William Slaughter
Professor Emeritus of English

Department of English
University of North Florida
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

E-mail: wrs@unf.edu
Tel 904.620.2273
Fax 904.620.3940

Editing and Publishing

Editor and Publisher, Mudlark:
An Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics.
Never in and never out of print...

Mudlarking | Cavafy | Learning How to Read, an essay
written for the "Meet the Editor" series in The Free Cuisenart,
edited by Eliza McGrand for the Creative Coalition of Artists.

Painting Trees on the Landscape of Poetry, a roundtable discussion,
moderated by Jennifer Ley in Perihelion, on editing and publishing
in the (still) new electronic medium.

Don’t Diffuse the Light, An Interview with William Slaughter,
Editor of Mudlark, by Annie Kim in The Review Review.


Author, The Politics of My Heart, a book of poems and essays
having to do with China, and Untold Stories, a book of poems. *

Older Men, an electronic chapbook, published by Web Del Sol.


Laozi in Indiana, text of poem read by Garrison Keillor
on The Writer's Almanac, Minnesota Public Radio.
Friday, November 3, 2000.

Dear Franz..., Lines Written on the Charles Bridge,
What I Learned Living in an Olive Grove, and Like Atlantis,
poems in Exquisite Corpse, edited by Andrei Codrescu.

Sky Burial, a poem in Switched-On Gutenberg,
A Global Poetry Journal,
edited by Jana Harris
at the University of Washington.

Beijing Bird Men and The Man Who Washed His Ears,
poems in the Special Transpoesis Issue of Rif/t,
edited by Kenneth Sherwood and Loss Pequeño Glazier
for the Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY-Buffalo.


Figuring the Reader, an essay in Del Sol Review,
edited by Mike Neff at Web del Sol.

Reading Poetry, Wasting Time, an essay in Stride Magazine,
edited by Rupert Loydell for Stride Publications (England).

Caught in the Act: Reading Ishamel Reed's
"Beware: Do Not Read this Poem," an essay in JACK Magazine,
"an offshoot of Beat Generation News and an arc to the Big Bridge,"
edited by Mary Sands and Michael Rothenberg.

The One Life You'd Have Wanted to Live:
Reading William Stafford, Carl Dennis, Louis Simpson, and America,
an essay in Frigate, "The Transverse Review of Books,"
edited by Patricia Eakins.

* Ordering Information: The Politics of My Heart is available in paper online from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Untold Stories is available online in both paper and cloth from Barnes and Noble. It is listed as "out of print" (limited availability) at Amazon.com, which means that used copies are, in fact, available there. Both books are available directly from Pleasure Boat Studio. (See above.) Or you can order signed copies of The Politics of My Heart and Untold Stories from the Author's Private Reserve.