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Front cover of book "Teach Science with Science Fiction Films"Teach Science With Science Fiction Films: A Guide for Teachers and Library Media Specialists

Terence Cavanaugh & Catherine Cavanaugh

ISBN 1-58683-171-2


The next edition of the book is in final revisions and soon to be published with Linworth Publishing Inc. under the title Learning Science with Science Fiction Films a guide for Teachers and Media Specialists.

Science fiction has always been a staple of motion pictures. It can be described as a branch of movies in which scientific discoveries and developments from elements of a plot. It is based on future prediction of scientific possibilities, some of which have become facts. In many ways, the silver screen acts as a permanent ongoing and technology exposition.

The science educator can use the excitement and fun atmosphere of the science fiction movie to his or her advantage. Lessons in the book are designed to help students translate science fiction into science fact. Students are instructed to use science as a vehicle for comprehension of humankind and the world in general.

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Online Sample Lessons: Beginning of the End;  Earthquake; The Lorax; October Sky;  Monolith Monsters; StarTrek's Arena; StarTrek the Next Generation's Ethics; StarTrek the Next Generation's Unnatural Selection

Using Science Rich Entertainment Video to Teach Science
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