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Integrating Blogging into Teacher Journaling as part of Action Research

PowerPoint supplement for Robyler's Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching

Northeast Florida Science, Technology, and Mathematics Center for Education (NEFSTEM) web site

College of Education and Human Services (UNF) student accountability database (NCATE)

Florida Reading Association Web Site

Technology Enhanced Literature Circles

"eBooks" online site and associated CD for instruction.

"eBooks & Reading Strategies = eBRS"

Digital Dioramas

Developer of "Digital Cameras in Education" web site,

Virtual Visit to Timucuan National Monument CD. 2003, 2004

College of Education and Human Services (UNF) web redesign for accessibility.

Online workshop: Assistive Technology Basics for NEFEC/FDLRS

Creator of on-line workshop on "Standards of Practice: using technology in teaching", for SCATT, Tampa, FL,  2000

Developer of Professional Development School web pages for University of South Florida, 1998-2000

Web creator for The Cruise Company web site, Orlando, FL, 1999-2000.

Developer of Weightman Middle School web pages, 1998.

Co-developer of Guide to Distance Learning CD-ROM produced by the Florida Center of Instructional Technology, Tampa, FL (in production), 1998.

Co-developer of Environmental Field Trips CD-ROMs produced by Collier County Public Schools, 1998.
CREW Trust & Rookery Bay
Components located at http://www.sciencerules.org/fredhome.htm

Developer of Online Science Fair Guide web site for students and teachers, 1997.
Cited by Multimedia Schools as an exemplary resource.

Developer of Lely High School web pages, 1996.

Developer of Safety in the Science Classroom software, produced by Collier County Public Schools, 1995.

Author/Developer of Soda Bottle Hydrology for the US Department of Energy

Developer of East Naples Middle School web pages, 1994.

Collier County Video Presentation of how to use equipment for elementary and middle school science teachers, 1991.

Technology Laboratory for the Middle School Modules
Telecommunications, 1994
Weather Technology, 1994
WWW Homepage, 1995
Digital Cameras

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