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College of Education and Human Services (UNF) student accountability database (NCATE)

Association of Teacher Educators (ATE). Dallas TX 2004

 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). Chicago IL 2004




NCATE 2000 Standards

(Standard 2) States that each institution seeking accreditation would develop a unit assessment system “that collects and analyzes data on applicant qualifications, candidate and graduate performance, and unit operations to evaluate and improve the unit and its programs”

n2003-2004, assessments and criteria/rubrics for scoring each assessment should be fully developed, the assessment system should be fully operational, data from the assessments should be collected, and data analysis should be in progress

Accreditation Assessment




A unit assessment system should:

  • nmaintain data from summative candidate performance measures, graduate and employer follow-up surveys;

  • nutilize information technology to store, retrieve, and generate summaries of unit data;

  • nprovide information useful for planning remediation activities for students not meeting standards; and

  • n define specific decision points at which decisions are made about candidates

NCATE, 2002

Critical tasks

UNF developed a series of “critical task” assignments that exemplify each practice.

The  critical tasks that students are required to do are aligned with the 12

Florida Educator Accomplished Practices

  1. 1.      Assessment

  2. 2.      Communication

  3. 3.      Continuous Improvement

  4. 4.      Critical Thinking

  5. 5.      Diversity

  6. 6.      Ethics

  7. 7.      Human Development and Learning

  8. 8.      Knowledge of Subject  Matter

  9. 9.      Learning Environments

  10. 10.  Planning

  11. 11.  Role of the Teacher

  12. 12.  Technology.


Database Vision

The overall vision for the system is to combine existing data systems with the new critical task database into a single system.



Database Timeline



Decision Point Assessments – Gates

In addition to course-level assessments, the candidate assessment process for each program includes decision point assessments that occur as determined by the program. Each program now has transition points and remediation cycles identified

 Candidate Tracking Electronic Database

The unit has developed and is now refining a technology based database

  • focused around the 12 Educator Accomplished Practices

  • program/track critical assessments identified for courses within each program course objectives

  • critical task or objective is keyed to the Accomplished Practice.

  • also includes:

  • fields showing the type of learning addressed by each objective (knowledge/awareness, skills, or dispositions)

  • general content and form of the assessment,

  • reference to the scoring tools.

  • Future: relevant specialized professional association (SPA) standards with associated objectives.




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