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This developing  technology resource is the application of reading on a computer, laptop, tablet, or specialized handheld device. 
eBooks | Reading Strategies and eBooks | Online Libraries
My current research in this area is concerned with teacher knowledge, experience, training, and educational applications.  I am currently working with a regional elementary school researching ebooks for special population, student remediation, and classroom experiences.

Using Interactive Maps as a Tool for Building Community

This is a current project involving universities and K12 schools that is looking at how an asynchronous distance learning classes can use web 2.0 GIS mapping tools to decrease transactional distance while building community and sense of class. Read more.

Virtual Schools and School Libraries

This is a current research project that is looking into how virtual schools are using libraries. If you are an administrator, librarian, or primary language teacher at a K12 virtual school please participate by taking the reading about and taking the survey.

Repurposing Video

My doctoral dissertation involved a study into the applications of using content rich entertainment films and repurposing them for science education. If you are really interested you can download the PDF version of EFFECT OF USING REPURPOSED SCIENCE RICH FEATURE FILMS WITH VARYING LEVELS OF STUDENT ACTIVITY IN MIDDLE GRADES SCIENCE INSTRUCTION or you might just be happy reading the Abstract.

Applying Assistive Technology to Everyone

The application of assistive technology devices to others than just the disabled: AET Assistive Educational Technology.


The effect of technology on writing at remote locations.

Guidelines for repurposing entertainment videos for educational purposes

Guidelines for Repurposing video for Science Education

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