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THRIVE Dos and Don'ts

THRIVE is able to... THRIVE is NOT able to... UNF Resource

Meet with prospective students and their families upon scheduling an appointment. Prospective students must be at least eligible for participation in THRIVE before meeting with THRIVE staff.

Provide general information about THRIVE. The front desk of Student Accessibility Services can answer all general THRIVE information questions.

Student Accessibility Services: (904) 620-2769

THRIVE website:

Support students motivated to working on self-directed goals.

Provide 1-on-1 in-class support or direct behavior services.

The SAS and THRIVE do not provide direct behavior services. However, there are organizations outside of UNF that provide direct behavior services. Please check with your insurance provider, as some services may be covered by insurance!

ACCESS Academy:

Provide 1-on-1 mentoring times each week (1-hour meeting sessions).

Provide 24/7 crisis or non-crisis management or support.

Counseling Center hotline: (904) 620-2602 option #2

Campus Police non-emergency: (904) 620-2800

Coordinate study hours with tutors, if requested by students.

Require students to attend study hours (if not part of the required group) or tutoring.

Undergraduate Studies Bldg. 2: (904) 620-1012 Library Commons 2nd floor

Peer Assisted Tutoring in Housing (PATH): Osprey Fountains 2nd floor

Tutoring schedules can be found using the following link:

ACCESS Academy:

Coordinate events and information with students via closed mediums of communication accessible only by the students.

Give out student or parent personal contact information. Students and parents are responsible for their own contact information and may choose to disclose that information at their own discretion.

THRIVE Official Facebook:

THRIVE Newsletter

THRIVE Student Canvas page: Students will be added to the Canvas page as they are accepted into THRIVE. Students will be sent an invitation to join the course on Canvas, which must be accepted to gain access to the page. There will be a notification at the top when Canvas is opened prompting the student to accept the invitation.

Help students access accommodations using Clockwork.

Provide academic accommodations (such as providing note-taking, tutoring, scheduling quizzes/exams, or arrange for quizzes/exams between the SAS and the professor).

Student Accessibility Services: (904) 620-2769

Undergraduate Studies Bldg. 2: (904) 620-1012 Library Commons 2nd floor

Peer Assisted Tutoring in Housing (PATH): Osprey Fountains 2nd floor

Tutoring schedules can be found using the following link:

ACCESS Academy:

Upon student request, staff can be present for advising sessions.

Give UNF campus tours, college orientation sessions, or other general information sessions about UNF, academic advising, or class registration.

UNF Tours/The Welcome Center (904) 620-1183

Assist students with identifying resources on campus for students with disabilities.

Schedule meetings or attend registration meetings without the student. Request or confirm SAS accommodations for students.

SAS: (904) 620-2769

You can access your SAS accommodations through Clockwork, which is located in their myWings.

Provide students with information about campus resources such as the Student Wellness Center or Counseling Center.

Counsel students or make appointments at the Counseling Center for them, prepare fitness/health plans for students.

Counseling Center: (904) 620-2820

Student Wellness Center:

Assist students in making connections with UNF Career Services.

Provide career counseling or find student internships/employment.

Career Services: (904) 620-2995

Provide students with information about the UNF Student Health Center.

Administer medication or managed medication, schedule appointments, or order medication refills.

Health Services: (904) 620-2900 for medical need or questions

Provide students and their families contact during normal business hours (8:00AM - 5:00PM).

Provide 24/7 availability for communication, THRIVE staff is available during normal business hours (8:00AM - 5:00PM).

Student Accessibility Services: (904) 620-2769


Encourage students to stay in touch with parents regarding grades and general well-being.

Provide information about student grades or report grades to parents.

Only the student should be sharing grade information.

Assist students in identifying housing options.

Make housing arrangements for students. THRIVE cannot guarantee a room in THRIVE housing or guarantee THRIVE housing availability.

UNF Housing Office: (904) 620-4663

Recommend utilizing Vocational Rehabilitation services.

Provide assistance with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services or provide information about Vocational Rehabilitation services.

There are many different offices for VR which differ in structure. General VR information can be found here:

Connect Students with Ombuds office when needed.

Make appointments with Ombuds office staff. THRIVE staff will attend meeting upon student request.

Ombuds Office: (904) 620-1491