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Department of Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education



Welcome to our department!  You will find links to our programs in the right-hand navigation menu.  Please take a closer look at our excellent programs.

Mission Statement

The Department of Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education prepares highly effective and qualified teachers, interpreters, and other professionals with the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and cultural/linguistic competencies to meet the diverse educational and accessibility needs of children and adults in education and community settings.


The undergraduate program in Exceptional Student Education prepares teachers with competencies necessary to produce achievement gains and desirable behavior changes in students with disabilities. Successful completion of the programs of study prepares the student for the certification exams in Exceptional Student Education. The undergraduate program in Deaf Education prepares teachers for initial certification in Deaf Education and is also ESOL endorsed. Additionally, the department offers a B.S. degree in American Sign Language/English Interpreting. Students seeking to complete the B.S. in ASL/English Interpreting can attend UNF as Freshmen for a concentration in Community Interpreting, or students can transfer to UNF during the last two years with a prior associate-level degree in Interpreting or Pre-Interpreting for a concentration in A.S. to B.S. General Practice.