M.S. Thesis Students of Y.S. Chua

Theses (since 1984) and Projects (since 1999) completed: (In Chronological Order)

1984 (Thesis)

Douglas J. Joseph, Talk: A System for Speech Synthesis for the Speech Impaired, September, 1984.

1988 а(Theses)

Gregory Bollella, A Simulation of the Metamorphic Feedback Model, April, 1988.

Ming-Der Wang SNOOPY: An Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm for Nial, December, 1988.


1990а (Thesis)

Charles W. Kurak, Jr, Adaptive Histogram Equalization - A Parallel Implementation, December, 1990.


1991а (Theses)

Rajendra A. Bhat, Parallel Implementation of 4-Color Successive Over-Relaxation Method, February, 1991.

Robert E. Rinker, Reducing Computational Expense of Ray-Tracing Using Surface Oriented Pre-computation, April, 1991.


1992а (Theses)

Kuei-Chun Chen, Color Image Enhancement, January, 1992.

Stephen Hite, Concurrency Control Issues in Synchronous Groupware Systems, August, 1992.

Carl Tseng, Image Data Compression, August, 1992.


1993а (Thesis)

Walaa M. Assal, Parallel Implementation of Hierarchical Template Matching, December, 1993.


1995 (Thesis)

Ralph Cliff Addy, Application of Precomputed Intersurface Relationships to Ray-Traced Refractions and Shadows, August, 1995.


1996а (Theses)

Pravin Nambiar, A Prototype Pen-Based Editor for the Analysis of State Diagrams, April, 1996.

Bill Bell, Segmentation and Visualization of 3-D Magnetic Resonance Image Data, December, 1996.

Bei-de Wang, Bezier Curve Fitting and Its Applications, December, 1996.


1997а (Theses)

Steve Hunn, Modeling Fire for Use in Radiosity, April, 1997.

Chris Lindsey, Analysis of Color Image Compression Schemes, August, 1997

James A. Giles, Analysis of Logic Schematics Using Image Recognition, August, 1997.

Walter H. Schuller, Jr., Hardware Interfacing in the Broadcast Industry Using Simple Network Management Protocol, August, 1997.


1999 (Projects)

Sue Brown, The Markov Melody Maker (Algorithmic Music Composition), December 1999.

Praj Kudre, Digital Image Processing Tutorial, December 1999.

Lan Zhang, A Virtual Classroom, December 1999.


2000 (Thesis)

Donald Christopher Freyer, Feature Extraction and Shape Classification Using the Freyer Edge Protractor, August, 2000.


2001 (Project)

XiaoZhong Liu, Business Visualization, April 2001.


2002 (Project)

Kyle, Hegeman, KRENDER: A Global Illumination Implementation, April 2002.


2006 (Theses)


Pin Kang Liu, A Simulation Study of Non-preemptive Process Migration Policies, December 2006.

Leng Hui Keng, Approximate String Matching with Dynamic Programming and Suffix Trees, December 2006.


2006 (Project)


Mario Zouein, 3-D Jukebox: A Real-time Rendered 3-D Graphics Music Player, December 2006.


нннннннннннннннн2008 (Theses)


Gary Hale, An Algorithm for Reducing Network Traffic Load in Peer to Peer Storage Systems, April 2008.

Curtis Jones, Digital Image Compression and Progressive Image Compression through Bit Depth Decomposition, April 2008.


2008 (Projects)


Daniel Baranowsky, Massively Parallel Terrain Rendering Using CUDA, April 2008.

Jason Rupard, DHCP Web Services, April 2008.


2009 (Thesis)


James Sander, General Purpose User Specified Light Portals for Efficient Realistic Image Synthesis, April 2009.




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