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Image of Dr. Cavanaugh at OxfordI am an associate professor at the University of North Florida's College of Education and Human Resources in the department of Leadership, Counseling, and Instructional Technology. Here I instruct undergraduates and graduates in educational technology, and am the program leader for the Educational Technology Leadership Degree Program.  Educational Technology is the applied use of technology to improve or enhance teaching.  My main areas of research have been in the use of multimedia for the enhancement of instruction and increasing activity during instruction, such as increasing activity while integrating entertainment video to effectively teach science.  Now my areas of interest include the use of digital books in education, using the Internet for distance learning, and the application to technology as Assistive Educational Technologies for general and special needs populations.

For more information on the courses visit the teaching section.

e-mail: t.cavanaugh@unf.edu
Office: Building 57 Room 3412
Office Phone: 904-620-3875
Office Fax: 904-620-1025

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