Untold Stories

"Reading Untold Stories made me aware of a complex, wise, witty and very meaningful life, meticulously crafted into one book. As with all significant writing, William Slaughter's poetry contains a vision of man in the context of Western Civilization which is not perfect, though it is beautiful. He is a true existentialist who accepts the world as he finds it, using his love of literature and art and human domesticity to offer an architecture of meaning. Reading this book is like sitting down with a friend to drink a glass of a modest but nicely aged bordeaux. Very satisfying."

Diane Wakoski
Author of Emerald Ice: Selected Poems 1962-1987
Santa Rosa, California: Black Sparrow, 1990

Paper (ISBN 0-912887-24-9) $10 postpaid
Cloth (ISBN 0-912887-23-0) $20 postpaid

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William Slaughter
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