Conference football, Florida Gators).
1987: Gunning for the Bulldogs (Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, Gator Bowl).
1991: Florida vs. Florida State (Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, Sugar Bowl, NCAA championship, [color copy] ).
1992: "Veterinarian. Taxidermy" (Florida Gators, injuries). Travel Plans Canceled (Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Gators, Southeastern Conference championship).
1996: Speared (Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, Sugar Bowl, NCAA Championship). "Twick or tweet?" (Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, Gator Bowl). "The Swamp" (Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, NCAA championship, Fiesta Bowl, [color copy]).
1997: "The secret to capturing a Gator is sneakin' up on it!!" (Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Gators). "...I'm near a nervous breakdown, Doc! We lose to LSU, our young quarterback is suspended... we face Auburn tomorrow and FSU is just around the corner!" (Florida Gators, fans).
1998: "Gator Trap Instructions" (Florida State Seminoles, Florida Gators, NCAA championship, [color copy]).
1999: "This is Seminole Country!" (Florida State Seminoles, bail bonds, plea bargains). Kicking the Family Dog (Steve Spurrier).
2002: "Ah ha... there's my ball! Now if I can just reach in there without.....?" (Florida Gators, Miami Hurricanes).
2003: Banged Up. Ready for More? (Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Gators, Florida Georgia Game, Alltel Stadium, Mark Richt).
2004: Won't You Please Come Back? (Steve Spurrier, Florida Gators, University of Florida alumni).  
2005: "Now get in there and salvage our season!" (Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles).
2008: "Thank you, Santa! Uh... could you add another national championship to that?" (Florida Gators, fans, BCS Orange Bowl Game, NCAA championship). "Hold it Uga..! You're not supposed to do that until after we score our first touchdown!" (Georgia Bulldogs, Mark Richt, Matthew Stafford, Florida Gators, Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow).
2009: "@#*!@...I'll be glad when these scrimmages are over and the season starts!" (Florida Gators, fans). "Nice doggie.... now jump!!" (Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Gators, Florida Georgia Game, Tim Tebow, [original and copy]). "All the gloom and doom news about our economy will have to leave now! It's Tebow time!!" (Florida Gators, fans, NCAA championship). "Hold it... that's just a statue! Tebow is in the stadium!" (Florida State Seminoles, Bobby Bowden, Florida Gators, Tim Tebow). "FSU Retirement" (Bobby Bowden, Florida State Seminoles, retirement). "What have you don for me lately?" (Florida State Seminoles, Florida State University trustees, Bobby Bowden, winning record, retirement, [original and copy]).


Subjects: Florida -- Crime & Criminal Justice
Box: 9 Folder: 2 1980: Escape by Hot Air Balloon (Florida State Prison, security, escapees).
1981: "He says welcome to Miami... Give us your money or you die!" (Florida State Troopers, Miami, crime, criminals).
1987: "High noon in a crowded Florida mall!" (shopping malls, gun laws, weapons permits).
1993: "Our other homeless problem!" (taxpayers, legislature, recidivism, criminals, prison overcrowding). "Don't panic!! How do you say in English... Thanks for hitting our car... Have a nice day?" (tourists, crime, criminals, highways). "Defendant is sentenced to five months... and because they failed to provide enough prison cells, the legislators are sentenced to 10 years hard labor on a chain gang!" (legislature, criminals, recidivism, prison overcrowding).
1996: "News Item" Corut Upholds Cyberspace Porn!" (pornography, adult bookstores, cybersex, free speech). "I'm back!" (child molesters, sex offenders, legislature, parole boards, judges, prison release).
1997: "Hi, there... We're your new neighbors!!" (citizens, criminals, prison overcrowding, prison release).
2000: "The three options for execution available to Florida death row inmates!?" (criminals, prisons, capital punishment, electric chair, lethal injection, prison guards, prison violence). "You idiot! You're supposed to keep your gun in your car!!" (National Rifle Association, guns at work, legislation).
2006: "For your participation in the death of a 14-year old at a Florida boot camp... I sentence you to one year in the same boot camp." (juvenile justice, boot camps, violence). "Wouldn't it make more sense to build rehab clinics to house those addicts so we could keep the dangerous ones locked up?" (prisons, sex offenders, drug offenders, prison release, sentencing).
2008: "State Budget Cuts May Mean Tent Prisons" (prison security, prison release, prison overcrowding).
2009: "Cool! I just got a twitter that said "pull over... you're under arrest for twittering!" (traffic enforcement, drivers, texting). "Pre-1970s?" (Marianna Dozier School for Boys, reform schools, juvenile justice, violence).  
Subjects: Florida -- Education, Schools
Box: 9 Folder: 3 2006: Employment Ad for Teachers (teachers, incentives, Florida Department of Education, salaries).
2007: "New! Some Teachers Left Behind Program!" (teachers, pay raises, Florida Department of Education).
2008: "Possible results from the coming budget ax on schools?" (school supplies, cafeteria, security, libraries, bus routes, [color]). "Come on kids... touch those toes... that's it......" (elementary students, exercise, legislation, governor).
2009: "AAAUUGGGHH!" (FCAT). "The budget cuts were worse than we thought!" School Grading (elementary schools, middle schools, high schools). Zero-Tolerance Law (school discipline, students). "Students, prepare for more budget cuts" (schools, budget cuts).
2010: "Sorry, but your students didn't improve this year! You're fired!!!" (Florida schools, teachers, legislature, dismissals, student performance). "Good news! You might be getting a small pay raise!!" (legislature, student testing, tenure, salary increases). Budget Trapeze (state education funding, state revenue shortfall). "What does that say?" (students, texting, illiteracy). "Poverty, violence, no parental help...." (students, education, disadvantages). "St. Johns schools pays $140,000 to settle suit over religious songs sung in school" (church and state, education, law suits, St. Johns County schools).
Subjects: Florida -- Legislature
Box: 9 Folder: 4 1980: "Operator.... the door closed on me and I need help!!" (Legislature, leadership).
1981:  "The law is law 'round here, stranger! Course we could amend the law, neighbor!!" (Legislature, Miller Brewing Company). "Wait just a's my turn to gerrymander!!" (Legislature, reapportionment, gerrymandering). "Senate Saloon" (Legislature, special interests, Dempsey Barron, W. D. Childers, political infighting). "The Tallahassee Sinkhole" (Legislature, special interests, lobbyists, partisan legislation). "We can't be pestered at this time.... All I can tell you is... Trust us!!" (Legislature, budget, citizens). Field of Battle (Legislature, Dempsey Barron, W. D. Childers, political infighting).
1982: Easter Bunny (Legislature, citizens, congressional redistricting). "I got a great idea! Let's let the constitutional county officers set their own pay scale!!!" (Legislature, reapportionment, pay). "Screams? I didn't hear any screams!" (Legislature, Florida Senate, voters, reapportionment).
1983: "Good heavens! That's a public nuisance! I'm going to call our legislators and do something about this!" (Legislature, Duval County, citizens).
1984: "R.I.P. Florida Tax Relief" (Legislature, Proposition One, tax relief). "What good are watch dogs without teeth?" (Legislature, citizens, wetlands bill, hospital cost containment, merit pay).
1987: "They've agreed to do the operation!" (Legislature, malpractice suits).
1988: "It's overtime pay.... .... we have to start to work!" (Legislature, inaction). "Legislature's Goliath Defeated!" (Legislature, Florida Senate, Dempsey Barron, power broker coalitions, Vince Bruner, Democratic Primary). "Governor... What happened to all that revenue we stocked in here last year?" (Legislature, governor, funds).
1989: "Gustafson's Legislature Turkey Farm" (Legislature, budget, pet projects, Tom Gustafson). "Let's take the bypass" (Legislature, spending, appropriations, Tom Gustafson, Robert Crawford).
1990: Feeding Time in Tallahassee (Legislaure, lobbyists, ethics).
1991: "Get your cotton pickin' hands out of there!" (Legislature, governor, budget, trust funds). "Honest... I have no idea who paid for this hunting trip!" (Legislature, lobbyists).
1992: "That's the worst piece of modern art I've ever seen!" (Legislature, redistricting, gerrymandering).
1996: "The court threw it out and said we had to draw new boundaries." (Legislature, redistricting). 
1999: "Sssshh.... get what you need and let's get out of here before they wake up!" (Legislature, consumers, video gambling, phone rates, title loans).
2001: Shipwreck (Legislature, budget cuts, tourism, rainy day fund).
2003:   $3,000 and a lien against my car?? But I just ran a lousy stop sign!" (Legislature, funds, balanced budget). "Looks like we've got a fiscal crisis with the budget!" (Legislature, pork barrel spending, government waste).
2004: "Legislators pass budget loaded with 'turkeys'!" (Legislature, budget, Jim King).
2005: "...Eight not enough tiome to bond a friendship!" (Legislature, lobbyists, special interests, term limits). "Hey, kids! Anybody ever tell you smoking was bad for you?" (Legislature, tobacco settlement, advertising).
2006: "...and to get around the gift ban, I'll just give the money to you!" (Legislature, lobbyists, political parties, citizens, government fees).
2007: "Hey... aren't you guys supposed to be in a special session?" (Legislature, lobbyists, special sessions, costs, [color]). "Florida Legislature passes bill allowing cremated pets to be buried with owners!" (Legislature, cemeteries, pets).
2008: "Government Basement" (Legislature, city hall, special interests, lobbyists, news media, [color]).
2009: "Fed Stimulus" (Legislature, budget, food stamps, Medicaid, foreclosures, tax revenues, federal stimulus).
2010: "Governor Wants Ethics Reform!" (Legislature, lobbyists, ethics). "OK... LEt's let a little sunshine in so we can see what we wrote in the new budget legislation!" (Legislature, budget, sunshine law).
Subjects: Florida -- Insurance
Box: 10 Folder: 1 1982: "Sue him!" (automobile insurance, legislation, insurance industry, Legislature, trial lawyers).
2004: "On the horizon!" (homeowners insurance, hurricanes, rate hikes).
2005: "You can stop rebuilding, George! The insurance check won't be here until July and hurricanes will be here in August!" (homeowners insurance, hurricanes). "Another evacuation? Tourists... retirees... snowbirds?" (hurricanes, evacuations, insurance companies).
2006: "I'm afraid this request for a 300% rate hike is excessive! Can you live with a 90% hike?" (State Office of Insurance Regulation, homeowners insurance, rate hikes, insurance companies).
2008: "We just wanted you to know that we're doubling your rates again!" (natural disasters, flooding, homeowners insurance, insurance companies). "and what is this loand for.... a down payment on a new home?" (homeowners insurance, rate hikes, bank loans, homeowners).
Subjects: Florida -- Lottery, Casinos, Gambling
Box: 10 Folder: 2 1986: Freedom of Choice -- Gangster Style (casinos, voters). "I'd like to say some good things about casino gambling... God... father.... family....!!!" (casino, voters).
1990: "...and then there was this feeling that everyone had gone temporarily insane!" (Florida Lottery).
1991: "Lottery Will Assist Problem Gamblers" (Florida Lottery, help line, compulsive gamblers).
1993: "There went our vacation... the kids' clothes.... food on the table!" (gambling, casinos).
1994: "The odds of going broke in America will be increasing!" (casinos, gambling). "If I win, I'm quitting my job!" (Florida Lottery, Santa Claus). "Some of the many jobs the casino industry will bring to Florida!" (casinos, security guards, entertainers, laundry managers, loan sharks, leg breakers). "Since it moved, nobody has money to spend anymore!" (casinos, small businesses, business failures).
2004: Amendment No. 4 Aftermath (casinos, gambling, proliferation).
2005: "Gasoline Bonanza"  (Florida Lottery, scratch-off games).
2007: "Don't you worry, son! Daddy's going to win the jackpot! But here's your allowance just in case!!" (casinos, gambling, odds).
2009: "Florida already has its dog tracks, horse racing, jai-alai and poker rooms! Now the governor and senate want us to compete with Las Vegas..." (casinos, gambling, Florida Gaming Commission).
Subjects: Florida -- Taxes and Taxation
Box: 10 Folder: 3 1981: "Relief! That's S-A-L-E-S T-A-X!" (homeowners, property taxes, Legislature, sales tax). "He was despondent over the electric bills and today we got the new tax assessment!" (utility bills, taxes)
1982: "We're in for a rough night!" (taxpayers, Legislature, special sesssion, Dempsey Barron, Ralph Haben).
1983: "He followed me home! Can I keep him?" (taxpayers, Proposition 1, tax relief, politicians).
1984: "There, that's it! Uh, oh... better sew up his mouth, doctor, and let's all pray that 'amendment 9' passes!" (voters, Amendment 9, property taxes).
1985: "Budget Store" (Legislature, tax reform, government waste).
1987: "Taxes... taxes... and more taxes... for crying out loud.... (Legislature, automatic pay raise).
1989: "Oh... please, Senator Girardeau... your back taxes!" (taxes, tax collector, Arnette Girardeau).
1990: "Whew... What luck...... not a scratch on it!" (Legislature, taxes, taxpayers).
1992: "Proposed tax on poor homes" (Florida Senate, homelessness, poverty, taxes).
1994: "That will be 25 cents for the round of golf and $50 for fishing without a license!" (Fish and Game Commission, taxes).
2001: "I'd give you a lift, but I've got a full load!" (Legislature, tax cuts, wealthy, budget cuts, schools, public health).
2002: "No to your tax reform! You guys tax just about everything now but the air we breathe!" (taxpayers, Florida Senate, service taxes).
2003: A Duck Is Still a Duck (Legislature, budget, taxes, fees).
2005: "Please don't forget... I didn't raise your taxes!" (Legislature, phone companies, rate increases, taxpayers).  
2006: "...I need an exit strategy!" (politicians, property taxes, insurance rates, protests, [color]).
2007: Dodging the Gators (property taxes, insurance rates, tax reform, retirees, [color]). "Careful, now....we don't want to have another mess!" (Legislature, taxpayers, lobbyists, special session, budget cuts, [color]). Flying Trapeze (homeowners, property tax reform, Legislature, [color]). "Hang in there! I'll be back to help you in June!" (Legislature, homeowners, property taxes, [color]). "Whew! How are we going to cut this budget?" (budget, Legislature, taxpayers, lobbyists).

Subjects: Florida -- Universities and Colleges
Box: 10 Folder: 4 1986: "University of Florida Animal Experiment Lab" (animal experimentation, ethics).
1998: "Regents Create New Academic Post!" (University of Florida Academic Institute, Florida Board of Regents, John Lombardi).
2005: (Florida State University, school of chiropractic, Jim King).
2007: "Is there any other reason why we should deny Governor Bush an honorary degree...." (University of Florida Faculty Senate, honorary degree, Jeb Bush, [color], [2 copies]). "Trustees, I am afraid the legislature is cool to our proposal to raise tuition fees $1,000 per year!" (University of Florida, trustees, Bernie Machen, [color]).
2008: "Gasp! this gives 'tighten our belts' a new meaning!" (state universities, budget cuts, Legislature, nonprofits, city governments, county governments, [color]).
2009: "Dude... let's just hope somebody bails us out!" (state universities, tuition increases, banks, student loans).
Subjects: Florida -- Voting, Elections
Box: 10 Folder: 5 2000: "Florida's Turkey Farm!" (elections, Presidential Election of 2000, recounts, dimpled chads, hanging chads, pregnant chads, absentee ballots). "Evacuation of Gore-Bush lawyers creates another crisis in Florida!" (Presidential Election of 2000, recounts, traffic congestion, Al Gore, George W. Bush). The Florida Voting Maze (voting booths, votes, legal entanglements, recounts). "Media recount of Florida votes" (Presidential Election of 2000, news media, recounts). "Finality?" (Presidential Election of 2000, Supreme Court of the United States, Al Gore, George W. Bush, Florida, recounts).
2001: "Florida Goes High Tech Voting!" (West Palm Beach, voting booths, voter confusion, technology, electronic voting machines). "Back to Basics!" (voters, voter registration, voter education).
2002: "Don't mind us... We're just observers!" (Florida voters, news media, United Nations, NAACP, Federal Election Commission, oversight). "The good news... not a single hanging chad!" (Florida election officials, poll work absenteeism, voting machine failures). "November elections are almost here and this time Florida election officials promise to get it right!" (Florida election officials, Dade-Palm Beach voting precincts, voters, manual counts). "People Lose! Gerrymanders Win! Most House Seats 'Fixed' by Legislature" (voting, technology, political advertising, voter disenfranchisement).
2004: "From Hanging Chads to Waving Lines..." (Palm Beach County, elections, ballots, recounts, voter confusion). "All Eyes Are on Florida" (elections, voters, oversight). "We're just observers and this is our instant replay crew!" (elections, voters, recounts, oversight, Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, United Nation, lawyers).
2007: "Every Vote Counts... except Florida!" (Democratic National Committee, Florida elections, primary elections).
2008: "Make one little mistake and we will demand a recount!" (presidential elections, voters, oversight). "More than 8,000 Dems and GOP lawyers will monitor Florida voting on election day!" (voters, elections, Democrats, lawyers, hanging chads, voting machines).
Subjects: Florida -- Weather
Box: 10 Folder: 6 1985: "Bitter Cold Wave" (freezing weather).
1992: "Disaster Relief Cavalry" (homeowners, natural disasters, bureaucracy, federal government, state government, local government).
1995: "State Disaster Preparedness Center" (natural disasters, Hurricane Opal).
1998: Hitchhiking Menagerie (wildlife, drought, wildfires [2 copies]).
1999: "They're back!" (wildlife, drought, wildfires). "Patience, dear... we've only been on the road for two days!" (Hurricane Floyd, evacuation, traffic jams). "Riding out Floyd!" (Hurricane Floyd, evacuation). "The Next Time?" (hurricanes, evacuation, traffic jams). "Help!! My husband has finally flipped!" (Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Frances).
2001: "Florida dilemma -- too many wildfires, not enough firefighters!" (wildfires, firefighters).
2004: "It's post-traumatic hurricane anxiety syndrome...!" (Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Frances, residents, fear). "Welcome to Florida. the Plywood State" (hurricanes, damages). "Hurricane Clean-up Gougers" (residents, hurricanes, damages, unscrupulous businesses).
2005: "Having endured seven hurricanes in two years, the Smiths decided to evacuate for the last time!!" (residents, relocation). "Hang in there and take a deep breath! Round five is coming up with Emily!" (Hurricane Dennis, Hurricane Emily, residents, Jeb Bush). "and my forecast is... for those not living in Florida.... run for your lives!" (national weather conditions, rain, snow, wildfires, tornadoes, flooding). "Fred just snapped! He's preparing an excape route in case Ophelia hits!" (Hurricane Ophelia, evacuation).
2006: "I'm here for the anniversary gathering!" (Hurricane Ernesto, Hurricane Katrina, Cuba, Florida, Gulf of Mexico). "Maybe we shouldn't be too hasty! They're predicting 15 hurricanes next year!" (homeowners, preparations). "The hurricane season is just months away! Are you prepared? (hurricanes, preparations, damages).
2007: "Wildfires cause statewide evacuations!" (wildfires, evacuations, wildlife).
2008: "Fay is on the way!" (hurricanes, television). "The burn season begins in Florida!" (sunburn, gasoline consumption, wildfires).
2010: "Florida Freezes" (freezing weather, residents). "...forecasters are predicting a lively hurricane season!" (residents, allergies, hurricanes).
Subjects: Florida -- Miscellaneous
Box: 10 Folder: 7 1995: "It's not my fault! ..I'm addicted!" (tobacco industry, lawsuits, alcohol industry, firearms industry, confectioners, frivolous lawsuits, individual responsibility).
1998: "Florida legislature's late-term abortion ban overturned!" (abortions, legislation, federal courts).
1999: "...We just bought financial information on you from the state!" (citizens, privacy, state government, businesses). 2000: "Elian Gonzalez... the appeals on your behalf have run out! We're sending you back to Cuba!" (Justice Department, Immigration and Naturalization Service, legal delays, Elian Gonzalez). 
2001: "That's the foruth dog we've lost since you allowed contaminated water to be pumped into the aquifer!" (water pollution, Legislature, bottled water).
2003: "States spending most of $7.9 Billion tobacco settlement for other purposes than health programs!" (tobacco industry, lawsuits, health education, government waste).
2005: "Welcome! As you can see we made preserving the 'wetlands' our top priority!" (natural habitat, wetlands, developers, advertising, [color]). 
2006: "Four Dangers Facing Floridians This Summer!" (hurricanes, predators, wildfires, affordable housing, [color]). "Florida's Government Affordable Housing Subdivision" (residents, affordable housing, government housing, tents). "It's the only affordable housing I could find!" (residents, parking lots).
2008: "Florida's Medically Needy Program" (Legislature, low income residents, elderly).
2009: "Senator Nelson's Everglades Python Posse" (Bill Nelson, pythons, Everglades, park rangers).
2010: "Waiting for the inevitable!" (Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, lawyers). "As budget crisis looms, Florida ponders new lottery game!" (Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Florida Lottery, Gulf of Mexico). "OK... OK..! I'm having second thoughts about oil drilling in the gulf!" (Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, beaches). "The oil seems to be disappearing, but don't leave until..." (Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, United States government, British Petroleum).
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